Pre Convention Angst From A Republican

I wonder how many Republicans are like me today.

Hearing about Sarah Palin’s daughter being pregnant kind of hit me like a punch in the gut.

It wasn’t just the pregnancy; it was the pregnancy on top of the Republican convention being taken offline due to the hurricane.  Two years of planning, and now they’re literally going day-by-day.

I was quite high after hearing about Sarah being named as John McCain’s running mate.  Now I feel like the air has been let out of my football.

In my case, I think it is temporary.  All we need is a good convention, and we’ll have our “Big Mo” back.

Does Bristol’s pregnancy reflect poorly on either Sarah or the Palin family?  I don’t think so.  What I think is that no one can throw a monkey wrench into a great plan like a 17-year old.

The McCain campaign says it was aware of the pregnancy before the announcement of her selection.  I believe that there is even evidence to that effect.  But it does leave me wondering if Sarah Palin was vetted well enough to sustain the microscopic examination she’ll receive from the liberal snot machine.

I guess what I’ve got is a “bad luck” feeling.  It was just plain bad luck that such a storm would descend at just the wrong time for Republicans to gain the energy that a four-day convention would provide.  And it’s just bad luck that Bristol should end up pregnant.

It’s amazing just how much the election depends on Sarah Palin.  She’s got the Republican Party in her hands.  If she comes out and gives a great speech, presents herself well for the next few weeks, and then out-debates Joe Biden, I think we will win the White House.  If she is overwhelmed by the exposure, and not ready to step up to the biggest stage she’s ever seen in her life, then I think Obama will win.

That’s what makes the Sarah Palin pick so bold.  Had McCain picked someone like Mitt Romney, it would have been a straightforward competition between McCain and Biden.  Sarah Biden changed the geometry of the whole campaign.

As I sit here, slightly dejected about the “bad luck” of the last couple days, I realize that just so much is riding on this young woman.

Will she pull through?

I can’t fully justify my feelings, but – as I sit here contemplating – my gut keeps telling me yes, she can.

Her story is so amazing, so compelling – and dare I say it, so improbable – that I find myself believing that she’s got something really special and powerful inside of her.  The more I learned about her, the more impressed I was about how determined, how courageous, how tough, and how resilient she is.

I may be wrong.  But that’s what my gut tells me.  I guess we’ll know one way or the other over the next few weeks.

When the doubts come, I pray for her.  I hope that many others are joined with me in committing to pray for this young woman.

She’s facing the test of her life.  She’s going to need it.

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