Is John McCain’s Computer Illiteracy a Problem?

Someone on the Huffington Post featured a video in which John McCain acknowledged that he was computer-illiterate, and asked:

This video appears to be from at least six weeks ago, but no one has really commented on it. Do we want a commander-in-chief who can’t use a computer without assistance?

Well, I suppose someone had better comment on it, then.

Perhaps we should simply crown Bill Gates as our king and be done with it? I mean, his computer know-how put both McCain’s and Obama’s computer knowledge to shame.

And just how much does Barack Obama know about computers? I haven’t heard of him wowing anyone with his mastery of all things silicon.

I find it a little funny that, throughout our nation’s history, we have believed military service was a vitally important aspect to a president’s development. And then when there is a candidate with incredible military experience running against one who never served, it’s trivial. But the ability to play video games on a computer (I frankly don’t even know what they expect a president to do with a computer that John McCain can’t do and Barack Obama can) – never important in our history – is suddenly a decisive weakness?

I look at it this way, aside from the fact that a president probably doesn’t spend a whole lot of time designing, building, or operating computers – but rather relies on the advice of professionals who do those things – there is something else to consider.

Maybe John McCain’s computer-illiteracy will motivate him to keep the government’s paws off the internet (excepting pursuing actual criminal activities).

You want to help build the internet? DON’T TAX IT. But that is tantamount to saying, “Don’t vote for Democrats.” They’re doing everything they can to tax every aspect of the internet that they can.

High-technology and butterflies have one thing in common. If you want them to grow and develop as best they can, leave them alone.

Ronald Reagan, describing Democrats to a “T,” once said: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.” Which is another way of saying Democrats are determined to pretty much kill successful industries and bail out the failed and useless ones.

So I’m actually kind of glad that John McCain doesn’t know diddley about something that government shouldn’t be doing diddley to mess with in the first place.

But I still find it more than amusing that this Huffington Post-er things that it is insignificant for a commander-in-chief of our armed forces to have served in the military – especially during wartime – but that it is somehow vitally important to know how to type a letter using Microsoft Word.

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