Point And Laugh At Democrats, One Idiot At A Time

We should all be pointing and laughing at 2004 Democratic nominee for president Senator John Kerry.

Yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Kerry said:

SEN. KERRY: Well, John McCain was wrong about Iraq. He was wrong about why we ought to go there. He bought into a whole liberation theology about the Middle East with Paul Wolfowitz and others. It’s wrong. He was wrong about oil paying for the war. He was wrong about our being greeted as, as, you know, as liberation leaders.

Well, first of all, John Kerry voted the same way on the Iraq war as John McCain: they both voted for it. The fact that John Kerry is a “I-voted-for-that-bill-before-I voted-against-it“-style pandering flip-flopping nincompoop is rather relevant here: when a candidate takes all possible sides of an issue, he can bi-laterally pander in whichever direction the political winds blow. It’s a tactic that Barack Obama has grabbed hold of and run down the field with. Obama has literally said the complete opposite thing from what he’d earlier said so many times that some conservatives think its a deliberate strategy.  The most recent example of this is his flip flop on offshore drilling (apparently, a 9 point drop in the polls over a single week qualifies as an emergency in a way that $4 plus for a gallon of gasoline doesn’t).

The only difference between Kerry’s and McCain’s Iraq stance is that the latter had the courage and integrity to stand behind his commitment, while the former played politics in a contemptible and frankly cowardly manner.

But the part of Kerry’s statement that really got me laughing was his “John McCain bought into a whole liberation theology” quip.

Unless you are a patent idiot with the IQ of a rock, you ought to know that it is Barack Obama – and most certainly NOT John McCain – who is the poster child for “liberation theology.”

Liberation theology is a system invented by Marxist-Catholics in early 1970’s Nicaragua in order to confuse the population of an overwhelmingly Catholic country to support their communist insurgency effort. It basically is a candy coating of Christianity over a hard kernel of Marxism, and views Christianity through Marxist ideology.

It is important to point out that it was BARACK OBAMA – and (again) NOT John McCain – who spent 23 years in a radical church that indoctrinated its members in liberation theology.

So let’s be crystal clear who bought into liberation theology and who didn’t.

Finally – because three idiotic points in a single short paragraph is funnier than two – Kerry is wrong about Iraq: we WERE initially greeted as liberators (I presume that’s what Kerry intended in calling us “liberation leaders”):

Many residents of Baghdad, which is faring better than many of the provinces under occupation, cheered the U.S.-led coalition for delivering their hated former leader to face justice. Some broke down in tears, overcome with emotion and the idea that a future in freedom and democracy had just become more likely.

From the traffic snarls that paralyzed central Baghdad for hours after the announcement of Hussein’s capture to the celebratory gunfire that rained falling bullets on the population, the capital was a caldron of emotions.

The Iraqi people only became embittered as they realized that there were not enough American troops to maintain order against a terrorist enemy determined to bring chaos. They felt that America had left them defenseless and had a moral duty to protect them.  And that’s why John McCain – who had called for more American troops to be present from the very outset, understood that we needed “the surge.” Now most Iraqis are cheering us again.

So please join me in laughing at the pandering, flip-flopping tripe from 2004’s pandering, flip-flopping Democrat nominee on behalf of 2008’s pandering, flip-flopping Democrat nominee.

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2 Responses to “Point And Laugh At Democrats, One Idiot At A Time”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Obama is a socialist pig! He has friends that are so far left that they have to have a compass to find center! :)

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    The Democratic Party of today has indeed been captured by the far-left, and is now quintessentially socialist in its orientation. One need only look at the positions of Nancy Pelosi – whom the Democrat Party chose to lead them – to understand this.

    Democrats of the past – such as JFK – are rolling in their graves. They vigorously fought the communists; now their party has literally been hijacked by the communists.

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