Barack Obama Proclaimed As “The Messiah” – The Beast Is Coming

People who trust the Bible have known he was coming: the false Messiah, the Antichrist (1 John 2:18), the Beast of Revelation (Rev 13:1) and the little horn of Daniel (Dan 7:8).  And now we can know that he is coming soon, if he is not already among us even now.

The media have had a bizarre fascination with Barack Obama for some time.  We’ve had photographs of Barack Obama in Reuters and Associated Press stories with a deliberate halo over his head in a clear propaganda effort.  We’ve got columnists like Mark Morford calling Obama a “Lightworker” and using incredibly spiritual language to describe the Obama presence.

But Louis Farrakhan nailed it on the head: Barack Hussein Obama is The Messiah:

“You are the instruments that God is gonna use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn’t care anything about. That’s a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

We can add that to the glossy-eyed little brainwashed children singing praised to Obama. One little girl – in a big-liberal-money-assisted “community event” sang, “We’re gonna spread happiness! We’re gonna spread freeeeedom! Obama’s gonna change it, Obama’s gonna lead ‘em…”

John McCain hasn’t appeared in Reuters or the AP bearing a beatific halo.  Children haven’t sung praises to him.  He hasn’t been described as a messiah.  And he certainly hasn’t been proclaimed to be “the Messiah” by Louis Farrakhan.

The REAL Messiah won’t come until after the false one has appeared to deceive the world (Revelation 13:1 cf. 19:11).  And boy is the world ripe for the false one!  In the age of the internet and the explosion of information, we are seeing propaganda in amounts that boggle the mind from the mainstream media.

Antichrist won’t come during a time when everything is going well; he’ll come during a time of global crisis; he’ll appear to “solve all our problems” even as he sets up the world for persecution, disaster, and holocaust like the world has never seen.

Barack Obama has had a relationship with this false prophet (see Revelation 16:13) Louis Farrakhan for years.  He helped lead Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam-sponsored “Million Man March” (which Jeremiah Wright helped organize).  Obama was an active part of the radical Marxist “black theology” Trinity United Church for 23 years, which honored radical racist anti-Semite Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan with its Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer Award.  He has been mentored for all those years by the radical Jeremiah Wright, who has frequently praised and honored Louis Farrakhan.

Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?  There sure are a lot of signs that he is in the media!  But I believe that he is just one of the false messiahs (Matthew 24:24).  Rather than being THE Antichrist, I believe that Obama is just one of the false messiahs who will so completely screw up the United States and the world that Antichrist will be able to emerge to “save the day.”

The United States isn’t mentioned in Bible prophecy.  Now we begin to see why: we wont’ matter because our economy will be in ruins.  And we certainly won’t be the kind of nation that will be willing to come to Israel’s aid against the Beast when they need us most.

Last days, here we come.  The race toward Armageddon (Revelation 16:16) begins.

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29 Responses to “Barack Obama Proclaimed As “The Messiah” – The Beast Is Coming”

  1. sean harrington Says:

    Fascinating video. Except for the small fact that Farrakhan does not call Obama the Messiah, even in this video clip. In fact, in the very same speech, (that’s conveniently not shown in the video) he says that Obama “is not the Messiah for sure.” He later, in the exact same speech, says that Obama is a “herald of the Messiah.” I’ll let you all look up what a herald is, but one obviously cannot be the herald of the Messiah and the Messiah himself.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    If Barack Obama isn’t the Messiah that Farrakhan refers to in this clip, please tell me who is? Seriously, who else is it? If you cannot tell me who he’s talking about, then it’s Obama.

    Farrakhan says – right after referring directly to Obama – “and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.” The Messiah is right now speaking and inspiring the youth. And Farrakhan links Obama and Messiah together because both inspire the youth. The clear referent of “Messiah” here is Obama. So either give me the NAME of Farrakhan’s Messiah, or kindly shut up and go away.

    From my point of view – if you bothered to read my article and not just dismiss the words that came out of Farrakhan’s own mouth – Obama IS the herald of the Messiah. The False Messiah. The Antichrist and the beast of Revelation. Obama isn’t the Antichrist; he’s the fool pseudo messiah who screws up the world and makes prepares the way for the Antichrist who will promise to deliver us. So when Farrakhan says Obama is the Messiah, which he clearly does, and elsewhere says he’s a herald of the Messiah, he’s speaking prophetically, albeit demonically.

