Nancy Pelosi Partisan Attack Caused Republican Bailout Revolt

Nancy Pelosi is a partisan ideologue shrew to her very core.  She just can’t help herself.

Even as she demanded that 100 Republicans in the House join her in a bipartisan effort, she viciously attacked Republicans and blamed them for pretty much everything.  She’s out saying, “The — what we have now is a manmade disaster, a disaster that sprang — comes from the Bush failed policies, the failure of the Bush administrations to steward our economy in a responsible way.”  And she’s ostensibly calling for bipartisan cooperation?  I don’t know any other way to put it: Screw her.

The GOP House leaders just had a press conference.  House Minority leader John Boehner pointedly stated that Nancy Pelosis’s partisan speech poisoned the Republican conference.  And House Minority WHIP Eric Cantor – holding a copy of Pelosi’s prissy little tirade – flat out stated that the reason the bipartisan effort failed was due entirely to Pelosi’s partisan rant.  You just don’t do that when you need the other side.

Republicans said they were on the verge of having the votes to pass the thing.  And then Nancy Pelosi opened her poisonous mouth and put political ideology ahead of the interests of the nation.

Some 93 Democrats – 40% of the Democrats in the House – voted against the bill.  This is a clear failure of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership.  She is the most failed House Majority Leader of the most failed Congress in History.

what are you going to do the next time you need Republicans’ cooperation to pass important legislation, Nancy?  Insult their mommas?

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4 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi Partisan Attack Caused Republican Bailout Revolt”

  1. Old-Timer GA Says:

    Various other Websites, blogs and organizations are saying or suggesting that we expose what they all call “the truth about Obama.” Maybe it is time to give him the Presidency and let him expose Himself.

    Though I admire President Bush for the truth in his speech to the Nation, for his efforts to save the two doomed institutions in a bi-partisan effort, and though I admire McCain for trying to assist towards this end, maybe it is time to give the Presidency to Wonder Boy. Maybe it is not the time for a Republican to seek the Presidency right now because no human effort can stop the country from going into an ugly recession unless you stop the root causes first. These are greed and corruption and Obama and his Party are up to their eyeballs in it; nobody can protect the greedy against their own greed or the crook against his thievery. In a way I agree with the Republicans who refused to be part of the Pelosi fiasco. If voters cannot see the difference they deserve Pelosi and Harry Reid too

    Obama will try to blame it on Bush because he blames everything on Bush but the truth is Obama and the Democrats are part of the problem [an enormous part in fact] and not part of the solution. If the voter can’t see that he deserves an Obama Presidency and the inevitable failure of his rhetorical promises/solutions.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Part of me agrees with you. If Obama is elected to the White House, with Democrats over the Congress, we will have a landslide Republican victory in two years, and dump Obama in four. And sometimes its best to let your opponent reveal just how corrupt and incompetent he really is.

    But I also realized this (and you do in your last para); that Dems have an endless capacity to blame and demagogue, and a media that is determined to spread the liberal gospel. If they got into power, they would blame Republicans for future problems for years to come.

    The real problem isn’t the Democrats; its the American people. As we become bad people, we will want bad things, and we will be more willing to believe lies. A good people would reject liberals, and reject the lying liberal media.

    I always begin my prayer for our country with, “Lord, PLEASE don’t give us the leaders we deserve.” But ultimately, we will get the leaders and media we deserve.

  3. moses Says:

    americans grow up! obama going to be around for 8years only as president that is! well i wouldn’t mind you screwing up your country and possibly israel! but blame it on americans

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    My view is that Obama will be voted out in four years – and viewed as the worst president in American history on top of being voted out.

    As someone who despises America and Israel, I can readily understand why you’d want Obama around for 8 years.

    When America goes down the drain – and I agree with you it probably will – liberty and freedom will suffer around the world as no one steps up to stand for them. At least until Antichrist comes – just before you see true hell on earth.

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