Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Calls Sarah Palin “Shrill”

CNN brought this little factoid up.

Apparently, Harry Reid is a bit of a mysogenist, continuing the narrative of a sexist meltdown within the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

CNN: Harry Reid releases statement, attacking Palin’s speech as “shrill”..

The talking heads are somewhat aghast, noting the sexist implications of the term “shrill”..

Shrill?  (Allow me let my inner female out for a moment): EXCUSE ME ???

During Wolf Blitzer’s program, Campbell Brown led several other CNN talking heads in having a real problem with a derisive term that is almost always exclusively applied to women.

Suggested bumper sticker for Democrats: “HAVE YOU TRIVIALIZED A WOMAN TODAY?”

I’m sorry, but these recent tactics against Sarah Palin just SO makes me want to start trivially dismissing every liberal woman I meet in as chauvinistic and patronizing a way as I can muster.  I mean, clearly, the way they’re targeting Sarah Palin as a woman, we should dismiss women as lightweights who are not possibly up to the job.

Should I dust off Barack Obama’s “Sweetie“?

How does the Obama-Reid one-two punch sound: That’s okay, sweetie, calm down.  Don’t be so shrill.

Don’t you worry, conservative gals; I’ll never stop treating you with the respect that you truly deserve.

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