Prediction: Sarah Palin Puts John McCain Over The Top

You’ve probably heard the story: two men on a camping trip suddenly see this terrifying Grizzly Bear come come charging down a hill toward them.  The first guy, seeing the bear coming, calmly starts putting on his shoes.  The second, guy, panic-stricken, says, “You fool!  You can’t run faster than a bear!”  The second finishes tying his shoes, stands up, and says, “I don’t have to run faster than the bear; I just have to run faster than you.”

That, in a nutshell, is the way it is with the so-called “Hillary voters.”  McCain isn’t going to win all of them; he isn’t even going to win most of them.  But he doesn’t have to win most of them; all he has to do is win enough of them.

And Sarah Palin is going to help John McCain win voters he otherwise wouldn’t have won; enough to win in November.

And it’s not just Hillary voters.  These angry liberal women – some of whom pass themselves off as journalists – who say that there is no way that women will support Sarah Palin just because she’s a woman – simply don’t get it.  Women aren’t a monolithic block.  Maybe a few men think that all women are able to telepathically communicate with one another, and a global “girl power” takeover is imminent, but it just aint so (or at least women keep telling me it aint so).  It simply goes without question that John McCain is going to win the votes of millions of Republican women, and I am growing increasingly confident that Sarah Palin is going to draw more and more independent and undecided women as the election draws nearer.

It’s not even just women.  Sarah Palin has hit the Republican Party like a flaming meteor from the heavens.  This smart-as-a-whip, tough-as-nails former beauty queen has taken the party by storm.  There is all kinds of excitement, enthusiasm, and energy created by this incredible women – and a lot of those energized Republicans are men.

Heck, just ask me.  I’m one of them.  I’ve NEVER been this exited about a Vice President.  Dang.  I’ve never even been this exited for a President.

Sarah Palin is going to win more men, too.

Sarah’s speech was one of those phenomenons that had to be seen to be believed.  It’s possible that the liberals’ tactics – despicably going after her as a mother even as they tried to blow away any credibility with charges that she is far to “inexperienced” – are going to backfire.  A lot of viewers – many who may even have watched just to see this woman who had been the subject of so much controversy – are going to realize that Democrats were flat-out wrong about Sarah Palin.  Some boomerangs hit their throwers in the back of the head.

Call me Karnak the Magnificent.  I put the envelope to my head, and the results are in.  Sarah Palin will put John McCain over the top.  He will get a big bounce from the convention – which will have been watched by many more voters than would have watched it if Palin hadn’t been McCain’s choice (and even if she hadn’t been so nastily attacked) – and he will take a lead heading going forward that he will never lose.

It might be a close election; it might not.  Air America says the same thing, but they see their guy winning either way.  I see McCain winning either way.

Democrats should be fearing the chain-dragging ghost of George McGovern.  He too had a lot of energy and excitement; he too had the anti-war vote; he too had a lot of young voters behind him.  And then he got beat so bad that he had the pity of rented mules.  The wheels can fall off the Obama campaign the same way, and an attractive dynamo like Sarah Palin can be the one who unscrews the nuts on those wheels.

Sarah Palin proves that liberals weren’t being honest when they said that the Republican Party marginalized women.  And I think that a lot of women may even see the liberal attack against Sarah Palin as both a woman and as a mother, and plainly see it for what it is.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, will have his own problems.  Throughout the primaries, Obama tended to “over-poll” and “under-perform”; that is to say, he nearly never performed as well in actuality as the polls predicted he would.  And it was usually significant – five to seven points.  I will bet you dollars to donuts that Barack Obama doesn’t do as well as the polls say he will again.

John McCain – who, unlike Barack Obama, abided by his promise to take public financing – may not have as much money.  But as volunteers begin to flood in to sign up for the war, it won’t matter.  Ulitmately, it is a party’s faithful who win or lose elections, and the Republican Party faithful are flooded with enthusiasm right when they need to be.

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