Global Warming? Al Gore and the Crisis of Global Stupidity

Call me a Global Stupidity theorist.

I have come to believe that one of the greatest crises that mankind faces today is due to anthropogenic global stupidity.

Runaway global warming alarmism has pushed pseudo-science superheated emissions to dangerous levels much faster than previously estimated and, instead of reaching the threshold within a decade, it was actually crossed two years ago. Anthropogenic global stupidity may have pushed earth past the tipping point, according to one study.

I’m ridiculing these idiots, obviously. But you have to laugh at such paranoid nonsense.

Al Gore, the “patron saint” of global warming alarmism is more of a “patent stooge.”

Al Bore showed up on NBC’s Meet the Press on July 20, 2008 and had this to say:

VICE PRES. GORE: Well, I, I mean, I think there’s a consensus now that it’s happening even more rapidly than the scientists were telling us years ago. We’re seeing record high temperatures. Nine of the 10 hottest years ever recorded have, have been in the last couple of decades. We’re seeing the stronger storms. We’re seeing the damage that, that people–and our national security experts–the military intelligence, the Pentagon, the National Intelligence Defense Council–they have warned us about the national security threats from potentially hundreds of millions of climate refugees caused by the climate crisis. This is really–just this, this past week, the EPA said the American way of life is threatened.

Shortly after the rambling hypocrite left the state to presumably go back to his mansion that uses twenty times more energy than anyone else’s, Tom Brokaw said this of Bore:

MR. BROKAW: Chuck Todd, David Gregory, welcome to both of you. Let’s begin with Al Gore.

He’s tan, rested, but apparently not ready to go back into government, Chuck. Let me just offer a proposition. No one is better informed on this issue of energy conservation and global climate change than he is, no one is more passionate about it. But this issue breaks along party lines as you go across the country. Do you think it is, in part, because in the eyes of Republicans and those on the right, he is still very much a radioactive political figure, and he would be better off if he appeared on stage

Well, under the theory that “No one is better informed on this issue of energy conservation and global climate change than Al Gore is,” you’d at least expect him to get his pertinent facts somewhat correct.

But nope. Al spouts off debunked idiocy the way Jesus spouted off universal wisdom. His claim that “We’re seeing record high temperatures. Nine of the 10 hottest years ever recorded have, have been in the last couple of decades”? Just plain NOT.

NASA was forced to revise its rankings for the hottest years on record after a blogger – A BLOGGER – discovered serious mathematical errors in the process that the agency so advanced it sends rockets to Mars had relied upon to advance the global warming myth.

The new figures are available at this official NASA/GISS site. The higher the positive annual mean figure, the warmer the year was.

According to NASA’s revised data, the hottest 10 years on record, beginning with the hottest, actually are:

1934, 1998, 1921, 2006, 1931, 1999, 1953, 1990, 1938, 1939

Five of the top ten occur prior to 1940, before mainstream scientists believe humans had any discernible impact on temperatures, and six of the top ten hottest years occurred before 90 percent of the growth in greenhouse gas emissions during the last century occurred.

That doesn’t sound nearly as good as “Nine of the 10 hottest years on record,” though. Al Gore is a firm believer in the old pseudo-scientific adage, “If the facts get in the way of my theory, so much the worse for the facts.”

I’ve got a better “Nine out of 10” sort of figure for you.

A British judge who was asked to rule on whether Al Bore’s Inconvenient Truth movie could be distributed throughout the nation’s schools ruled that there were nine glaring scientific errors in the film, and that Al Gore was using “alarmism” and “exaggeration.”

Reason Magazine ripped Al Gore’s credibility to shreds.

That didn’t stop Gore from garnering a Nobel Prize. Apparently, Joseph Goebbels-like propaganda tactics are now perfectly acceptable in today’s postmodern version of “science.” If your ideology is suitably politically correct, it no longer matters if all your “facts” are actually wrong. It is downright scary.

Al Gore is just as wrong about his continued propaganda myth of “scientific consensus.”

And he’s making scientifically indefensible and, yes, alarmist and exaggerated claims regarding storms as well. It is the number of people living along coastal areas, rather than global warming, that is the most worrisome trend taking place.

And to debunk the last claim in his quote, describing “hundreds of millions of climate refugees caused by the climate crisis,” realize that one of the nine documented “alarmist and exaggerated” claims referred to an Al Gore claim that “low lying Pacific atolls have already been evacuated.” It’s simply false. The man doesn’t need facts when hysterical claims suit his agenda better.

The discovery of a tropical heat vent that computer climate models do not take into account could reduce the threat of global warming to meaninglessness. The journal Science published a seventeen year study of Greenland’s ice sheet that flatly contradicts the hysterical reports and bogus claims from nutjobs like Al Bore. And World Climate Report has an article titled “Antarctic Ice: A Global Warming Snow Job?” that similarly shows the bogus hyper-alarmism surrounding that region. Another study just released shows that Greenland’s ice – in contradiction to alarmist theories – has easily survived previous global warmings and very likely will survive many more.

