Russians And Liberals Have Always Been Like Peas In A Pod

Looking at the Russians as they tear the democracy out of a previously Democratic nation, it’s kind of hard to tell them apart from our liberals back home.

– They both love big governments.

– They are both the happiest amidst totalitarianism and socialism.

– They both pretty much want the government to either manage or benefit from everything.

– They both offer ostentatious and grandiose pretensions for whatever they are doing.

– They both lie like crazy the whole time they’re doing whatever they’re doing.

– They both want total control of the media under the guise of “fairness.”

– They both don’t think very highly of allowing things to be voted on.

I think they would come rolling in with tanks (after all, both communism and fascism derive from the left) if it weren’t for the fact that Barack Obama would look like a total dweeb in a helmet, and Nancy Pelosi would muss up her hair-do. American liberals probably decided to avoid tanks after the Dukakis fiasco.

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