Children Sing Praises To Dear Leader Obama

In North Korea, Kim Jung Il has led his nation to disaster.  Two million have starved to death during the past ten years.  Preschool children in North Korea were up to 5 inches shorter and up to 14 pounds lighter than children who were brought up in South Korea, and adults in the North are 3 inches shorter than adults in South Korea.  prisoners.  And flying over North Korea at night is like flying over a country in the Dark Ages.

There is a spirit of fear and paranoia.  There are as many as a million North Koreans are being held in gulags for political prisoners.

But none of that matters.  North Koreans still live under the yoke of propaganda devoted entirely to the personality cult of Kim Jung Il.  He is revered as “Dear Leader” among his people, who can know nothing but what they are taught to know.  A picture of Dear Leader is prominently displayed in every building and every home.  Some even worship him.

I remember when the last real famine hit North Korea.  Dianne Sawyer was able to visit this black hole of human misery.  The world – and particularly the United States – provided food aid.  But the packages of food were swiftly re-labeled, and guess who the people gratefully bowed their heads to and humbly thanked for their sustenance?

I imagine that many North Korean children sing praises to their Dear Leader.

And many children are singing the praises of our Dear Leader, as well.

“We’re gonna spread happiness! We’re gonna spread freeeeedom! Obama’s gonna change it, Obama’s gonna lead ’em…”

There are whole choirs of exploited five and six year olds singing Obama’s praises.

We used to view government as providing for the common defense, building infrastructure, and staying out of the peoples’ way as much as possible.  Not any more.  Now government’s job – as epitomized in the person of our Dear Leader Barack Obama – is to bring us happiness.

Our children used to be taught that it was the Truth – as epitomized by Jesus Christ the Son of God – that gave us freedom (John 8:31-36).  Now children sing the praises of a new and very different messiah.

Watching children sing the praises of Barack Obama just creeps me out on a viceral level.  Because I remember when I was a child.  Somehow, I was never encouraged – even once – to ever sing the praises of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, or even the great Ronald Reagan.  Somehow that’s different now.  Something frightening has happened.

I look at this glassy-eyed little girl singing about how happiness and freedom are somehow bound up in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, and I wonder: what if he loses the election?  Is happiness and freedom dead?

May God protect us as the same sort of Stalinist media that dominates North Korea begins to dominate our culture as well, and as the same cult of personality that has taken over there begins to take over here, as well.

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11 Responses to “Children Sing Praises To Dear Leader Obama”

  1. jonolan Says:

    If elected, Obama will control the Federal Education Funds. I would expect such things to be made mandatory.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Someone interested can use my search engine and type Obama Messiah. The man has on many occasions manifested a messianic self-identity. I’ve hardly caught them all. And I’ve never seen anything like it.

  3. jonolan Says:

    I’m actually unsure if Obama has a messianic self-identity – beyond the “I have the answer,” which is normal for a POTUS candidate. I think a lot of this is being placed on him by his own constituents and followers.

    I will actually feel sorry for him as well as America if he’s elected. Much like MLK he is no longer a man but a symbol.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m not going to say I’m “sure” of it, but there’s a whole bunch of stuff out there.

    You mention the word symbol: Obama did too:
    I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

    That ranks high on my creep-out-meter.

    He also had his “Great Seal” fiasco that ABC called “The Audacity of Hype”

    When he wanted to have his political event at the Brandenburg Gate, German Chancellor Merkel said, “No German politician would even think to use the National Mall for a rally.”

    And the media has repeatedly ran articles describing the stunning arrogance of the Obama campaign:

    So, yeah. I think the man has a level of personal arrogance that is shocking. And that his campaign and his followers reflect that.

    The very fact that Obama – who is one of the youngest and certainly the most inexperienced candidates for President in history – is another factoid to consider. Not many people would think they should run the world with so little life experience.

  5. Old Geogi Says:

    You may rightly say that maybe I have a hang-up about Time Magazine but I can’t help it, and they are at it again in the September 29 edition singing the praises of Obama the great Oracle Messiah who will lead the world to everlasting happiness. The whole darn issue this time is full of Obama.

    And if you bear in mind how wide the influence of the Time Connections go you must be concerned, or get sick in the pit of the stomach as I do. The way they are building this rotten stinker into a cult is sickening.