I’ve written previous articles detailing some of the vast research that has proven that “global warming” is NOT caused by man, but rather is a cyclical natural phenomena occurring roughly every 1,500 years. And I’ve written about the problem of ideology taking the place of genuine science, and the fact that scientists are literally being persecuted for debunking outright academic fraud and self-serving scientific errors.

“Global warming” is very likely not a serious problem for mankind (believe me, it’s a LOT better than an ice age!), but the real and growing threat of “global stupidity” looms larger than ever. And there seems to be no answer to this crisis.

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5 Responses to “Global Warming? Al Gore and the Crisis of Global Stupidity”

  1. Anne Cox Says:

    Global Warming was the alarmist term coined by the media to boost readership.

    Climate Change is the issue. Climate Change is the norm. What we must do is adapt to live with it – or die early! Climate change has all bit wiped out life on The Planet before. Trouble is, nobody could write, so no way for us to know what really happens except the rocks, sediments and fossils from these eras.

    How about on-the-spot fines for uttering the words “GLOBAL WARMING!”
    Hype about global warming is causing knee jerk reactions worldwide.

    If this did anything than line the pockets of the unworthy, fine but as a maketing ploy – nada.

    In case you haven’t guessed, at 62 I am still an idealist.
    I’m also always on the lokout for honest produtcs and new methods of saving energy. Please take a look. . Don’t worry, I’m a Social Enterprise!

    Anne Cox aka Ecoanne, TheEnergyLady

  2. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Al Bores latest book ASSUALT ON REASON well frankly thats not very good title of a book written by some who is as unreasonible as ever he is proving to be a soiled little brat and a blabbering idiot as well

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s an assault on SOMETHING to fly around in a pollution-spewing private jet and live in a mansion that consumes 50 times more energy than just about anyone else’s home while telling us we need to ride bikes and radically transform our society to conform with the hard-core socialist redistributionist agenda.

    It no longer amazes me that a documented hypocrite should be a hero of the left.

  4. Revolutionary Dude... Says:

    Al Gore is pure propaganda, he says these things cuz he is tould by the Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, also called “The Inner Circle” to do so… now that Obama is (S)elected, he is the perfect puppet for these wall street lobbyists, they have controlled the united states since the last economic colapse, the last “Real” president the US had, was kennedy, just wait to see when Obama’s period of control is over, he will look as bad as bush did… Obama is intelligent, Bush isnt… Bush wasnt intelligent enough to hide the “Illuminati/Inner Circle” ‘s idea, and control… these people are the real evil in this world!
    they talk about “The New World Order”, which actually is the english-american world order, or the old world order as it is called… now other countries woudnt be that interested in joining up in a order called “The English-American World Order”, but if its called “The New World Order” it sounds much “better”, now the new world order, is surprisingly, The Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, they control everything nowadays! check for ur self! the federal reserve, formal bank president is now the treasurer of the US! open your eyes people! the federal reserve is a privat bank! now the treasurer actually got more power then Obama himself, Obama is a puppet for these money maniacs, they wanna start a “World Bank” and begin to set taxes on everything involvin the “global warming”(called Ecotax), such as Carbon taxes, now this sounds good right? though everything will be taxed!! and there is no such as a seriosly “Global warming” by mankind! its natural! and now they wanna get money out of it!?

    I engourage every one who sees this to watch “The Obama Deception” and see for yourself: http://www.Infowars.Com or
    or watch it on the corrupt(im not joking, they blocked this video once, and advertise for scienctology) youtube:


  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Revolutionary Dude,
    I would submit that Reagan was our last real president, but I appreciate and substantially agree with the rest of your points. Dennis Prager often calls himself a “Kennedy liberal,” and rightly points out that the left has moved SO FAR left that Kennedy would be a conservative Republican by today’s standards. I have read passages to liberals from Kennedy’s speeches after setting them up as Bush statements (obviously avoiding “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” – which itself is a hit on liberalism), and watched liberals demonize John F. Kennedy.

    Today, our presidents – including Republicans – are put on SOME kind of leash. Take illegal immigration; why won’t Republican presidents do anything about something that is killing our country, and our way of life? It’s amazing how we’ve been hijacked.

    Your stuff is deemed as “conspiracy theories” by the talking heads, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Or even that there isn’t substantial evidence for it. You go back and see how our federal reserve was created – and realize that such people only became MORE powerful afterward – and you see that there are big international European money players behind the scenes.

    I think these people are looking at the China model and like it: a relative handful of powerful, connected “insiders” with ties to the government owning companies that hire menial laborers for menial population consumption. That seems to be the dream of EVERY leftist utopia.

    Global warming will be a means to such an end.

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