  3. Reader Thinker GA Says:

    I cannot put Sean Harrington any place I can find because he does not really say where he stands; he talks in puzzles.

    On the other hand you probably know that some will either reject your chosen subject as that of ‘’a Bible Puncher’’ or a fanatic. Others will applaud you. I think it is necessary to discuss these things and applaud you for that.

    Adults should be able to work things out [whether they do in modern life and the Internet whatever we have at this point in time is a point for debate] but children cannot be expected to know about these things and that is where your article hits it on the button. Obama is whatever negative view you may have of him [I have a very long list] that aside, one must realize he has an enormous brain capacity.

    My biggest problem with the man is that his brain is badly tilted towards the evil. If you call that the Beast I will say you have hit it on the button. Obama is a very dangerous man to have his hands on the security apparatus in America. I am an old guy now but I don’t want him as a neighbor and will advise mothers and fathers to keep their young ones inside if Obama is in the vicinity.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I tried to show that Sean is pretty much wrong however you slice it.

    I believe the Bible in a straightforward fashion. Quite a lot of people do who aren’t even particularly religious (strange but true). And according to the Bible, there’s an end of human history coming, preambled by a time called “the Great Tribulation” in which an antichrist figure called “the beast” in Revelation rides onto a scene of world crisis on a white horse and appears to save the day. There is so much fear and anxiety that the world worships him.

    In my view, we ARE in the last days. So many of the pieces are fitting into their place. I don’t believe Obama is the antichrist; but I DO believe that if he is elected, this country’s days as a thriving power are numbered. And someone like him is going to lead this country – and the world that currently very much depends on the US – to just the sort of crisis that will bring about the coming of the beast.

  5. Elizabeth Says: Please let the world know about this web site thank you, Elizabeth we are living in the last days look at the bar code please

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m with ya, Elizabeth. Last days, mark of the beast, it’s all coming upon us.

    I think the last several months of financial madness and catastrophe (decades in the making but quick to fall apart) and particularly the elections in November have created a tipping point. We are now hurtling toward disaster, just as the Bible foretold.

  7. Laura Says:

    In the Bible it says when you hear the say the Christ has returned he is over here, come and see him, know the time is at hand. Everything will be going to and fro, stealing will be running rampant and that gold and siver will be worth nothing. I am not quoating scripture verbatum, but it says basically that. About 20 years ago I was watching TV and there was a commericial, it was a woman from India and she said that the Christ has returned, said where he was and to come and see him. The Bible says no man know the hour in which Christ will return, he will come like a thief in the night, but when you hear this now that the time is at hand.
    Does any of this sound familiar, Planes are going to and fro, the world economy is starting to collapse, stealing is running rampant. The Bible says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Not money but the love of money. That is what is going on right now. America is go greedy, that we have cause a world recession, because Americans are so greedy. We no longer represent a democracy, we are just plain greedy. We no longer care about the welfare of others we just care about the almighty dollar. The time is at hand praise God it’s almost over and God will make it all new again, there will be no more pain, no more sorrow, no thorns or thistles, no more tears and the only one that will have a blemish is Chirst himself, he will always have the scares from being hung on the cross as a reminder that God’s law is a law of love and what happens when we choose not to obey it. He doesn’t give the ten commmandments because he is a cosmic kill joy. He gave them because he knew if we did any of the things the ten commandments said not to do we would get hurt and so would others and he didn’t want to see any of us suffer.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    I read through quickly (working on another project), but I couldn’t find anything I disagreed with re: your theology. That is my reading of the Bible.

    We don’t have to “look” for Christ to come; when He comes, HE will find US – and we will meet Him in the air in the Rapture.

    Whether we will see antichrist before that moment no man can say with certainty. But we have created a situation that is so massive, and so dire, that the world can’t continue as it is – the antichrist will step into this crisis and appear to have all the solutions. And people will worship him instead of the True Christ.

    We face difficult days ahead. And yet, we are in the time of the end, the time when the Bible will come alive with prophecy yet again. We face dark, but exciting days. Pray for faith and courage – and hope in the coming of Christ. Maranatha!

