Here’s to the Last Time We Had a Record Democrat Turnout!

Are you either really, really worried or really, really excited about all the media hype over the current Democratic voter turnout being the largest ever?

Its not, you know. Its the second largest ever.

You want to know which year wins the “best turnout ever” contest for Democrats?  1972.  That was the year that George McGovern would place second for another record: finishing on the losing end of the second worst landslide in US political history.

American University News reported:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 19, 2008)—Despite record high turnout in a majority of states holding 2008 presidential primaries, the percentage of eligible citizens casting ballots will fall just short of setting a national record, according to a report released today by American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate (CSAE).

In states that held nominating primaries for both parties, 23 of 34 states recorded records, but the overall turnout of 30.2 percent of the eligible electorate fell short of the record 30.9 percent who voted in 1972.

The report, based on final official vote counts from all states (34) that held primaries to date (except Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, whose results reported here are final but unofficial), also shows:

· Democratic presidential primary records were set in 23 states, but the overall turnout of 19.3 percent was smaller than the 21 percent who turned out in 1972.

McGovern won Massachussets and the District of Columbia for a grand whopping total of 17 electoral college votes.  The worst defeat ever was for Walter Mondale, who won Minnesotta and the District of Columbia for 13 electoral college votes.

It’s kind of interesting, but McGovern’s name has come up all over the place this campaign, most notably due to the fact that the super delegate baloney is so associated with that campaign.

Now, I haven’t won the “Soothsayer of the Year” award or anything, but I see the spirit of McGovern past haunting Ebenezer Donkey this year.

You’ve got the same kind of voter composition – a bunch of kids and other folk that everybody thinks will turn out until they don’t.

You’ve got an “out of nowhere” candidate who (probably) has managed to eke out a Democratic nomination victory over the establishment candidate by massing a huge grass-root base of unreliable voters.  You’ve got the probability of a bitter divided Democratic electorate being split (and of course two crucial states that were shut out of even being counted!).  There are big numbers traditional reliable Democratic voters who are clearly turned off to Obama (you see, they are just too darn busy bitterly clinging to their guns and their religion to be able to cling to Barack Obama).

And, my goodness, George McGovern doesn’t have anywhere NEAR the baggage that we now know that Obama has.

Raise your hands if you think Barack Obama would have got this far if we’d known about Jeremiah Wright and all the other nonsense BEFORE the Iowa caucus?

The most interesting thing of all is the Democrats and their elite media lackeys, who just don’t seem capable of spotting the icebergs.

In the aftermath of that McGovern slaughter, liberal writer Pauline Kael is widely reported to have said in dismay, “How can that be? No one I know voted for Nixon!”  Ah, yes.  Life in the “Conservatives Need Not Apply” bubble can have its little surprises.

Republicans have good reason to be concerned, I think.  But the difference is that Republicans actually ARE concerned.  I just see so many Democrats living in rose-colored bubbles filled with some combination of artificial hype and toxic stupidity.

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