Colin Powell Endorses Obama: Media Ignores 300 Generals, Admirals Who Endorsed McCain

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama today.  It’s been pretty hard to miss in the media.

I’m sure you were also equally well aware of the fact that 300 generals and admirals endorsed John McCain on September 26, 2008. I mean, it would amount to a media cover-up if they didn’t tell you about that significant development.

Oh, yeah, that’s right; the American media learned their trade from Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda himself.

That means you probably haven’t heard about the overwhelming support for John McCain by the professional military.  Here are the poll numbers:

If the presidential election were held today, for whom would you vote?
Total: 68% for McCain; 23% for Obama

Enlisted Personnel:
68% for McCain; 24% for Obama

70% for McCain; 22% for Obama

Which of the candidates would do a better job as president handling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
74% for McCain; 19% for Obama

Which of the candidates would do a better job as president handling military personnel issues, such as pay and benefits?
73% for McCain; 18% for Obama

Which of the candidates would do a better job as president handling Defense Department issues, such as weapons purchases, the size of the armed forces and national security strategy?
77% for McCain; 15% for Obama

And here’s a link to the corresponding story in the Army Times.

Oh, well.  It didn’t favor Barack Obama.  So it wasn’t worth reporting.  Goebbels didn’t print a whole lot of anti-Hitler stuff either, you know.

What I don’t understand is why the endorsement of the chief defender of the War in Iraq (that’s Powell) would matter for a guy who said that the Iraq War was the stupidest thing we’ve ever done (that’s Obama). Wouldn’t that, like, make Colin Powell an idiot whose opinion and judgment shouldn’t be trusted?

Oh, that’s right. These are liberals; rational disconnects mean nothing to them.  They think only in terms of rhetoric, and couldn’t care less about moral consistency.  Had Powell endorsed McCain, he would have been dismissed as the man who stupidly supported a stupid war.

Colin Powell has been routinely demagogued by liberals as an “Uncle Tom,” a “house negro” (polite version), etc.  Heck, even Donna Brazile, who gets to be on TV virtually every week, called Powell an Uncle Tom.

The Daily Kos ran an article titled, “Uncle Tom Powell Stumps for Massah Bush.”  Knowing the Daily Kos‘ (and Barack Obama’s) tendency to re-enact favorite scenes from 1984 by purging inconvenient truths and replacing them with new lies, this story will probably be purged now that Powell is a great American hero again.  The Ministry of Truth thrives with liberals.

You see how that works?  Now that Colin Powell supports Obama, he gets to quit being a house nigger doing the bidding of Massah Bush and he gets to be a great man and a genius again.

That’s the way reality is shaped when you have moral bankruptcy with full media backing, boys and girls.

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2 Responses to “Colin Powell Endorses Obama: Media Ignores 300 Generals, Admirals Who Endorsed McCain”

  1. Old-Timer GA Says:

    You are so right as always but I am beginning to think we must let it go. I am not saying surrender; never! Indeed, it may be the time to fight fire with fire.

    It is too late to try and convince the Media or the Voter with facts; they are beyond the point of logic. And no matter what you [we, us, the regular guy] may do, the Media Beast is so big and he is feeding the Sheeple [I saw this word elsewhere] what they want to be fed. Maybe if it is not the time yet it soon will be for the wise and moral to turn inwards and adjust to preserve ourselves and our norms, firstly, and secondly, to fight the animal [for the lack of another word] with everything we have in our hearts.

    I am digressing from Colin Powell but it was relevant to say the above. Colin Powell disappointed me. And his timing makes me question his motives. John McCain is much better off without friends like Colin Powell. Nuff said.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Ah, you are talking about my friend Carol over at No Sheeples Here. She also writes (like myself) for American Sentinel. A fine conservative warrior, she is.

    I remember watching Nightline. The program dealt with why the Iraqi people were looting and going nuts after we freed them from Saddam. Nightline had officials who had regularly dealt with corrupt and oppressive regimes all over the world. And they said that the problem was that the Iraqis had become a bad people. They had been lied to for so long, they no longer had the capacity to see things the way they were.

    That’s the way we are, too. Our media is totally corrupt, blatantly dishonest, and nothing but ideological propagandists. The American people are being lied to – have been lied to for years – and no longer have the resources to make good decisions.

    And we are becoming bad people. Bad people do not WANT good things; they want bad things. Bad people do not MAKE good choices; they make bad choices. We gave the Palestinian Authority freedom, but due to the fact that they are bad people who believe lies, they voted for Hamas.

    That’s where we’re at now.

    It’s possible enough people will reject Obama that we will dodge the noose this time, but the trend isn’t good. Sooner or later, the beast is coming.

    I have done my best. I’ve done all I could. But the economy has transformed this election, and in the short time we’ve had, we haven’t been able to overcome the media lie machine with the truth, and we haven’t been able to overcome the mindless (and misplaced) anger of voters. There’s still time, and I’m still fighting. I won’t concede anything.

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