Brandenburg Gate: Pseudo-Candidates Need Pseudo-Credibility

When I heard about the flare-up over Barack Obama seeking to use the famous Brandenburg Gate in Germany for a political rally, I remembered this story:

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75-year-old Texas rancher whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our President.

The old rancher said, “Well, ya know, Obama is a “post turtle.”

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a “post turtle” was.

The old rancher said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a “post turtle”.

The old rancher saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain. “You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he is up there, and you just wonder what kind of a dumb ass put him up there.”

Barack Obama wouldn’t have been a state senator had Barack Obama not been able to nullify the signatures of voters to keep Alice Parker – who had won the district with 87% of the vote – off the ballot. He very probably would not have become a U.S. Senator had his opponent (Jack Ryan) not destroyed himself with a sex scandal and a messy divorce before dropping out of a race for a seat previously held by a Republican. He had a total of 149 (or by some counts 218) days of Senate experience before believing himself qualified to be President of the United States. He believes a speech about race ought to trump his 23 years spent in a racist church. He says he can no more disown his racist Marxist pastor than he can disown his own grandmother before throwing his grandmother under the bus for political expediency and then disowning his pastor. He has already compiled more gaffes in his short political career than most seasoned politicians accumulate during a lengthy career. And Luke Boggs of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has compiled a whopping list of things that Barack Obama has come to regret (“Obama’s frequent regrets may make us sorry“).

I don’t know how Barack Obama got on top of the post to begin with, but it sure seems something strange is going on to keep him up there.

A guy like this needs some credibility.

By many accounts, Obama began to attend the radical Trinity United Church in order to obtain “street cred” with the mostly black voters in his district (and, you know, try to convince folk that he really wasn’t the arrogant elitist which he all-too-frequently comes across as being).

When you have no credibility of your own, you have to parasitically derive it from something else.

So you can understand why Barack Obama would want to stand in front of the famous pillars of the Brandenburg Gate where President John F. Kennedy in 1963 delivered his famous “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” address, and where President Ronald Reagan delivered his equally famous 1987 “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall” address.

What’s that you say? They were American Presidents confronting historic moments, and Barack Obama is a President wannabe trying to garner some pseudo credibility? Yeah. I agree with you.

So did German leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel:

Mrs. Merkel has made clear she disapproves of having this potent symbol of German division and reunification pulled into the American election fight. “To use the Brandenburg Gate in some ways as a campaign backdrop, she has a limited sympathy for this and expresses her skepticism over pursuing such plans,” said a spokesman, Thomas Steg, at a news conference Wednesday.

Mrs. Merkel was in Japan for the G-8 meeting with President Bush and other leaders of the industrialized nations Wednesday, when her spokesman made the statements against using the Brandenburg Gate site.

“No German candidate for high office would think to use the National Mall or Red Square in Moscow for a rally, because it would be seen as inappropriate,” Mr. Steg said, though he added that Mrs. Merkel welcomed Mr. Obama’s visit.

You just don’t get it, Chancellor Merkel: Barack Obama NEEDS to stand in front of the Brandenburg Gate and connect himself to the powerful images of the past. Otherwise, people might start evaluating him on his own pathetic merits rather than view him through the prism of all the wonderful images he can connect himself to.

Where’s he supposed to go now? Go to the Trinity United Church of Christ? The New York Police Headquarters, where his professor, board-of-directors, and lecturer pal William Ayers blew up when he was a terrorist with the Weathermen? Come on, Angela: Barack needs a cool image to associate himself with!

What’s that you say? Barack Obama doesn’t have a dang thing to do with the Brandenburg Gate, and if anything his policies are in direct opposition with the reasons that Reagan and Kennedy went there? It doesn’t matter. Image is everything now, buddy. When you can put yourself in the picture, the thousand words are nothing more than so much blah, blah, blah.

This isn’t the first time Barack Obama has got caught trying to give himself some pseudo credibility.

You remember “The Great Seal of Obamaland?”

It was actually a pretty darn cool seal, being emblazoned with a fierce-looking eagle clutching an olive branch in one claw and arrows in the other.

The only problem was that it was deliberately reminiscent of the official seal of the president of the United States.

What’s that you say? Yeah, I knew I’d seen it somewhere before too.

Did I hear you say that Obama actually broke the law ripping off the presidential seal?  I didn’t know that!  You’d have thought the elite media would have pointed something like that out, wouldn’t you?

What’s that you say?  Yes, it was very funny when ABC News referred to it as “the Audacity of Hype.”

That’s the problem with Barack Obama.  All hype, no substance.  All parasitically derived credibility, no genuine credibility of his own.

Why don’t you see John McCain pulling these shenanigans?

Because he doesn’t need to.

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8 Responses to “Brandenburg Gate: Pseudo-Candidates Need Pseudo-Credibility”

  1. sportsone234 Says:

    This is a damn good post about Obama. Your views about Obama are shared many diverse groups of people, liberal, conservative, etc. I supported Hillary and of the three candidates, I still think her presidency would be best for the country.

    Since the DNC selected Obama I will cast my vote for McCain . . . not out of anger, but out of conviction that an Obama presidency will be disaster for the country. Besides can you imagine Obama, Pelosi, and Reid all running around unchecked!

    There’s a tongue ‘n cheek picture of Obama & the Brandenburg Gate in one of my recent posts that you may find amusing. See it at

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I truly appreciate your comment, sportsone. It gives me renewed hope that there are some good (in the sense of fine people) Democrats out there.

    My uncle – whom I dearly loved – was a Democrat. I thought he was wrong, but waaay deep down I know that “Democrats are people too” because of him. Patrick Moynihan is actually one of my heroes, also.

    I gained a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton during her campaign. Frankly, she surprised me. I agree: she would have made a MUCH better president than Obama, as she is far more connected with what it truly means to be an American.

    I do believe that Hillary was a victim of media misogyny, and that the media used this tactic against her because Obama was more liberal, and more of what they wanted. In the same way that the media constantly played the misogyny card against Hillary, they are playing the “geriatric” card against McCain, trying to portray him as too old to “get it.”

    I’ll check your post, and take a peak at your “ObamaBurg Gate” pic!

  3. Paul Zannucci Says:

    Great piece, Michael. Did you receive the email I sent you?

    Paul Zannucci, American Sentinel

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Hi, Paul.

    Thank you. I do have to admit to being rather pleased with myself as I wrote this.

    I may not be funny to anyone else, but sometimes I make myself laugh, I do admit.

    I received an email from you this afternoon, and responded. I really do appreciate your help. I believe I’ve already seen a traffic benefit, which I attribute to my newfound friend Paul at American Sentinel.

  5. Paul Zannucci Says:

    Actually, I could have been more helpful. I crossposted a link with RCP and at some point the link broke on my end. I’ll do better next time–maybe.

  6. Paul Zannucci Says:

    By the way, I did send you another email.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    I sure hope we send one another more emails still, as your effort clearly has resulted in significantly more traffic for me. And “doing better” is even better still!

    Thanks for your help, Paul. I really appreciate it!

  8. sportsone234 Says:


    Thanks for your kind comments. There’s a new post on Cindy McCain. Take a look at

    The media has spent so much time on Michelle, I felt Cindy should get a once over.

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