Charles Rangel Too Dumb, Or Too Corrupt, To Follow Own Tax Laws?

I suppose we’ve finally got the properly sarcastic retort to the now very tired Democratic charge that John McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns:  “John McCain doesn’t actually own ANY houses,  thank you; and at least his wife, who does own them, pays taxes on them.  And she’s not even the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.”

What do you say to a Democratic Party who gives Republicans moral lecture after moral lecture that a good government is a government that heavily taxes its rich citizens – and that the rich “have a duty to pay their fair share” – whose own House Ways and Means Committee Chairman in charge of tax laws doesn’t bother to follow his own laws or pay his own fair share?

You say they’re the worst kind of hypocrites.  And if you’re smart, you say “No, thanks” to more of the same with your vote this November.

Charles Rangel is your typical Democrat: he’s far more concerned with the splinter in Republicans’ eyes than he is with the log in his own eye.

Charles Rangel joins his good buddy on the Ways and Means Committee, William Jefferson, who was discovered to have innocently misplaced $90,000 in his freezer a few years ago.  He is still proudly serving his district, and plans to run for re-election this year as his case continues to crawl its “ways and means” through the criminal justice system.  Rangel innocently forgot to follow his own laws and pay taxes on his income; Jefferson just-as-innocently left ninety grand of bribe money in his freezer.

I know, I know.  Being caught with $90,000 in your freezer doesn’t mean anything.  Half the houses on your block probably have $90,000 in the freezer.  Heck, I’d better check my own freezer; I’ll bet I’ve got at least $90,000 in there somewhere.

Ah, yes, I still remember the glorious day that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made one of her typical smarmy, pompous, self-righteous, over-the-top, flies-in-the-face-of-the-all-reality sort of statements that has come to characterize her Party when she said, ““Democrats are leading the effort to turn the most closed, corrupt Congress in history into the most open and honest Congress in history.” She liked the ring of that so much she said it again and again with varying iterations. “The Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history.”

Change you can believe in.

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