Media WILL NOT Be Fair To Sarah Palin

Were reporters “banned” from Sarah Palin’s meeting with foreign leaders?  Does this show that Sarah Palin is not ready to stand on her own, and that the McCain campaign is either fearful or has something to hide?  Can Sarah Palin not handle the media?  How about “not.”

Fox News put this “story” into perspective:

The Associated Press and other media outlets reacted with alarm when the McCain camp kept reporters from attending a photo opportunity with Sarah Palin and foreign leaders at the U.N. on Tuesday. AP reporter Sara Kugler wrote that reporters were banned “so as not to risk a question being asked of Palin.”

The McCain camp later relented, but there was no concern by the AP in July when Barack Obama conducted similar closed-door meetings with European leaders.

And by the way, the Center for Responsive Politics reports Kugler donated to the liberal 527 group America Coming Together (ACT) during the 2004 campaign. Kugler gave $342 to the now-defunct voter registration group. ACT closed up shop after being fined $775,000 by the Federal Elections Commission in 2007 for violations of federal campaign finance laws.

So what do we learn?  We learn that the Associated Press reporter who used the loaded term “banned” has a history of supporting the left.  We learn that the McCain-Palin campaign was only asking for similar courtesy from the media that Barack Obama asked for – and received without questions about his competence.  And we learned that the media has no intention of being fair or objective.

I’ve said this before: if the media were just fair, and reported objectively and accurately without constant “editorializing,” I believe the Democratic Party would go the way of the Dodo bird.

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4 Responses to “Media WILL NOT Be Fair To Sarah Palin”

  1. Flobama Says:

    We will have to accept it as a fact that they will not stop attacking Miss Sarah but I am sure she and her family are strong enough to handle it. But the duplicity gets to me; even FoxNews have more than just a few news contributors [“reporters”?] who are not as unbiased as they claim to be. Some of them are not much more than Obamabots in disguise. And the filth they publish is real down low. On the other hand, you try to submit any positive point about President Bush [after all the incumbent] they simply don’t post it. You can re-submit it ten times; they will accept it every time but it won’t be posted. But I still follow them to keep an eye on things for myself. It is always good to read the “other side” and to know the enemy.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Fox News is more fair than any other – but more Fox reporters are Democrats than are Republicans.

    The internet is also dominated by liberals.

    If the media were only objective, Democrats would go the way of the dodo bird.

  3. Dismayed and Disgusted Says:

    I never imagined that journalism could sink to the level revealed in a FoxNews Box on Miss Sarah. See FoxNews: Conservatives Begin Questioning Palin’s Heft by Associated Press Sunday, September 28, 2008. The AP report claims some of the people involved are GOP strategists and one has the temerity to declare herself a “former supporter” to add sarcasm to their filth. This is a blatant effort to destroy Miss Sarah and through her John McCain. I have never been more disgusted in my entire life to witness such an immoral vile abuse of Press Freedom. It really stinks! What makes someone hate so much to do this?

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Yeah. I think the “former supporter’s” name is Kathleen Parker, and I read her frankly dumbass editorial.

    She lost all credibility, IMHO.

    Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that Parker is right, and Sarah Palin was a bad choice for VP. Who but a moron would say that stating that as a fact – which would clearly mean that John McCain made a terrible choice – is the thing to do? If Palin stepped down, is Parker so asinine as to think that everyone wouldn’t KNOW that it was because she was a “bad choice”?

    In other words, Parker is being stupid either way.

    Let’s consider Joe Biden, who in two weeks repeatedly told a crippled man to stand up; and then – after saying that leaders have to understand the world – claimed that FDR came on TV to calm the people when the stock market crashed in 29. FDR was NOT president, and TV did not exist.

    If Palin had sat there drooling through her Couric interview, she would have represented herself about as well as Biden.

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