Hillary Won’t Rock The Boat In DNC Speech, But Will Hope For Chaos

What does Hillary Want? That’s the real question. Whether she will say something that overtly undermines Barack Obama in his speech isn’t much of an issue: of course she won’t. She can’t be tied with ANYTHING that would directly undermine Obama’s chances or it would irreparably damage her own career.

How hard has Hillary really worked to overcome Obama’s difficulty reaching her 18 million voters?

What will Hillary say tonight in her speech? I think – in ostensibly campaigning for Obama – she will try to remind voters of what they could have had.

Think of Hillary tonight as the metaphorical spurned jealous ex-wife dieting like mad to make her ex-husband eat his heart out.

Hillary wants to outshine Barack Obama, and she most definitely wants to outshine Joe Biden.

That said, I don’t think the most exciting show will be watching Hillary Clinton when she gives her speech. I think we should be watching her supporters and the many PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass).

Many have raised the issue that it would be better for Hillary if Obama loses. That would allow her to run again in 2012. And that’s clearly true. The only way she could realistically run against Obama if he were President would be if his presidency was going down the toilet. And then the odds would strongly favor Republicans. Hillary is 61 years old, and since she isn’t getting any younger, she only has so many runs left in her (any pun intended).

Maureen Dowd wrote a viciously mischievous piece titled, “Two Against One.” The two, by the way, are Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

I don’t think there’s much of a question as to whether Hillary wants Obama to lose. I don’t think there’s any doubt that she fantasizes about Democrats wailing for the next four years, “Oh, if only we’d remained true to Hillary and not fallen for that snake Obama.”

This isn’t really a dig on Hillary at all: Politicians will surely have a huge representation in the lowest floors of the basement of hell. And if every self-centered, self-aggrandizing, self-absorbed politician in Washington were to be abducted by aliens, the power centers of the D.C. would be very silent indeed.

Hillary wants what’s best for Hillary, and what’s best for Hillary would be to run against McCain in 2012. She just can’t get caught trying to make it happen.

I thought a rightpundits piece came up with an interesting take on the Machiavellian, politically-hatchet-sharp Clintons convincing politically-juvenile Barack Obama to buy their magic beans, with Obama’s professionals coming in afterward to shove Bill and Hillary away from Obama’s ear lest the wolves in sheeps’ clothing pull even more wool over his eyes:

The theme for the DNC Convention tonight is “Renewing America’s Promise.” Hillary’s DNC Convention speech is expected to be one of healing and hope and encouraging her supporters to give their support to Obama. Her role, as per reports, is to be one of healing and unity. She will say the requisite words, I’m sure. Although, I think its odd that she is speaking, for one. For another thing, that the Obama people seem to view it as her responsibility to give Obama votes rather than him getting them. Its definitely an odd election year.

The Clintons also managed to get Obama to agree to a floor vote between herself and Obama. I can just hear the conversation between the two. ‘Why don’t we have a vote and clear the air, Barack. It’ll be healing for the people and there won’t be any of those silly little dangling chads to worry about later,’ she’d say. Barack would put his finger thoughtfully to his lips as he slowly lowers his head so that she could see more than the bottom of his chin. ‘Do you think that would make your people happy and they’d vote for me then?’ he’d ask. ‘Oh yes, Barack, its the thing to do. Then it’ll be clear I lost and the party will be unified again.’ Barack agreed and the Clintons laughed all the way to their separate living areas. They’d be laughing because they know that when Hillary wins the floor vote, she’ll have to reluctantly and oh-so regretfully for poor Barack have to bend to the will of the people and accept their nomination.

But again, the micromanagers stepped in. Even though they are following through with the floor vote, the votes won’t be counted until after Barack is nominated and given his acceptance speech. That’s why appeasement is such a problem. Even though he agreed and everyone was all excited about how they were going to pull the rug right out from under his feet, his people had to come in and straighten the mess out and now everyone is mad.

They say the floor will be completely controlled so that the Hillary supporters will not be able to get their signs up in support of her or have their voices heard. They’ll go away mad, but the damage will be done. As they say, better to ask for forgiveness than to try to get permission.

After all that’s over, they’ll try to win back Hillary’s people. They’ll say they are so sorry about how that worked out and blame every body for misunderstanding their instructions. Yeah, it won’t be their fault. It will just be a misunderstanding.

Under all the smiles, there are a whole bunch of bruised egos and bad feelings.

And a lot of those people with the bruised egos and the bad feelings will be the ones wearing “Hillary 08” campaign buttons.

But even Hillary doesn’t know what her supporters will do, or how many of them will do it. As long as she doesn’t come across as being directly associated with any meltdowns, I think the bigger the ruckus, the more delighted Hillary will be.

That’s going to be the interesting part about her speech, and about the convention.

If Obama comes out of the convention with a big bounce, figure that Obama did a good job wooing back angry white women Hillary supporters. If he doesn’t, figure that they went away mad.

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