Obama Throws ‘New Politics’, ‘Change’ Aside To Focus On Attacks

Don’t you love to say, “I told you so”?

Obama used to dish out the Kool-Aid that he was a “new candidate” offering a “new politics” of “hope” and “change.”  And his believers swallowed it by the gallon.  Why, Barack Obama – who has literally replaced Jesus Christ as the central figure of history – can do no wrong, and it is only Republicans who would stoop to doing anything negative.

Everyone else looked back at the cynical way he wiped Alice Palmer – who would have crushed him in a fair election – off the ballot (along with every other Democrat in the election).  And we remembered that the same guy had earlier been fighting to keep every voter ON the ballot even if there was a good chance that the “voter” was fraudulent.

Obama also knows how to play hardball in other ways:

Last month, the Tribune finally admitted that it was Axelrod and the Obama campaign that brought pressure on the press to demand the unsealing of M. Blair Hull divorce records, which had had their contents leaked to media outlets by the Obama campaign even earlier. The Obama campaign also helped orchestrate a demonstration by women’s groups demanding Hull’s withdrawal from the race. Coincidentally, this was the same weekend Obama’s first commercials hit the airwaves. Interestingly (or maybe not), the same exact thing happened to another of his rivals–Jack Ryan. Certainly gives one pause.

But while Obama’s team had the personal records of his opponents unsealed, he has managed to keep records that link him to terrorist William Ayers from the University of Illinois sealed.  It’s nice to be a liberal and have a bunch of liberal friends in elite circles.

Obama race-baited John McCain, just as he had done earlier against Bill Clinton.  It’s little wonder that Bill Clinton said that Barack Obama “has the political instincts of a Chicago thug.”

But Bararck Obama has always had that Kool-Aid that creates hallucinations of “Taste Barack; he’s wonderful!  He’s a new politician who’ll end the divissiveness and bring hope and change!”

So I see articles like this one titled, “Obama, feeling heat from McCain, hits back hard,” and just roll my eyes.  The gloves are off, Obama tells us.  But the gloves were never on to begin with.  Obama’s rodent army has used every tactic and trick their rabid little minds could devise from day one.

The story begins this way:

WASHINGTON — Thrown off stride by a hard-charging campaign from Republican rivals John McCain and Sarah Palin, Barack Obama moved Friday to reclaim the spotlight and assure worried supporters that he can and will fight back.

“We will respond with speed and ferocity to John McCain’s attacks and we will take the fight to him,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said in a memo Friday.

“But we will do it on the big issues that matter to the American people. We will not allow John McCain and his band of Karl Rove disciples to make this big election about small things.”

Obama immediately launched a new ad that notably omitted any mention of Palin — an abrupt switch after days of criticizing her.

Of course, they don’t mention Sarah Palin because attacking her has done for the Obama campaign what it did to US Weekly’s subscriptions.  It’s not high-mindedness that keeps Obama from attacking Palin; it’s naked fear that his sagging poll numbers will sag still more.  Apparently Obama is trying to wipe the lipstick of his pig as fast as he can.  Joe Biden, who is also supposed to go out on the attack, is also not touching Palin.

But even in their own rhetoric about rising to meet McCain with attacks that focus on “the big issues” and NEVER the “small things” that “McCain and his band of Karl Rove disciples” use, Obama further underscores how hypocritical he has always been.  The article continues:

The new Obama ad hit McCain hard, ridiculing him as a computer illiterate who doesn’t know how to use e-mail and working to cast the 72-year-old Arizonan as out of touch with ordinary Americans.

At the same time, Obama supporters tried to seize on a comment McCain made the night before at a forum on service in which he defended Palin’s experience as a small-town mayor by saying she was closer to real people than he was in the Senate .

Wow, Obama.  Those are really BIG issues.  And not “small things” at all.  Hypocrites.

Obama personally and deliberately took McCain’s statement about troops being in Iraq for a “hundred years,” when he knew full well that McCain was talking about a safe, long-term occupation in mutual partnership just like the American troop presence in Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

He went after McCain for not knowing he owned seven homes when he knew that McCain didn’t personally own any homes, and that McCain was trying to keep his wife’s legitimate finances out of the campaign.

He deliberately distorted John McCain’s defining the rich as people who made $5 million when he knew McCain had merely offered a joke, and even predicted the comment would be distorted.

So give us your worse, Obama.  You’ve been doing it all along anyway.  And it will help the few independents who don’t yet know it realize that you are the candidate of “hope” and “change” and “new politics” the way “Gangsta Rap” represents “hope” and “change” and “new music.”

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2 Responses to “Obama Throws ‘New Politics’, ‘Change’ Aside To Focus On Attacks”

  1. Oh Well GA Says:

    That’s his real nature. He has nothing to offer. With the war in Iraq going against him and the surge admission, followed by the drop in crude oil prices he has no platform left [not that he ever had any] and now with Hurricane Sarah bearing down on His Exalted Highness he has to follow his true nature. I am truly amazed at what this guy gets away with. He literally taunts America and the old values that made this Country and some people think he is the biggest discovery since melted cheese sandwiches first appeared.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    He now has the economy as his point of demagoguery. His demagoguing failed on the war, and failed on oil, and now he’s moving on to the economy.

    But he is SECOND on the list of 345 politicians who took money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (behind Chris Dodd), and SECOND on the list of politicians who took money from Lehmans Bros. He’s dirty to the core on this.

    It was Obama who “inspired” me to get into blogging. I’ve been outraged since the Jeremiah Wright statements came out. And I just keep getting more and more outraged at this guy.

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