McCain Provides Great GOP Contrast Against Obama, Dems

John McCain finally contrasted himself against Barack Obama and the Democrats in a way that could lead to victory in November:

“Behind all the words, Sen Obama’s agenda can be summarized as this:

Government is too big … he wants to grow it.

Taxes are too high … he wants to raise them.

Congress spends too much … and he proposes more.

We need more energy … and he’s against producing it.

“We’re finally winning in Iraq … and he wants to forfeit

The bottom line: Sen Obama’s words, for all their eloquence and passion, don’t mean that much.”

We don’t need another politician in Washington who puts self interest and expediency ahead of problem solving.”

Watch the 13 minute video, and – refreshingly unlike his opponent – McCain doesn’t stammer and “uh,” “um” like the village idiot.

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