Charles Schumer: All-Too-Typical Democrat Megalomaniac Jerk

This was truly amazing, although it really shouldn’t be.

Apparently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not the only “queen bee of the universe” wannabe.

Here’s the skinny: Bill O’Reilly had Karl Rove on to give a Republican response to the Democrat’s dog and pony show.  Knowing that Karl Rove is smarter than any two Democrats, O’Reilly, in the interest of fairness, decides to have Lanny Davis and Charles Schumer come on the program under the desperate hope that they might somehow come up with a brain between them.

Lanny Davis is in the makeup room when Charles Schumer – with his entourage in tow – comes into the makeup room (no surprise that Schumer wants to wear makeup after this display of unladylike behavior).  Schumer asks Davis – a fellow liberal Democrat in good standing – what he’s doing there.  And when Davis explains that they’re going to be on the program together, Charles Schumer erupts into a diva-like tantrum and storms out.  Schumer can be heard on the phone shouting at someone; one of Schumer’s “people” is yelling at someone else on his cell.

A little bit later an O’Reilly producer comes up to Lanny Davis.  Would he be okay with bowing out so the queen diva can go on the program alone? Absolutely not, says Davis.  Is that what Senator Schumer is asking for? Lanny Davis, you see, had been the original guest, and Schumer had just been a late invite (you know, for the brain-thing).

Continue reading for the meaty part of the write up, in a minute-by-minute narrative:

5:38 p.m.— [Lanny] Davis is still waiting for makeup when Sen. Chuck Schumer enters the room, entourage in tow. “Lanny!” he says. “What are you doing here?” Davis explains that they’re going to be on O’Reilly together. Schumer’s smile vanishes. He turns to Amy Sohnen, a heretofore cheery Fox News executive producer. “Absolutely not,” Schumer says. Apparently there’s been a mix-up. Schumer thought he was going to be appearing alone. Davis, sensing trouble, drifts over to the food table.

The senator storms out of the office to make a phone call. Outside in the hall, his spokesman is soft-yelling into his cell. It’s unclear whether the objection is to Davis himself or appearing on-screen with someone of lesser stature than Schumer.

After a few minutes, Sohnen approaches Lanny. There’s been a terrible mistake, she explains, and they can’t have him on the show. “That’s not an option,” Davis says. He was the original guest, and he gave his permission for Schumer to join him. “I’m sorry. Unless Roger Ailes calls me personally, I’m doing the show.”

6 p.m.—Set of The O’Reilly Factor. Schumer and Davis sit down with Bill O’Reilly at a table overlooking the convention floor. Apparently O’Reilly has been briefed on Schumer’s tiff. “No one tells me what to do either, and I’m the star,” O’Reilly says. “Now, siddown.” They agree Schumer will speak first, and that he and Davis won’t appear on-screen together.

At one point during the interview, Davis pointedly refers to “great Democrats like Chuck Schumer.” Schumer doesn’t return the compliment.

So in any event, Queen Schumer finally shows up in her tissy little huff to do the program.

Can you imagine this?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has erected a temple-like edifice where the masses can come to worship.

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