Sarah Palin Gives McCain “Troop” Surge In Enthusiasm, Fundraising

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

John McCain supported the troop surge in Iraq that turned defeat into victory.

Now he’s getting a surge of his own – in enthusiasm and fundraising – thanks to his pick for Vice President.

Sarah Palin is getting standing ovations without even being in the room.  She’s being called “the new life in the Grand Old Party.”  A writer for the LA Times says, “This is my sixth RNC, and I’ve never seen anything remotely like the excitement Palin has unleashed. Some compare it to the enthusiasm for Ronald Reagan in 1976 or 1980. Even among the GOP’s cynics, there’s a kind of giddiness over John McCain’s tactical daring in selecting the little-known Alaskan.”

Tim Shipman, is a piece titled, “Sarah Palin doubles McCain’s fundraising,” begins with this:

Republicans are voting with their wallets for Sarah Palin. Figures just released show that John McCain has raked in $10million in the two and a bit days since he unveiled his gun toting female running mate. That should bring McCain’s total for the month to around $47m–easily a record for the Arizona Senator.

An NPR article, titled “McCain Fundraising Surges After Palin Named VP,” says:

Morning Edition, September 2, 2008 · Sarah Palin was thought to be a pick of potentially high risk and high reward when she was selected as John McCain’s running mate. So far, the reward has been that, as a Washington outsider with a conservative record, she has galvanized the base and boosted the campaign’s fundraising.

This campaign went from being potentially analagous to “Bod Dole running with Whatshisname” to a real energized ticket.  Obama’s “enthusiasm gap” has been obliterated.

Democrats tried to attack the Palin family, and attack Sarah as a mother.  But it will generate more outrage against them than Sarah Palin.

Republicans are beginning to rise up, just when they’re needed most.

McCain’s troop surge turned the tide in Iraq.  Now Palin’s fundraising and enthusiasm surge is going to turn the tide in this campaign.

Democrats, you may be worried, or you may not be.  But a slumbering giant is waking up; and it’s getting hungry.

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