Hurricane Sarah slams into People’s Republic of Obamaland

In the new poll, taken Friday through Sunday, McCain leads Obama by 54%-44% among those seen as most likely to vote. The survey of 1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters, has a margin of error of +/— 3 points for both samples.

National political weather alert: Hurricane Sarah slammed into the People’s Republic of Obamaland with devastating magnitude this week.  The illusory fortifications intended to keep the P.R.O.P. safe have been completely washed away, it was reported.

None of the political weather experts seemed to see Hurricane Sarah coming.  Many had trivialized what has since been revealed to be an incredibly powerful phenomenon as little more than a puff of blowing wind coming from a blow hard front.  Many Obamaland experts are still dismissing Hurricane Sarah as nothing to be taken seriously.

The Great Leader of Obamaland has sent out the Party High Priestess and other feminist acolytes to reassure the masses that Hurricane Sarah in no way represents either women’s advancement or women’s values.  The official Party religion requires devout Obama followers to shun Sarah or suffer excommunication.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Sarah continues to wreak havoc throughout Obamaland.

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13 Responses to “Hurricane Sarah slams into People’s Republic of Obamaland”

  1. Concerned in South-West GA Says:

    Michael, what happened? We only got the news minutes ago. You know it’s mostly very small-town country in our neck of the woods and this keyboard business is a new thing here but I got to hurry to get it to you. What is the latest on Hurricane Sarah? How did it happen to strike without warning? Are they having casualties? Did most get to evacuate before it struck? Please, it must be awful for those poor people. Keep us posted, please will you Michael.

  2. Old Tennessee Says:

    Michael we just heard about Hurricane Sarah from a friend in Georgia. How is it possible that this could be allowed to happen? The Volunteer State [you know why we are called that?] well we think it is awful. And we are very capital P Proud people you know; in Tennessee everyone is Proud. Who is accepting the blame? Someone must and we don’t quite believe the story that President Bush can be blamed for everything. Folks say he has been blamed for the pink canary that ate the catfish and the cat that fell into the pond while trying to catch the pink canary and for the ingrown toenails on the family poodle but surely someone must have known Hurricane Sarah is [or was] coming. Please keep us in formed of casualties.

  3. Mailman Sowega Says:

    Shucks Michael! My telephone line is red hot from all the calls about Hurricane Sarah! Red Hot I am telling you. Do you have anything new on the situation? People called and said Joe Biden may be in harms way because he was traveling in the area. Please find out whether Joe managed to get out. Joe’s always been a good man and doesn’t deserve to go this way. Other Folks are saying Oprah may be lost there. She was, seems that’s what they say, on one of her “Dance the Happy Dance” show tours. Find out about Oprah please and keep us posted!

  4. Old Georgia Says:

    Michael, please give us an update on Hurricane Sarah in Obamaland as right now. It’s too awful what we hear. Is that not where they have this Messiah Fellow? Couldn’t he just blow any hurricane back out to sea? They tell he was the first to walk on water so he ought to be able to handle the situation. Apparently He was down there on a surge when Sarah struck. Poor guy, I hope He gets out of harms way before there is a resurge taking him right across the ocean. Have you got any news on casualties yet?

  5. Old Tennessee Says:

    Michael, it’s me again. Sorry to bother but everyone is calling me and you reported the incident. I want to give it to them from the horse’s mouth you know. We hear rumor the Messiah has been swept out to sea. Is there any truth in this? They are saying Plouffe, Pfeiffer and Bill Burton are out to try rescuing him. Some are even saying Bill Kristol is on the line to General Colin Powell for an endorsement to declare a National Disaster. What will those poor people do without their Messiah? It can develop into an International disaster. I shall remain close to the radio for news. We are very proud of you Michael. We are always very proud [capital P Proud] in Tennessee.

  6. Sowega Mail Assistant Says:

    Our mailman is out handling the crisis and I am doing the best I can. Rumors have it that Hurricane Sarah is a lot fiercer than anyone ever seen. They say it has never been like this and McCain must step in. He remains the cool calmer as we know he can when he must but maybe it is time for the old warrior to take charge. Is there any news on this point?

