Rich’s ‘Patriotic Duty’ To Pay More; Other 95% Should Be LESS Patriotic

We’ve heard Obama’s various iterations of “the rich should pay their fair share in taxes” ad naseum.  And now Obama’s running mate Joe Biden – in his own inimitable way – has put the concept into crystal clarity for us: “It’s time [for the rich] to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”

But if paying more taxes is any kind of measure of patriotism – and shouldn’t everybody want to be patriotic? – then why does Barack Obama want the OTHER 95% of Americans to be LESS PATRIOTIC?

This whole “fair share” thing – to a tiny group of people who are ALREADY paying half of the total tax burden – has always been ridiculous, just as it has always amounted to naked class warfare and naked socialistic redistributionism right out of Karl Marx’s playbook.  But hopefully Biden’s description shows just how asinine it truly is.

If you are in the group of 95% of Americans who are supposed to pay less in taxes because of Barack Obama’s plan (which is already weird, considering that 40% of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes as it is), you are acknowledging that other people should be more patriotic, while you should get to be less patriotic.

So vote for Barack Obama, you damn lousy anti-American traitors.

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2 Responses to “Rich’s ‘Patriotic Duty’ To Pay More; Other 95% Should Be LESS Patriotic”

  1. Poor but Proud Small-Towner Says:

    It is nice to have some rich guys around. Way I see it they often became wealthy because they worked [excluding the narcotic traders] and paid taxes whilst paying salaries which in turn create more taxes. I don’t envy or begrudge them their wealth and it would be stupid to hamper them with more taxes. Obama has never done any work in his life to generate work/employment/taxes in any commercial environment. It is missing in his upbringing; he doesn’t grasp what it is all about. Biden is just a little lapdog to bark whenever/whatever Obama tells him to do.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    YES! That is it.

    Obama is falsely attacking McCain as wanting to give big oil companies give aways. He isn’t doing anything special for big oil; rather he wants to lower the overall corporate tax rate, which is currently the second highest in the world. Obama wants to raise that rate big time.

    What happens when corporations taxes go up? Who is really dumb enough to believe that the prices of the items/commodities they produce won’t go up? Their higher taxes will become our higher prices.

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