Sarah Palin Makes For Happiest Republican Convention Ever

A few days ago I wrote an article titled, “Sarah Palin: Enter the Happy Conservative Warrior.”  My point was that the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Vice President has unified and energized the party as it has never been in my voting lifetime, right when we need it most.

Now I find that Newt Gingrich has a similar take on recent Republican energy levels:

This was the happiest convention I have attended.

In seven conventions going back to 1984, I have never seen delegates as happy.

I have seen them eager, energized, committed, determined but the underlying mood last night was sheer joy.

There was joy that Senator McCain had had the courage to pick Governor Palin.

There was joy that she and her family had come through the week of attacks smiling and eager to campaign.

There was joy that Governor Palin’s Wednesday night speech completely vindicated Senator McCain’s choice.

There was joy that 37 million Americans had seen her speech. That is almost as many as watched Senator Obama’s acceptance speech (39 million).

There was deep inspiration from Cindy McCains story of adopting a child from Bangladesh and her commitment to the poor and the weak around the world.

There was awe at the film about Senator McCain’s service to country and inspiration from the personal parts of his speech.

There was joy at Roberta McCain saying “he’s a momma’s boy” and admiration for her energy and enthusiasm at 96 (sort of knocks down the age issue).

Finally there was joy that we had nominated two real people of great authenticity to take on the poseurs on the other ticket.

It was appropriate in St. Paul, the city of F. Scott Fitzgerald, that the modern Great Gatsby found himself facing a ticket with a real war hero and a real governor.

Obama’s long voyage of self discovery and posturing may be about to collide with a team that can’t be intimidated and is not afraid to tell the truth.

Now that is a cause for joy.

And there IS cause for joy.  There is the joy of rallying behind two candidates we can genuinely support with pride and admiration.

There is the satisfaction of fighting in support of a good and important cause.

If you are a Republican, I urge you to get involved.  Feel the joy; take energy from the energy.  Join the battle.  Serve for the greater good.  Build toward a greater America.  Volunteer to elect McCain-Palin.

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