Democrats Rush To Embrace Trickle Down Theory

You have probably heard the concept of “trickle down economics” get ridiculed by Democrats.  They’re not ridiculing it now; in fact, they are embracing it.

Why are we “bailing out” so many financial entities dealing in bad mortgage debts?

Because – as is widely recognized – if we don’t, capital will stall as investors play it safe and protect their money.  Loans will dry up, interests will go up, and people will start losing jobs.

In other words, if we don’t help the big money players, the effect will soon “trickle down” to the average Joe.

Why aren’t Democrats talking about “bottom up” economics – in which we give the $700 billion bailout dollars to the American people instead of the finance markets?  Do you notice that no one in a position of actual responsibility is talking about that?

It appears that the wisdom of Republican trickle down economics has been officially confirmed – by Democrats.

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2 Responses to “Democrats Rush To Embrace Trickle Down Theory”

  1. From Memory Says:

    Democrats first embraced the “trickle down” into their back-pocket economic philosophy when Hillary turned her one thousand dollars into one hundred thousand dollars “in a rather short space of time” [her own words to that effect] and thus revealed her understanding of financial wisdom and acumen. I tried to tell her at the time that someone else [maybe 99 other poor old ladies] lost one thousand each to provide her with the “profit” but she never responded. Instead Bill jumped to her defense in his book to explain that she did not in fact pocket the whole one hundred because she had paid some of it in commissions to the brokers. So much for ethics!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Oh, you’re so right. They seemed pretty willing to play “trickle down” when Jim Johnson, Franklin Raines and one other Dem whose name escapes me walked away from Fannie Mae with over $300 million, too.

    They take money EVERY bit as much as the worst Republicans, but they hypocritically talk about how much they care about the poor, like the pandering demagogues they are.

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