Was Sarah Palin choice an act of political cowardice, or the boldest move in political history?

Liberals and conservatives seem to disagree on dang near everything these days.  So it should come as no surprise that they would differ on the choice of Gov. Sarah Palin for Vice President.

Liberals such as editorialist Cynthia Tucker and chief Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod claim that John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin was nothing more than an act of political cowardice; a man knuckling under to the extreme right wing of his own party:

Cynthia Tucker:

Don’t be fooled by Palin. She’s just a fresh face to rev up the culture wars. She opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest; she urged an Alaska librarian to ban books; she believes “creationism” should be taught in public schools; she asked ministry students at her former church to pray for a plan to build a $30 billion natural gas pipeline in the state, calling it “God’s will.” In choosing her, McCain caved in to the rigid Christianists who now form the core of the GOP.

Still, his gamble could well pay off. Even in a year when voters say they agree with Democrats on most issues, the polls still show the presidential contenders virtually tied. It’s a very close race.

David Axelrod:

AXELROD: John McCain, we’re told, wanted to pick Joe Lieberman, wanted to pick Tom Ridge. The right wing of his party ran him off of that. And she came in late in the game and no one really knows ….

WALLACE: Now, David, McCain and Palin do have records of going up against their own parties. When has Barack Obama ever gone up against the Democratic Party in the U.S. Senate?

AXELROD: Well, first of all, let me say this, Chris. Senator McCain on the biggest decision that he’ll ever make in public life, which is the choice of a vice presidential nominee, decided not to go up against his own party, was told he couldn’t pick the person he apparently thought was the best choice, and he went with Governor Palin instead. So I think that’s important to note.

As I conservative, I believe that the choice of Sarah Palin was the gutsiest political move of John McCain’s entire career.  This was a woman that almost no one was talking about.  She wasn’t “inside” the high profile political establishment.  With the exception of Bill Krystol, almost none of the political spinners were even discussing her as a real possibility.

In the high-stakes game of his life, John McCain didn’t play a safe card, such as a Mitt Romney, a Mike Huckabee, a Rudy Guliani, or even a Tim Pawlenty; he drew a wildcard.

It was Barack Obama who blinked, and drew a safe card, an inside the beltway politician who was in the Senate when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

Barack Obama spokesman David Axelrod essentially is claiming that he somehow was privvy to the most inside knowledge of the Republican strategy machine – and claims that poor, weak John McCain was bullied into submission into abandoning his own choices (which he somehow knows via mind reading was Joe Lieberman) – and knuckling under to the machine’s pick.

Pardon me for pointing out that Axelrod is a liar without shame.  He has no right to state that John McCain wanted anyone other than Palin; nor does he have a right to state what the “right wing” of the Republican Party wanted.  He is privvy to the interior workings of neither.

As for the Christian-hating witch, Cynthia Tucker, she is now a documented liar without shame.  She did NOT try to ban books, nor did she push for teaching creationism in Alaska schools.  Newseek categorically states both claims are absolutely false.

Fortunately, the American people are already coming to believe that both the Democratic Party and the media are lying about Sarah Palin.  After all their dismissals and attacks, she went out on the biggest night of her life and soared above them like an eagle above rodents.

If you truly believe that Sarah Palin for Vice President is cowardly, then vote for Obama.  If you believe that her selection was gutsy, then vote for McCain and vote AGAINST the people who continue to wildly throw one slimeball after another.

She was a bold choice, and she has proven the wisdom of a lifelong Maverick.

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