Obama Just Saved The World

Taking time from his gold while on vacation in Hawaii, Barack Obama spake unto the media, and the Russians and Georgians heard his eloquence and repented of their sins:

I reiterate my call for Russia to stop its bombing campaign, to stop flights of Russian aircraft in Georgian airspace, and to withdraw its ground forces from Georgia. The Georgian government has proposed a cease-fire and the Russian government should accept it. There is also an urgent need for humanitarian assistance to reach the people of Georgia, and casualties on both sides.

The Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, proclaimed our salvation and our eternal debt of gratitude to Obama:

“It was a bad crisis for the world. It required tough words but also a smart approach to call on the international community to step in. And I’m very, very happy that the Senator’s request for a ceasefire has been complied with by President Medvedev.”

As one of the little insignificant peons in your global domain, let me thank you for my life, Senator Obama.

I confess that I had doubts about you. I even (sniff) thought you were a political lightweight. I had no idea that you could reach out across the planet with a mere word of power and end wars and conflagrations.

Most surely you really are our political Messiah.

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3 Responses to “Obama Just Saved The World”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I could not believe that Tim Kaine actually said that Obama’s request for a ceasefire was complied with! Are these people mad? Sadly, we know the answer. God help us.

  2. Paul Zannucci Says:

    To the Democrats, saying something is making it true.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    In Pentecostal circles, it’s called “the word of faith” movement. If you believe it hard enough, it comes to pass.

    Kaine’s statement was so over the top nuts that it is simply ridiculous.

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