Some Thoughts About Sarah Palin’s Daghter Bristol

With the left wing hit machine in full gear, Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol has become another vehicle to attack the Republican ticket.

What do we have to say about a 17-year old girl getting pregnant?

First of all, I’ll have you know that I have nothing against a 17-year old girl getting pregnant in and of itself.  To offer one classic counter-example, Mary the mother of Jesus was undoubtedly even younger.

It’s not “teenage pregnancy” that’s tragic; it’s unwed mothers getting pregnant.  Teenage unwed mothers are merely the particularly tragic case of what happens when unwed women become pregnant without a family support structure (especially a husband).  The statistics are overwhelming: marital status and single motherhood are far and away the largest factors contributing to poverty.

Bristol Palin is lucky.  First of all, she’s a member of a great family that will support and love her, and will have the resources to support her child if necessary.  A lot of girls don’t have any of those luxuries.  Second, the father of her child genuinely loves her and they have announced their plans to marry.  A lot of girls think that’s going to happen when they give up their virginity to a boy who only wants one thing.

Bristol Palin is lucky, indeed.  Something that can be disastrous for so many other girls will probably be just a premature blessing for her and her husband-to-be.

I have heard liberals throw up Bristol’s pregnancy in Sarah Palin’s face to attack her abstinence policy.  Apparently, the fact that one girl got pregnant conclusively proves that human beings are merely animals after all, and that teaching teenagers about the benefits of waiting is as pointless as trying to teach a cat to wait.

Am I opposed to birth control being taught in the schools?  No.  What I am deeply opposed to is the vitriolic opposition against even trying to teach children that abstinence is best, and that those girls (and boys) who wait for marriage will have happier, wealthier, more fulfilled lives.

Happiness IS important; and those who live by conservative values are significantly happier than those who live by liberal views.

One thing needs to be specifically mentioned: Bristol, unlike many girls in similar circumstances, had enough confidence in her parents to tell them she was pregnant.  And the Palin family, true to its values, chose life for the little baby when it would have been a lot easier to quietly “make the problem go away” by an act of abortion.

Finally, the attacks on Sarah, and the attacks on Sarah using Bristol, reveal the fundamental hypocrisy of liberals.  The same biased, liberal media that used Hillary Clinton’s gender as a weapon to undermine her (e.g. her slight tearing up after New Hampshire) are going all-out to destroy Sarah Palin using both her gender and her motherhood against her.  They are cynical liars who will say or do whatever they have to say or do to win, and their attacks are shameful.

My prayers are with Bristol and her admittedly too-young family as they start their lives together.  Fortunately, they have a great family in the Palins’ to help them along.

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