Obama’s Lipstick-Wearing Pig Makes First Appearance

“I’ve been instructed by Obama campaign officials to state categorically that I have nothing whatsoever to do with Sarah Palin.  My name is Tarah Malin, NOT Sarah Palin.”

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6 Responses to “Obama’s Lipstick-Wearing Pig Makes First Appearance”

  1. kingdom media Says:

    McCain has become quite the politician since he got his party’s nomination… he has proven time and again that his strategy for winning is based on personal attacks and distracting people from the main issues

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Barack Obama has three times recently deliberately distorted McCain and then attacked his distorted caricature.

    When McCain said we might be in Iraq for 100 years, he in the very same breath compared such a stay in Iraq to the 60+ years we’ve been in Japan and Germany. But Obama lied about McCain and portrayed him as a man who is determined to stay at war in Iraq forever.

    When McCain said he’d have his staff get back to a politico reporter who asked how many houses he and his wife own, Obama fallaciously misrepresented John McCain (who doesn’t even own a house; his wife owns them in various trusts, and a prenup agreement means they are NOT his homes) into some guy who is so rich and out of touch he doesn’t even know how many houses he owns.

    And the definition of “rich” – McCain jokingly said $5 million, said, “But… seriously,” and stated that it would be “distorted.” And it was, by an Obama who turned it into another personal attack.

    Obama used racism against McCain, claiming that McCain (who’s done no such thing) would use Obama’s race against him. That itself is a racist attack.

    On and on…

    So someone like you says some incredibly trivially stupid thing, and I just roll my eyes.

    Why don’t you go take care of the LOG in Obama’s eye before you confront the speck in McCain’s?

  3. Old Tennessee Says:

    Do let me have a go at this Kingdom Media guy please Michael.

    Firstly my dear good Sir, you are busy with the same old “more of the same story” as your beloved Messiah. Do mind tell us where, when and how McCain “has proven time and again” [your words] what you say. Take your time [you all have keyboards I note and know how to use them and are now making a real big issue that McCain doesn’t know about email and keyboards] [that according to the Chosen One and Plouffe and another guy name Pfeiffer, another spokesman for the Messiah, to them is a real big issue] well take your time on the keyboard and send it all in here so we can debate all this stuff you refer to.

    OK you won’t. Then I want to take a few of the Chosen One’s main issues. First [to me His only ever] justification [in His eyes] for seeking the Presidency was this “horrible war” that He “had opposed from day one” whilst the truth is that nobody asked Him for His approval because that was long before He entered the Senate. Since then He has recanted and admitted the surge [which He did oppose because by then He was in the Senate] has been a greater success than in the Wildest Dreams of His Father. And He has now also admitted [when He was forced to admit] that Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan represent a threat to America and the World.

    Just one more, I beg your indulgence good Sir, He the Chosen One made a big deal about energy and called McCain’s goodwill offer of a small gasoline tax break a gimmick [when just about everyone including Hillary said yes] and when McCain said lets drill for own oil the Chosen One opposed, said it would take ten years or something to have any effect. You know what, the moment those OPEC fellows heard McCain was serious, they dropped crude prices and it is still plummeting. It was the shortest ten years ever in ‘’living history’’ if you will forgive me the reference to Hillary’s ego trip.

    You know they have a saying about Him in Germany after He made an ass of his Holy Self asking to speak at Brandenburg [which they flatly denied Him] well the Germans say:

    Osama: bin Laden. Obama: bin Empty.

    Enough for now thanks Michael, but if this Messiah deciple would like to enter into a debate I would welcome the opportunity to take him on.

    You are doing sterling word. Keep at it!

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks, Old Tennessee (boy, does that ever sound like a name for a tasty bourbon).

    Blogging necessitates doing a lot of mud wrestling with people on the other side of the sanity fence. It’s nice to be able to tag team them.

  5. Kingdom Media Invitation Says:

    Dear Michael I came across this and wonder if you would mind placing it for the Kingdom Media Folks.

    Obama’s Kingdom Special: Come visit: For all Supporters

    Open Invitation 2 the Magic Kingdom of 11 Corners USAAA!

    You will find Eleven Corners in the middle of the 57 States where Four Corners used to be before Iraq. Iran. Libya, Liberia, Darfur, Kenya and Zimbabwe came in as Peace States. Ocean Front International Hotel, yacht basin with daily cruises to Freedom Island just of the Coast. Free Spa, no gasoline taxes [in fact, gasoline comes free with as many Darfuries, Margaritas or Kool-Aid as you want]. Balmy weather, palm lined walkways, no war, illness or strife, just love, love and more love, plus, of course, Peace for ever and all. Come stay for free and meet Muamar Gadaffi and Cousin Odinga from Kenya [or all of them seven new friend States]. Whenever you wish! Free Airport transit is included. Your hosts are, of course, Emperor Obama [the great Former President of US of A] and Michelle, with regular shows by Oprah and the Clinton Duet. Come and enjoy; home was never as good as this!

    All you have to do to qualify for your free visit is answer the following question correctly: “What is the difference between Obama 2008 and the Magic Kingdom of US of AAA?” If you really don’t know, use this clue: [the Magic Kingdom above is for real] but don’t tell anyone!

    Thanks my man. They will enjoy a visit.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    And – as an additional selling point – Obama’s Campaign Pig will be at the opening event, signing autographs!!!

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