Obama Receives Fruits Of His “McCain’s Seven Houses” Attack Ad

Came across this Texas GOP ad and thought it was worth sharing with the class:

The Texas GOP is accusing Barack Obama of leaving his own family out to dry after reports surfaced that his half-brother George is living in a run-down hut in Kenya.

The Daily Telegraph and other publications have recently drawn attention to the unusual report in the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, which tracked down George Hussein Onyango in the outskirts of Nairobi.

He apparently spoke to the magazine for the first time, telling them he lives on less than a dollar a month, and that “no one knows who I am.”

The Republican Party of Texas released a Web video Friday seizing on the story, in response to Obama’s earlier ad mocking John McCain for allegedly not knowing how many homes he and his wife Cindy own.

“Barack Obama has viciously attacked John McCain and his family for being successful and living the American dream,” the narrator says, as the ad then flashes up pictures of Obama body surfing and golfing.

“Obama claims he is looking out for our families in an economic downturn, but ask yourself this: If Obama cares so much about your family, why doesn’t he take care of his own family first?”

The ad then shows a picture of Obama’s stately Chicago home, and one of Onyango’s shack.

“Barack Obama lives in this house … while his own brother lives in this one,” the narrator says.

Hans Klingler, political and communications director for the Texas GOP, told FOXNews.com the organization wanted to point out that Obama has a history that still hasn’t been explored, as well as chide him for the Vanity Fair piece.

“While he may not be obligated to move (his half-brother) to America … what we’re arguing is, ‘Hey Senator Obama, if you’re going to talk about the importance of family, then you better give us a full picture of how your family is living and the unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in,” he said.

A Telegraph.co.uk story documents Obama’s half-brother.

Liberals are already complaining about the “distinct racial overtone to the ad” and note that it uses Obama’s brother’s full name: George Hussein Onyango Obama (I mean, really, how dare they use his full name!).

But critics of the Obama attack ad against McCain’s “seven houses” predicted it would open the floodgates of nasty ads.  Eat up: there’s a lot more where that came from.

We can also talk about Jeremiah Wright’s country club house bought with church money, Tony Rezko’s “big house”, Barack Obama’s house bought with Rezko money, Obama’s visit to terrorist bomber William Ayers house, and so on and so forth.

Don’t slap someone on the face if you don’t want to get punched in the mouth, I say.

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18 Responses to “Obama Receives Fruits Of His “McCain’s Seven Houses” Attack Ad”

  1. Coenraad Says:

    There is much more behind this story! That guy has a story to tell that Obama does not want him to tell. You have to study Kenya history of the ten years before and the forty years after Obama was born, and you have to read his Dreams book. There is a big story hidden somewhere between or under the lies and misrepresentations. You may email me but please use discretion as I am not looking for hate-mail.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    No hate mail from me. The email addresses provided are not shared with the general public; it’s just a verification technique.

    Unfortunately, a lot of important stories get lost in the silliness of “gotcha vs. gotcha.” My real point in writing this article is that Obama – by using this frankly dumb issue so extensively – has opened himself up to a LOT more than he bargained for.

    There are “deadbeat” family members who OUGHT to be left out. I don’t know if this George Obama qualifies or not.

    I DO know that Obama wants to fork out $845 BILLION to care for the world’s poor (he co-sponsored that bill). If he’s going to do that, he probably ought to take care of all his OWN family’s poor, first.

  3. floBama Says:

    Open letter to Senator Obama

    Dear Senator with reference to your application for the vacant position of dog catcher I regret the Town Manager has advised not to accept your application because you do not have the experience required for the position. We have a very small town with a tiny budget but every council worker is required to have at least a working knowledge of the economic forces relating to the acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution of our products, transport, and finance for future development. Unfortunately you do not have any qualifications or experience in these matters or any of the many others that make for a good dogcatcher. Being a Rock Star and accomplished Speech Reader or running eighteen months in a Presidential Campaign do not count for anything in Small-Town America and we don’t have on the job training in an important position such as dogcatcher. Regrettably Yours: Maggie, Office of the Mayor, Kodiak, AK.

