Sarah Palin Speech: Enter The Happy Conservative Warrior

If you’re a conservative, chances are you are happy right now.

If you were wondering whether Sarah Palin would be able to rise to the grandest stage of her entire life and meet expectations, you now know – she met them, and then soared above and beyond them.

She was as comfortable on that platform as the small town girl in her stomping grounds; she was as feminine as a beauty queen; she was as tough as a steelworker.  And she had it all, because she’d been it all.

The base was energized at her selection; they are on fire now.

Up until recently, I’d been a “disgruntled” conservative.  I hadn’t ever been energized about McCain – even though I’d grudgingly voted for him in the primary.  McCain was – the way I thought at the time – the best Democrat of the lot.  After all, neither Mitt Romney, nor Mike Huckabee, nor Rudy Guliani – and, yes, nor John McCain – inspired me with a real conservative vision.

I wanted to help defeat Barack Obama, because I believed, and continue to believe, him to be the most dangerous candidate for President this nation has ever seen.  But something always seemed to be missing.  John McCain had always been too willing to reach over the aisle, too eager to reach a deal with Democrats, I thought.

But the last few weeks, as both candidates finally nail down their positions, I began to see signs of what I was hoping to see come out of John McCain.

There was one thing left to answer; who would he pick for Vice President?  Would he nod again to the Democrats, and go with Joe Lieberman?  Would he put aside a key Republican platform, and go with Tom Ridge?  Would he go to the typically safe ho-hum running mate, and pick Mitt Romney?

I hoped he’d do something bold.  I hoped he’d name a woman.  None of the pundits gave it much of a chance.

And then McCain announced his pick: Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska.

Barack Obama promised a hype-filled text-message announcement, and then flubbed the boring politics-as-usual Joe Biden, Senator of Delaware since 1973.

John McCain didn’t hype his method of announcing his running mate; but he delivered a stunning choice.  It was the difference between talking a big game, and playing one.

And it was Sarah.  Gov. Sarah Palin.  Young and beautiful.  Smart and tough.  A woman who was a proven reformer, and a genuine conservative fighter.  And an adversary to be reckoned with.

I was overjoyed.  And I quickly learned that Republicans were overjoyed as well.

I studied this woman.  And she just kept getting better and better, the more I learned.

Sarah Palin brought enthusiasm and it brought fundraising.  Most important of all, it brought confidence and joy.  Like many Republicans, I knew I’d be happy with Sarah; but I never dreamed I’d be this excited.  Republicans are united, and they are eagerly rallying around their ticket for the first time.

Enter the happy conservative warrior; one who believes in the Republican candidates, and is willing to go to battle to secure their election.

There is a clear divide in American politics.  There is a culture war.  Fighting gets into the trenches on every issue, every statement, every policy, and every action.  It’s tough; brutal even.  Sometimes it’s enough to fight against an enemy; but it is always better to follow a leader who inspires.

The Republican Party has now clearly united around a ticket that inspires them: McCain-Palin.

We’re ready to rumble.  We’re ready to go to war behind the only candidate – as Sarah Palin pointed out tonight – who actually fought in a war.

I’m so happy to be happy again about my Party’s leadership.  I’m energized, and ready to help secure a victory in November.

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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin Speech: Enter The Happy Conservative Warrior”

  1. Douglas Stambler Says:

    Sarah Palin is a person who believes that God has put her on the national stage to take America into the last days of the End Times. Scratch beneath the surface of this speech, and you will hear the faint drumbeat of the current administration suspending the election in November and simply staying in power. WAKE UP!


  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Don’t forget your tin helmet. I’ll bet the Bush administration is listening to your thoughts RIGHT NOW.

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