  9. ruth Says:

    The madhi (messiah) of Islam was said by Mohamed to come in Mohammad’s own name. The only name he left to his descendants was the name HUSSEIN via his grandson.Many of the imams including mo’s 3 grandsons were named Hussein or a form of that name..As in Barack HUSSEIN Obama

    Jesus said “as the lightning shines from the east to the west so ALSO SHALL HIS RETURN BE.. He also said “I beheld satan as LIGHTNING fall from heaven”… Baracks names means LIGHTNING in Hebrew..That is proof enough for me that he is satan anti christ.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    I don’t believe that Obama is the antichrist because of one passage in Scripture: Daniel 9:26 – an incredible passage which prophesies the first coming of Christ with amazing accuracy – also speaks of the antichrist to come.

    It says, “Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off (killed) and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.”

    Thus most biblical scholars who take the Bible literally enough to even believe there WILL be an actual antichrist believe that the antichrist will come out of Roman descent, as it was the Romans who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD .

    Mind you, Ruth, I DO see Obama as AN antichrist. Jesus told us MANY antichrists would come claiming to be the Messiah.

    Personally, I believe that Obama will SO destroy America – and through America undermine the peace of the whole world – that he will “set up” the coming of the REAL beast of Revelation.

  11. jesus for ISLAM Says:

    islam islam islam thats all you hear you forgot something muslims also belive in jesus as a messenger of god islam is the final revulation of god read the koran after christianty islam is the only faith that belives in jesus p.b.u.h

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    Actually, Jesus is the ONLY person who is universally affirmed by every major religion. Ghandi praised Jesus, and many Eastern religious leaders affirm Jesus as one who – like Buddha – attained “enlightenment.”

    Jesus stands alone in this regard.

    The Koran teaches that Jesus did miracles, that He was virgin born, and (I believe) that He never sinned as well as affirming His status as a divine messenger. The only central teaching of Christ that Muslims deny is His death (they claim He only seemed to die) and resurrection as the once-for-all atonement for sin for ALL (regardless of race or culture) who believe in Him.

    Jesus also stands alone as the paradigm of Peace. Mohammad was a man of violence: he had been in over 30 military campaigns in his life, and had another 30 planned at the time of his death. One who studies the history of Mohammed know he committed acts of genocide. He raided caravans, killed all the men, and sold the women and children into slavery.

    If you want peace, then the one to seek is Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

  13. moses Says:

    did i see this article talk about internet and its power. isn’t the same article using internet to spread misinformation? i know where we went wrong. am not sure the author isn’t the false prophet/Antichrist combined. or does he have to be a president?!

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    You most certainly DIDN’T see the “article talk” about the internet. It would probably be better if you read it before you made a totally unhinged point about what it didn’t say.

    And by the way: the author clearly states that Obama is NOT “the Antichrist” in the article.

    You more or less know how to type. Maybe you should learn how to read next.

  15. hello Says:

    barack obama is the antichrist ??? he’s been killing me the entire last 2 years slowly

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    I don’t doubt it. He’s that kind of life-sucking vampire.

    For the official record, though, I don’t believe Obama is “the” antichrist. I DO believe he’s one of the many false christs that Jesus warned us would come in the last days (Matt 24:5).

  17. Anonymous Says:

    barack 6 hussein 7 obama 5{6+7
    +5=18[ 1+8=9] 675-9=666[7heads+the beast=8] obama is the president in us, so he is the head of the state, the 44th president in usa[4+4=8[10horns+the beast=11[1+1=2] barack hussein obama II=2] he is like a loepard, leopard is spotted black like obama because his mother is white and father his is black from kenya, he was born hawaii a land surrounded by the sea

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, I myself don’t believe that Barack Obama is “the beast,” but rather just one of many false Messiahs whom Jesus said would come in the last days (Mark 13:5ff).

    Daniel 9:26 tells us that the Antichrist will be “of the people” who would destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. And that means he will be of Roman ancestry.

    But that is an interesting take on numerology. to be sure.

  19. Kevin Says:

    Interesting read. I read and study a lot of investment newsletters and my research led me to this website. Many experts have been predicting the fall of the dollar and even Timithy Geitner (Treasury Secretary) even admitted in a private meeting that “another meltdown is certain”. Also, there is much evidence that the gold and silver markets have been manipulated to artificially keep gold and silver prices low. An attempt to keep the dollar propped up. Because high gold and silver prices would be an F on Obama’s economic stimulus. In addition, there is word that there is a bill that is supposedly being introduced to require a license or permit to buy gold or silver. An attempt to further control silver and gold and force people to rely on fiat currency. Combine that with all the calamities that seem to be coming to a head in 2012 (Nostradomas, the Mayan Calendar, the Web bot etc.) Major changes are coming. A world we won’t recognize any longer … An America that we won’t recognize any further. Laura, I would like to say that I don’t think that America is greedy, it’s the super rich that have created a system that creates money out of thin air (The Fed and banks) and when Wall Street over-leveraged the credit system there was a collapse in 2008 (that still has not been fundamentally fixed). Then the government rewarded their bad decisions by giving them a bail out (basically tax payer money that can never be paid by us, our children or our children’s children) Efffectively enslaving us and future generations. The greed is mainly a corrupt government, bankers and Wall Street and the super rich who are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

