NBC’s SNL Viciously Mocks Palin As Incest Family From Small Town Alaska

It’s like you can go for a walk anywhere, stomp your foot, and it will land on some hateful liberal cockroach.

Saturday Night Live, a show that is rumored to have been funny before many of us were born, ran a sketch that featured the following dialog:

“What about the husband?” asked a Times reporter during a mock assignment meeting for the paper. “You know he’s doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It’s Alaska.”

The assignment editor for the Times, portrayed by actor James Franco, responded: “He very well could be. Admittedly, there is no evidence of that, but on the other hand, there is no convincing evidence to the contrary. And these are just some of the lingering questions about Governor Palin.”

SNL says that Sarah Palin and her family were not the target:

“Anyone that watched Saturday’s show and believed the skit in which it was suggested that there was incest in the Palin household needs to have [his] head examined,” said Jimenez. “The purpose of the joke (tacky and crude as it was, I did not care for it at all by the way) was to show how out of touch journalists are – not an attack on the Palin household. Sheesh, get a grip!”

But the point is that it is those who don’t know that this was a vicious attack against the Palin family who should be fitted for the strait jacket:

“What if somebody did one with this kind of humor on Obama and his daughters?” asked Jim Cash of Chattanooga, Tenn. “What an uproar there would be. This line of humor is tasteless and moronic and about as low as they could go. There simply must be an uproar over this. We cannot let this just pass.”

Clearly this hateful display of liberal thought backfired.  The sketch somehow didn’t make it to the SNL video clip site, and youtube is apparently taking postings of the clip down as fast as they go up.

Here’s the contact link for NBC.  Why not drop them a line and let them know what degenerate particles of rat filth they are?

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4 Responses to “NBC’s SNL Viciously Mocks Palin As Incest Family From Small Town Alaska”

  1. Old Timer GA Says:

    There are still people in America, believe it or not, who don’t watch SNL or American Idol or Oprah, or much television anyway. I have friends in Americus GA [hunting country, them clinging to guns and religion folks you know] where you sit in the lounge leading of an old large log cabin style kitchen where the ground-up deer meat is in the pot while you sit with a jug of wine talking into the night. The television is sometimes on in the corner but the sound is muted and JoAnne may ask whether she might “turn it up” for me [lately she just smiles and says well if I feel I want to I must just ask but I never ask] and when the deer is done with just the perfect dash of chili Tony puts in there [he does the cooking weekends] then he dishes up for you and we get stuck into that jug. Later Tony asks whether you want another helping while he ladles it into your plate anyway and JoAnn reminds him to check how we are doing on the jug in case he must get the spare one from the refrigerator. Boy!

    FoxNews ran a similar article as Michael and just a few days after they had also run CBC’s Heather Mallick’s porn show on the same lines. I dislike, detest, abhor words, phrases, expressions like “white trash” or “black people” but thought it was ironic when someone wrote into FoxNews saying “if Heather Mallick wants to have a close-up view of white trash she should go stand in front of a full length mirror and have a long look” but I thought of going down to see Tony and JoAnn when I heard of Miss Sarah drawing 60 000 people who just drove sixty and ninety miles to see her and waited five hours to park their cars and afterwards felt uplifted as I felt one cool night getting mildly colder in late fall the day after Tony brought the deer in from the tree.

    You know, these Southern guys go climb up the trees where they each keep his own old auto recliner seat [just cover it with a piece of plastic when they leave] and they sit there with half a jug each, poor deer gets blasted when he walks through underneath and I sometimes wonder when one of them is going to aim a little high and blast his friend in the other tree ten yards off yonder.

    I got side-tracked again as I always do. But it’s much nicer to think about those nights with Tony and JoAnn. I couldn’t get there when I heard the news of the sixty thousand who came to see Miss Sarah but I know if I were with them that night JoAnne would have said “let’s just watch this little bit about Miss Sarah’ but soon as we finished watching the television would be muted again and afterwards on parting at the door I know she would have said “and you know we pray for Miss Sarah, … as we are sure you will too” and I would have gone home, yes and pray our God will be with Miss Sarah. I will not let anyone dictate to me or say I can’t pray for that.

    Maybe we can’t stop the filth on television and in the media but we can resolve that we shall not bow to those who don’t share our value systems and we shall not let America down comes 4th November. Meantime Michael, it’s your job: go after them and get them Boy!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    The refrigerator was a LOT better an invention than the television.

    Television has largely killed intelligent discourse in this country, because its all about the images. Intelligent debate doesn’t “show” well. So we turn the channel.

    Partially because of our TV culture, shock and extreme sells. So the vicious get their voices heard simply because they’re the most vicious, the most stimulating.

    The only thing keeping Republicans from becoming like liberals is religion. It restrains us from “fighting fire with fire.” So conservative photographers DON’T turn Obama into monsters; they DON’T hack into his email, post personal pics, release his children’s cell phone numbers; they DON’T launch vicious attacks claiming incest, etc. just to hurt or destroy innocent people. But they will, because our culture is becoming more toxic. It’s just a matter of time.

    My hope is that by generating outrage, the tactic will fail, and we won’t escalate these politics of personal destruction.

    It sounds like a real nice life in small town Georgia. The liberals who sneeringly call the people who enjoy your wonderful life are the ones who are too ignorant and too warped and perverted to understand what is really most important about life. And they are too arrogant to understand that they don’t understand.

  3. Vivek Golikeri Says:

    While normally I disagree vehemently with this Michael Eden fellow, fair is fair. I too was disgusted by that comment about Sarah Palin’s daughter, and now this wisecrack that her husband might be “doing” their daughters takes it to a new low.

    And Mr. Eden is right that had a white comedian said that about Obama and his daughters, the uproar might have been like a black version of the McCarthy era witchhunts. Michael will probably get on his high horse in response to my post, and claim that the decline of Christianity is behind such conduct. Well, that’s his First Amendment right.

    By the way, that Constitution has been amended and re-interpreted many, many times since his beloved Founding Fathers.

    Much as I reject the overall ethos Palin represents, that doesn’t justify slandering her or attacking her family. Those are gutter tactics. Attacking someone’s ideas or policies is free speech. But attacking their character, or worse still their family, is the level of a worm.

    I hate McCarthyism no matter who does it.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I think that people on BOTH sides of the political divide – and it is a MASSIVE divide – should both realize that the politics of personal destruction, particularly when directed at politicians’ children, is despicable. I just wish the left would get that message. Particularly with Sarah Palin, who has suffered the most evil media attacks in history on a regular basis.

    The Constitution essentially came with the Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments). Since those first ten amendments were ratified by the VERY SAME PEOPLE who ratified the Constitution, they hardly qualify as “re-interpretation.” Rather, they provided clearer statements on specific issues.

    If the left stuck with “amending” the Constitution rather than by “re-interpreting” it, I wouldn’t have any problem. As it is, we might as well use a telephone directory for leftist judges who can find “penumbras and emanations” anywhere they wish to look.

    I’m glad you despise McCarthyism – “no matter who does it”- particularly since Joseph McCarthy followed the example earlier set by Democrat progressives. Read up on FDR’s National Recovery Administration head, Hugh “Iron Pants” Johnson. McCarthy NEVER came CLOSE to being as prone to question the patriotism of his opponents as Johnson. He said what he was doing was “war” and fought as though he was in war, with no sphere of life and no tactic being out of bounds. And when you go back to the Woodrow Wilson era, it was even WORSE.

    It would be a far better country if both sides read their history and realized what should be unacceptable.

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