  4. Flobama Says:

    I hear both Dem’s making promises to reinvent Barack’s America that George Bush and McBush lost and now tell me needs hard work to fix. Some, like Time Magazine are saying the whole of Barack’s World is going through the same pain as America right now with gasoline prices, spiraling food inflation and stock market uncertainty. They say America is by no means unique in this [in fact in some countries they don’t even have gasoline and half of Africa is going through yet another famine with people dying of hunger. It’s fine [indeed very easy] bashing the man whose job you want but if they blame it on Bush and McBush then O’bama and O’Biden must tell the country how they are planning on reinstalling Paradise as it existed when Clinton departed! Can we put a timeframe on it like for the Iraq troop withdrawal, like sixteen months maybe? I want to be ready when paradise descends from the skies. I want to give up this lousy job I have and get myself a big slice of Barack’s American Dream! Wow, to have to wait so long, to live in Peace with all the Peoples of the World and just love, love forever love, no more war ever. Wow, and we will all be rich without having to do one day’s work again. Gimme that dream Folks and make it real snappy!

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m sure it was just an oversight, but you forgot to mention that during an Obama presidency, the lion will lay down with the lamb, and infants will lie with vipers and not be harmed…

  6. State Governor Alert Says:

    Obama is a fascinating man. He can bring the North and South Pole together, make the sun to rise in the West, reduce gasoline to ten gallons for one dollar and now he is ready to replace all State Governors. He runs the greatest budget ever in Election History and as soon as he is President he will suspend elected Governors in all states except Texas and California. I almost forgot to mention it but you all probably know he can walk on water and you will have to call him God in January. Beware Southern Belle what you say. We little mortals who cling to guns and religion in Small-Town America are just too stupid to handle our own lives. The Great Messiah, King of Kings, Chief Executive and God Supreme will do it and give us Paradise on Earth. Duh!

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    You forgot to mention that we are little mortals BITTERLY clinging to our guns and religion.

    Messiah-wannabes get miffed when people worship another Messiah.

  8. Vlaanderen Belgium Says:

    In the European original Germanic languess [German, Flemish, Nederlands] when a storage unit [a trunk, or a box or a bin] is full to the brim we say the storage unit is laden [like in English fully laden]. So here we would say:

    Osama: bin Laden. Obama: bin Empty.

  9. Amused Observer GA Says:

    Hi Michael! You must see FoxNews Palin’s Candidacy Reignites Feminist Debate dated Tuesday, September 9, 2008 and the Time Rag edition this week.

    The Messiah is scared of Sarah Palin! His dark past has been kept from public scrutiny but Sarah scares him. What does he do now? It appears this time he sent Howard Gutman in as attack dog in the place of Bill Burton who is called in later to reject Gutman after the intended damage is done. Only problem is it won’t wash with women or in particular with working moms in Small-Town America. They will see through the deliberate smears and it will backfire on Mister Clean. Joe O’Biden who was brought in as the original attack dog for McCain [why else would he be there?] has reason to know Miss Sarah ain’t scared of him either. Time Magazine tries to rescue their Man of the Year [talk about slanted journalism!] in their September 15th edition but my bet is it will solidify Miss Sarah’s standing with the ladies and older people instead. Obama is going down! Do us a column on the Time Rag promotion of Obama as their Man of the Year if you can fit it in. It is abundantly clear they have selected him “for the honor” [front cover twice in two recent months] but I detect a note of concern in the way they are trying to run Miss Sarah down. The once mighty Time Magazine has elevated itself to the Tabloid Rag of the decade!

    You are doing Sterling Work! Do keep it up!

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Sarah Palin is as politically fearless as any politician I have seen in my lifetime. She is incredible.

    I bring my own book to the doctor’s office so I won’t have to waste my intellect on Time.