  20. Michael Eden Says:


    In terms of the gold/silver thing, I came across an article on severe restrictions on gold trading beginning this month (here’s a link, but not the story I originally saw).

    We are living in a house-of-cards economic system. The U.S. has something like $200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities.

    California alone has a $500 BILLION unfunded pension liability that no one is talking about.

    It’s not Wall Street that is doing this to us; it is our own government. Add to the unfunded liabilities the staggering sums that we have recently created purely out of thin air in QE1 and QE2. We’re talking about trillions of dollars in electronically-created phony money that will reduce the value of every US dollar. If you have a savings account, it’s worth substantially less.

    This has created a monster. Right now we’re not really seeing it, but the moment there is any kind of actual recovery, what is going to happen is that all these dollars are going to start purchasing scarce goods and services. That’s when inflation is going to begin to skyrocket out of control.

    We have these massive debts and we’re just papering them over. But you just can’t keep doing that the way we’re trying to. Ultimately, and I mean within a matter of a few more years, it’s all going to come crashing down. And crashing down HARD.

    We’re already seeing a serious movement from the other major nations to topple the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. When that happens, you will see the United States collapse shortly thereafter. And when the US collapses, the world will go into a terrible tailspin.

    And out of that chaos will come the Beast.

  21. Kevin Says:

    If you don’t think that the super rich greedy Wall Streeters are not complicit with the government then you NEED to see this video and share it with your friends and family after you are convinced of it’s truthfulness: Then realize that the president is just a puppet of powers pulling the strings behind the scenes; the Biderberg Group. An invitation only group of the richest billionaires and bankers in the world who meet from time to time make plans. It’s time that we start waking up and stop being nieve to what’s going on.

  22. Wayne Says:

    At first when I heard Obama running for President I thought surely this was the Anti-Christ everyone is hailing him the savior of the black race.
    But now all I see is a loud mouth speaking lies and entraping the youth into thinking he will save their futher.
    This man is no more than the fore runner to the real Faulse Messiah.
    Obama’s job is to make way for the Faulse Messiah much like John did fore Jesus.
    Obama will lay waste to the land so that the real Faulse messiha can come and decieve the people by fixing everything all you have to do is take his make upon your forehead ot hand and pledge your aliedgance to him.
    Wake up Obama is not your friend but your destoyer.

  23. Michael Eden Says:

    I basically agree with what you’re saying, Wayne.

    Is Obama the Antichrist? No. For one thing, the antichrist will actually be a capable man, rather than a posturing fool.

    But Obama IS one of the “false messiahs” that Jesus warned us about. Obama is one of the primary instruments to destroying and collapsing America, and thereby bringing about the terrible conditions out of which the Antichrist will rise and take power.

    People will WORSHIP the Antichrist. Why? Because fools like Obama will have so gutted the world economy – and killed America (the only country that could have stopped the beast from rising) – that when the Antichrist emerges with a plan that seems to work, the world will say, “Thank you! You’re a god to me!” Antichrist will have all kinds of big government “solutions” that will seem to work at first. The same way Adolf Hitler’s big government solutions seemed to work at first.

    The American capitalist system worked better than any other on earth for 250 years because it was based on godly/biblical principles. And the only reason America won’t keep working is because liberals like Obama “fundamentally transformed” it. And they are “fundamentally transforming” America into hell on earth.

  24. Tony Richard Says:

    Helo everyone! please check this out!. the Bible book of Revelation 13 from verse 17 to 18 talk about the mandatory Mark of the beast, the name of the Beast or the “Number” of his name, on the small, great ,rich, poor, (everyone). The scripture in the above verses said here is Wisdom, and that it calls for understanding in these verses.

    Now the big question is who signed the mandatory health care RFID to be implanted on all Us citizens come 23/3/13. The “messiah-in-chief” barack ‘H’ussein obama. Move the capital letter ‘H’ to his last name, you get barack ussein obama’H’ (thesame pronounciation).

