John McCain Getting “Commander-in-Chief” Poll Numbers Over Obama

Gallup had this newsflash, appropriately titled “Veterans Solidly Back McCain.”

PRINCETON, NJ — With both presidential candidates addressing the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention this week (John McCain on Monday and Barack Obama on Tuesday), Gallup finds that registered voters who have served in the U.S. military solidly back McCain over Obama, 56% to 34%.

Obama knows better than the soldiers who are heroically prevailing in Iraq, and working to do the same in Afghanistan. Obama knows better than the generals. He knows better than Gen. David Petraeus. He knows better than Iraqi commanders who know their army is still not close to being ready to going it without American help.

Interesting: the most important role for the President is Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. But the group that Barack Obama would LEAST like to have decide the election is veterans.

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