    I agree with you – the liberals are terrified of Palin (after their campaign to trivialize her blew up in their faces), and now they are becoming unhinged trying to tear her down. Fortunately, it will only keep backfiring.

    Thank you much for your gracious last.

  11. Flobama Says:

    I spoke to Jesse Jackson the other day and he tole me the 58th State has been added to the Union.

    Name of the State: Alobama
    Official language: Bama
    State Capital: Bama
    State Currency [the strongest in the Universe]: Bama
    State Tree, state flower, state bird, state animal: Bama
    State and World President: oBama
    Manufacturing and Chief Export: Bama
    Many others: the same LotoBama.

    I said to Jesse: “Don’t gimme all that BS Man.”

    Whereupon Jesse said to me: “in the new State we now call that AlotoBama too my man. No more BS man, just a lot of Bama.

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    That is such good news, Flobama.

    Now the road to the White House is really open to Barack Obama. It would have looked really pathetic had Obama become President of the United States when he didn’t even know how many states there were.

    I presume the “bama” currency is based on the “hope” rather than the gold standard.

    And there’s probably construction of a socialist freeway system called the “AutoBama” too.

  13. Old-Timer GA Says:

    Obama is quoted as having said [I quote] “But you know … you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. You know, you can … wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change, it’s still going to stink after eight years.” [End of quote: See FoxNews Obama Accuses McCain Campaign of ‘Swift Boat Politics’ dated Wednesday, September 10, 2008].

    He omitted to add what you get if you add more make-up to the lipstick and doctor the photo to resemble his Idol Nelson Mandela and place it on the front cover page of Time Rag for two months in succession. I guess it was just a genuine omission on his part, no harm intended, and he meant to say you get the same he says above. See Time Rage September 01, 2008 edition.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama’s entire campaign has been spent misrepresenting himself. He is THE most liberal member of the US Senate, and THE most liberal major party candidate for President this country has ever seen. We would be terrified if we knew how radical this man – who spent 23 years in a racist, anti-American church – really was.

    The “morphing” into Nelson Mandella aspect is interesting. I’ll have to try to see the cover.

  15. Flobama Says:

    Hi Michael

    Obama added seven States; didn’t you know? He brought in Iraq, Iran to represent the Middle East; Libya is in for North Africa, Liberia for West Africa, Darfur for North Central Africa, Kenya for East Africa and their new President-to-be Odinga, and Zimbabwe for Southern Africa. They are squeezed in around Four Corners and renamed it Eleven Corners. His friend Tony developed a huge beach-front facility which includes an International Hotel, a Magic Kingdom which makes Disneyland look dull, and a natural Spa/Casino facility on the island just two miles offshore. Huge luxury ferryboats ply between the two facilities all day. Great fun, go visit soon; no Passport or stupid visa requirements! Obama said it facilitates regular visits to Iran/Iraq and he meets his cousin Odinga from Kenya every time he goes.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    I knew there were seven more states. But I didn’t know where they were or what they were called. And I was, you know, ashamed to ask. I knew we had to have 57 states – could Obama be wrong? Wouldn’t that be theologically impossible? – but I was ignorant.

    Thank you so much for finally straightening me out, or I still wouldn’t have known.

  17. Coenraad Says:

    Just checking Sunday mail and reading all your columns. I like your personal interaction with comments and want to make sure Obama gets all the fruits he can eat. Keep up the good work. You don’t have to post this one; it is just a friend visiting.

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    I appreciate your friendship, Coenraad. Conservative bloggers don’t have a lot of online friends.

    When I started blogging, all I got was liberals. Angry liberals. It was very frustrating, getting nasty after nasty, and not a lot of support.

    Having a few friends like you is encouraging. So I appreciate your kind words.

    Anyone who has started trying to blog from a conservative perspective needs to realize: hang in there. Keep fighting. Don’t give up. You’ll make friends who will support you.

    Thanks, Coenraad.

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