    Now count the number(letters) of his 3 names you get
    6 6 6. this number code can not be too out of place to be used as a covert code to by which the new RFID operates, or niether his name, seeing he is the one that successfully signed it into law.

    Note: this is food for thought

    If you are not yet Born Again what are you still waiting for, this is time to give your life to christ by simply saying this words with faith : “Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for dieing for me. I believe with my heart that you are the son of God, and that God raised you from the dead on the 3rd day. Today i confess with my mouth your Lordship over my life, and i recieve enternal life into my spirit today and forever, I am Born Again!! Amen.” Congratulation! now saved. Right away share your testimony to others and asked them to say same prayer. And do ensure you find a Bible believeing church near you to fellowship read “Hebrew 10 verse 25”.

    God bless you.

  25. Michael Eden Says:

    Tony Richard,

    I believe that Barack Obama is a genuinely evil man. I have believed that since the day I heard what the racist, anti-American, Marxist, toxic, demon-possessed church of his was preaching while he sat in the pews for over 20 years. I also believe that Barack Obama is most certainly one of the false messiahs that Jesus warned us would start showing up in the last days. AND I believe that Obama is ultimately the most useful of the useful idiots who will plunge America and therefore the world into catastrophe to set up the Antichrist to come riding in on his white horse as described by Revelation chapter 6.

    But I do NOT believe that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. And here’s why:

    Daniel 9:24-27 is one of the most powerful prophetic passages in all of Scripture: it literally told us EXACTLY when Messiah Jesus would be crucified. But it also tells us something about the last days. Verse 26 says, “and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.” That passage is saying the same people as the Antichrist would come from (the people of the prince who is to come”) will destroy Jerusalem. That destruction famously occurred in 70 AD – by the Romans.

    The Antichrist will be of ROMAN ancestry.

    Some have said the Antichrist will be a coming Pope. Maybe he will be and maybe he won’t be; but the Antichrist will be connected with Rome and in particular with the people of the Roman empire.

    While I see Obama as the most truly evil man who has ever been in the White House, I don’t see any connection between Obama and the Roman people who destroyed Jerusalem.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    My little blog, “The Alexandria Daily Poop” , has a rather interesting analysis of this very topic in the two most recent posts. I would point out that the first Beast had a “deadly wound” that had healed. This might just be a reference to Obama’s wretched record in office, which would have consigned any other sitting president to the ash heap of history.

  27. Michael Eden Says:


    That’s certainly a clever and creative way to view on Rev 13:12.

    I just take it literally. A fatal head wound = a fatal head wound.

    I also take Daniel 9:26 literally. It tells us that the coming Antichrist will be of the same ancenstry as the Romans who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70AD. Which is to say that Antichrist will be directly connected to the Romans (i.e. not the Kenyans).

  28. ACE CHAIN Says:

    I suspected Hussein and now i realise he’s the first beast

  29. Michael Eden Says:


    For the record, I do NOT believe that Obama is one of the two beasts of the Book of Revelation.

    But I DO believe that 1) Obama helps reveal what the political beast will look like and that 2) Obama serves as the useful idiot for the political beast by so screwing up the world that the coming Antichrist will emerge.

    As for point #1 I have come to understand that the biblical beast will have a form of wisdom. Daniel used his wisdom to untangle the truth that was shrouded in mystery; the coming Antichrist will have the exact OPPOSITE gift. He will be able to so wrap the truth in lies that no man will be able to listen to him and know what the truth is and what the beast’s lies are. Obama has the very same nature; he is a pathological liar who keeps spinning and spinning and saying, “Like I’ve said” when of course the liar NEVER said that before, etc. And as for point #2, we’re heading for a collapse that will be so catastrophic that the world will be plunged into the worst depression ever seen in all of human history. The United States alone, thanks to the Democrat Party and thanks especially to Obama, is now more than $225 TRILLION in real debt when you consider the value of our unfunded liabilities. We cannot possibly repay that debt. When we collapse with the weight of that kind of staggering, mindboggling debt, it will be with the force of a black hole that will suck everything into its orbit. But there’s more here, because the tribulation officially begins (according to Daniel chapter 9) when Israel signs a 7-year covenant with the Antichrist. And for the record, Obama has so undermined US-Israel relations that Israel now realizes it has NOWHERE else to go. When Israel signs that treaty with Antichrist, you can lay that directly at the hellbound Obama’s feet.

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