“Our Next President, Joe Biden.” “Thanks, Barack America.”

You can’t listen to a Democratic spokesperson on TV – ANY of them – without hearing the constant snipe about how many houses John McCain owns, and how THEY know how many houses they own.

Get Listy summarized the McCain gaffe:

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain was asked Wednesday by a reporter from Politico how many houses he owned. McCain wasn’t sure.“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain reportedly said in the interview in Las Cruces, N.M. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama jumped on McCain’s statement and almost immediately turned it into a campaign attack. McCain’s camp responded with a responding attack, according to CBS News.

Now, had John McCain been thinking crystal clearly, he could have responded: “I don’t actually own any houses myself.  As to my wife, it’s a little complicated, due to the fact that some properties are owned in LLC trusts, and I’ll have to have my staff get back to you.”

In any event, the Democrats are out there potraying a guy who doesn’t even own a home as being an elitist.  John and Cindy McCain have separate finances, and a prenup agreement to protect her family fortune.

But, since Democrats love being so petty, and so easily fixated by trivial gaffes (I think you could probably keep a liberal occupied for hours with a piece of yarn, if you really wanted to), let me provide the new Republican response:

“At least John McCain knows what he’s running for.  And at least the guy McCain picks as his Veep will know his name.”

Apparently Barack Obama knows what most intelligent Americans have long-since come to realize: that he really has no qualification to be President, and that Joe Biden is going to have to run the roost until Obama figures out which end is really up (too much “nuance” can be a bad thing, you know).

Maybe Joe Biden had to spend so much time butt-smooching Obama that he began to think Obama really WAS the way overinflated symbol of hope and change and everything that’s good and wonderful that Obama believes himself to be.

But in any event, maybe Democrats ought to quit throwing stones when their own houses are made out of so much glass.

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