    Don’t be surprised if what you say becomes a reality in American Schools; it is how they do things in the Land of His Fathers.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Oh, I am sick in the pit of my stomach. The media is the manifestation of everything that the communist hunters of the 50s and 60s (including Robert Kennedy) tried to destroy. The media is – like we feared the communists were doing – serving as the fifth column to carry on a frankly anti-American and anti-everything that is good and noble and true agenda.

    Totalitarianism comes from the left. NAZI is an acronym for the “SOCIALIST German Workers’ Pary; the USSR stood for “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.” The spirit of totalitarianism is in the lefts’ DNA.

    Conservatives – who are so often blamed for being nazis and fascists – are unable to become the boogeymen because of their commitment to smaller government. It is the big government liberals who will bring the fascist Nazi totalitarian regime to us. All they lack is the power to enforce their will. They already have judges who will interpret the Constitution and its principles any damn way they want.

    So hide your children. Don’t let them become glassy-eyed Obama robots. That’s what a lot of union teachers in public schools want to turn them into.

  7. MackinGeorgia Says:

    I want to throw another angle in here today to invite Comment and ask Mac from Alaska to take it up too.

    Obama’s Muslim Religion does not worry or concern me. I think it has been established that amongst the masses in all great religions you find that by far the greatest percentage of people are everyday folks who concern themselves with earning their daily bread, raising children … everything most Christians do every day. Most people of all the great religions are in this group; living peacefully [or want to] with the neighbor and keep to the affairs in their own lives.

    What does worry me about Obama’s Faith is that he is a Fanatic. For all his denials and his recent Christianity [I don’t buy the story about him suddenly being a Christian] [someone else once remarked that he had picked it up at a hotdog stall in North Carolina] [his books; his admiration for Farakhan in his books] inside the man Obama [behind that brooding external calm face] hides the soul of an African Muslim Fanatic.

    That scares me! This guy shows in everything he does that he wants much more than the Presidency. He needs the Presidency for one sole purpose, which is not to assist the poor, or solve the problems of the ordinary folk. It is to become the Supreme Icon Deity of all times. He has studied Gandhi; he has said he admires Nelson Mandela [in fact he calls him an Icon and they have visited each other] all these things plus the fact that he hides them so well, tell me Obama wants to be deity expressed in becoming his combination of Gandhi/Mandela/Messiah. That has been attempted in Africa [the old fraud Mandela has succeeded to some extent] but never anywhere near the scale of greatness Obama desires to be. He wants nothing less immortality.

    Don’t take this last bit as nonsense; in a recent report Jeremiah Wright of all people has been quoted as having said “that although he’s known Obama for 30 years, he only recently became aware of how extreme the senator’s viewpoints were”.

    Obama is not purely a Liberal; he is not purely a Muslim; he is not purely any single thing but an extreme Radical Anarchist in a suit. And that is the change he really intends for Washington but does not tell anyone. Take note: the guys who piloted those 911 planes were not savages in every day life. The guys who blew up trains and subways in London few years back were not savages; eventually the British counted 47 qualified medical doctors amongst the bunch they prosecuted and convicted.

    These guys all had one outstanding common trait. They were Muslim Fanatics, same as Obama! That scares me! Fanatics are dangerous in any religion [make no mistake, we have a few under the cloak of Christianity too] but an African Muslim Fanatic, and on top of that a lawyer/politician from Chicago, I don’t want him living next to me, leave alone in a position where he can make/break/interpret laws affecting my life or the lives of my loved ones.

    No Sir!

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    I haven’t been one to portray Obama as a Muslim (although I DID point out a few connections, and laughed at his “my Muslim faith” line on This Week that required Stephanopoulos to correct him.

    Obama went to a church that features more books in its bookstore on Nation of Islam than it does on Christianity. He comes from a church whose pastor – who Obama said was like family to him, who Obama called his spiritual advisor – made Louis Farrakhan his “Man of the Year.”

    I view Obama as an undercover radical, who talks a good game, but masks the most radical agenda this nation has ever seen.

    There’s a war for the soul of American going on, and Republicans are bringing spitwads to a knife fight. The media won’t confront Obama on his past, and Republicans appear to be frightened to go after him as well.

  9. Says:

    love the black hair guy, Obama:)
    -Paris Hilton

  10. Barbara Says:

    Just like what Hitler did!!

  11. Michael Eden Says:

    Some liberal tried to compare singing songs praising Obama to murdering Jews, etc.

    The response is, “When Hitler took power in 1933, nobody would have believed what would happen down the road.”

    The follow-up is, “And when Hitler took power in 1933, progressive Democrats were ecstatic and thought it was wonderful.”

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