The Mecca Of Liberal Thought Blacklists Palin Syrah Wine

Liberals love to present themseves as “tolerant” and “intellectual,” providing a forum for different ideas and being open to new experiences.  The fact that it is a gigantic croc of something really putrid is completely irrelevant.

An organic wine from Chile has oenophiles in San Francisco turning up their noses. But there’s nothing wrong with the wine. It’s the name that bothers them:

Palin Syrah.

The wine from a boutique vineyard in Chile was once a strong seller, but now it’s an outcast in the City by the Bay because its name comes way too close to a certain governor from the state of Alaska, says Celine Guillou, co-owner of the Yield Wine Bar.

Palin Syrah — pronounced Pay-LEEN — takes its name from a ball used in a Chilean-style hockey game, and it has been on the bar’s wine list for a while. But sales have plummeted ever since John McCain named Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

The story goes on to say, “Before McCain made his announcement it was selling very well, because it’s an affordable wine and it’s from South America,” Guillou said. “Then he made his announcement and we hear people making comments constantly about the wine.”

And we learn that:

Now that the wine has been unofficially blacklisted by San Franciscans, its place on Yield Wine Bar’s list is threatened. “I think people try to see the humor in it, but we’re in San Francisco, so most of the people we have in I’m going to suspect are fairly liberal. People like to joke about it, but for some people it evokes quite a visceral reaction,” Guillou said.

I really have to hand it to San Fransisco liberals; their intolerance, their ingorance, their hostility, and their never-ending ability to put “visceral reactions” ahead of reality time and time again never ceases to amaze me.  I mean, you think, “They can’t all be completely crazy, can they?”  Oh, yes they can.

Hey, conservatives, think like liberals: don’t let your children play with blocks, because it sounds too much like ‘Barack.’

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2 Responses to “The Mecca Of Liberal Thought Blacklists Palin Syrah Wine”

  1. Give us some of that wine please! Says:

    I don’t know where or how you get or dig for your facts but this is good. FoxNews also ran a story on the wine but just the normal gossip journalism [as usual] and nobody even bothered to dig for the facts. Instead of doing that they indeed presented it with a slant to slander Sarah Palin. They must have egg all over the face after your article. Good for you Michael!

    I am getting to be quite a Michael Eden fan and I hope more people stumble into your columns; as was my good fortune some few weeks ago. And the true story is a delight for a wine drinking man! Some of the greatest wines have stories; in fact every wine has a story; the guy who makes it often has a story; and of course, the guy who drinks it is often the best story. There is a saying I read long time ago which said something like “Wine is the nectar of the gods, it maketh glad the heart of man.”

    I shall offer you another piece of personal wisdom [my very own – no plagiarism unless some other wine drinker said so when he was enjoying his glass in which case I shall ditto; after all I can’t be the only sage]. You know the best place and time for a good glass of wine? Simple: any place anytime. Throw in a succulent piece of Missouri hog and young corn off the cob around a wood fire! And of course, mature company to share a glass. Wow!

    Keep it up and get us some of that Palin stuff!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll drink to all that!

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