New York Times, Biased Slime Machine, Pumps Crap On Cindy McCain

Yesterday I wrote an article describing the revelation that a reporter had made up a hateful statement (“kill him!”) to falsely characterize John McCain, Cindy Palin, and the people who are flocking out to support them, as intolerant hate peddlers.  Because the allegation amounted to a direct threat against a presidential candidate, the Secret Service looked into the journalists’ story – only to find it completely false.  But that didn’t stop every mainstream media outlet from presenting it as a documented fact in their anti-McCain-Palin polemics for a couple days.

That was yesterday.  Today, the New York Times unleashed a slime arsenal against Cindy McCain.  The McCain campaign is livid at this attack on the candidate’s family.  It’s not just the fixation on every negative detail of Cindy’s life that makes the story so blatantly unfair; it is the deliberate omission of any positive aspect, such as her humanitarian work, her generosity, or the many other wonderful things she has done.

New York Times writer Jodi Kantor has written six puff pieces on Michelle and Barack Obama, three attack pieces against Sarah Palin, and is now turning her vulture-like attention on Cindy McCain.  If you think that is balanced journalism, call the New York Times; they might well be looking for a demagoguing propagandist ideologue like you.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the media – in a complete rejection of its constitutional role as honest investigators informing the people of the truth in order to serve as an obstacle against government corruption – has become completely biased, liberalism would have been round-filed in this country years ago.  As it is, we have a media that routinely attacks and lies about one side while praising and ignoring negative stories on the other side.  They are rightly being called “the journalistic industrial complex” – and they very much have their own agenda.

The New York Times wants to find Cindy McCain’s drug dealer (at one time she became addicted to prescription pain killers); the McCain lawyer asks why the paper never bothered to try to locate Barack Obama’s drug dealers (he has admitted to using illegal drugs).  They won’t, because they are biased propagandists out to hurt Republicans and win the election for the Democrat Party machine under the facade of “journalism.”

I would suggest, rather than writing puff piece after puff piece about Michelle Obama, the New York Times could look at something like this:

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2 Responses to “New York Times, Biased Slime Machine, Pumps Crap On Cindy McCain”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The hypocrisy and “mean spiritedness” of the MSM is absolutely infuriating and outrageous.
    I can only hope there are enough clear thinking, America loving voters left in this country to reject Obama and his radical agenda!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    And I can only join you in hoping. We are like a giant herd of lemmings rushing toward the cliff, at this point.

    I still cannot believe that the American people will choose the biggest disgrace and failure this country has ever seen. I just can’t see an Obama presidency.

    Have heard that Bush was down 11 points about this time against Kerry 4 years ago. Don’t know if it’s true, but DO know that the media has routinely been wrong – and routinely lied – about polls.

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