  7. Plouffe and Pfeiffer Says:

    We are proud to announce that Senator Obama is making 66 million smackers [yes folks a cool sixty six million] from his August cash-flow available to fight Hurricane Sarah and support all suffering victims in Obamaland. You know the Senator was busy preparing a new speech for Brandenburg Germany when the news came that Hurricane Sarah virtually exploded out of nowhere. We say again it is time to change. The country cannot afford “four more years of the same” whatever that may mean to anyone but it is a good slogan to catch sheep [you all forthwith stop asking what change, will you?]. Hence from now on the only theme and issue in this election we will focus on is catching sheep because that is the only business we are engaged in; other trivial matters such as war, economic woes, gasoline prices and Poll Statistics are meaningless and will no longer be relevant. No more rotting fish in old paper or lipstick talk please. But Lovely Scarlet will remain email consultant for the Senator in Hollywood. She knows how to use a keyboard … well a keyboard amongst other things.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    It is rather amazing that a guy claiming the country is in economic shambles is raking in more money than any politician in history. How do all these financially-oppressed people give so much, when they are having to choose between medicine or food? It’s really kind of hypocritical, when you think about it.

    It is also amazing that the guy who promises to bring change is doing just that – no politician in history ever made MONEY a bigger issue in politics. The influence of money is going to be more of a problem than its ever been in this country’s history – thanks to Obama.

    When Obama quits talking about McCain’s “100 years in Iraq” statement, when he stops talking about the 7 houses that Cindy owns, when he stops talking about the $5 million joke McCain made, we can talk about the lipstick stuff.

    Issues are important for ME, and that’s why I’m voting for McCain-Palin!!!

  9. Michael Eden Says:

    Unfortunately, I’m reading/resonding to comments in inverse order.

    It appears to be pretty sad for Obamaland. Hurricane Sarah continues to grow in force and power, and the rhetoric-based solutions to the crisis just don’t seem to be solving the emergencies. There are a lot of power outages in Obamaland, as belief in “The Great Obama” declines.

    Hurricane Sarah now has its epicenter in Ohio/Pennsylvania – and when she touches down, the “bitterness” that “The Great Obama” heralded seems to turn to cheers.

    I never thought I would be so excited and energized by a Vice President. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

    It’s like someone painted “Sarah Palin” on an atomic bomb and dropped it on Obamaland!!!

  10. Where is Michael Moore? Says:

    What do you make of Him? That’s a question to Michael Eden. I will tell you what I think by referring to British Statesman Prime Minister Disraeli who was asked at one time whether he would explain the difference between a misfortune and calamity. Disraeli, known for his wit and ongoing disagreements with his foe and contemporary Gladstone said: “Well, if Gladstone were to fall into the Thames during a flood that would be a misfortune; on the other hand if someone were to rescue him it would be a calamity.” My view: if Hurricane Sarah or any other hurricane were to suck Michael Moore thirty miles high up into the sky and drop him it would be a calamity. If someone had given him a parachute beforehand it would be a disaster.”

  11. Michael Eden Says:

    That is very funny! You make me wish I’d enabled emoticons for the first time.

    Moore is the worst kind of stupid. I don’t doubt that he has a high IQ, but he is so perverted in his core – and so radically committed to a false (and ultimately idiotic) view of the world, that he has literally made himself stupid by a sheer act of will.

    He is an ideologue of the very worst kind. His “documentaries” are blatant propaganda, and he is a mean-spirited bully who deliberately misrepresents people in order to hurt them. He needs to go to Cuba and live the glorious life of a typical have-nothing for a few decades.

    I am so looking forward to seeing, “An American Carol” just to see the Michael Moore archetype get flogged for an hour and a half.

  12. WeatherMan Says:

    I hear FoxNews reports that Lynn Forester de Rothschild until recently a big Hillary Fundraiser [and one time gleefully applauded by Plouffe, Pfeiffer, Burton and associates for her unwavering faith] has announced her support for McCain. Apparently she feels Obama is too arrogant towards average Americans. What is happening with Oprah? Is she still dancing the Happy Dance? Woe America if she does not survive Hurricane Sarah!

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    Yeah, isn’t that GREAT?

    And her reasons are spot on. She points out that Obama has NEVER reached out past his far left liberal base, has never done anything, and doesn’t have the experience or judgment to be President. That in addition to disliking his arrogance.

    I’m proud of Democrats like Lynn, who refuse to drink their party’s Kool-Aid (“Fool-Aid”?) and renounce the worst candidate ever considered for high office.

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