2 Responses to “Liberals Stoop To Lower Low: Publish Palin’s Emails, Pics Of Children, Kids Phone Numbers”

  1. FloBama GA Says:

    I would like to hear Obama on this. His Holiness the Messiah has decreed children and private family matters “off-limits” and that His Campaign will reject any member who does not respect that. Now unless His Exalted Self wishes to tell me that the transgressors are actually Bush Supporters and “four more years of the same” I want him to repudiate and reject the despicable lowlife sewage crawlers responsible for this dirt.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama can always claim that this dirt isn’t part of his campaign, but what he can’t deny is that all these tactics – and they are the lowest, the worst, the most vicious, and the most hateful of all – are coming from HIS SIDE.

    If we empower liberals, we are empowering all of these utterly hateful and despicable degenerates. We are acknowledging that THEIR values are best, and that THEY should be trusted to run things.

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