A Tale Of Two Joe’s: Battleground Poll Shows 1-Point Race

Just a week ago, the Battleground poll showed Barack Obama had a 13 point lead over John McCain (53-40, taken 10/8-10/13).  Their poll released just today shows that the race is 48-47.

A CNN poll has McCain tied in five key battleground states.  A week ago McCain was behind in all of them.

Obama isn’t a good finisher.  He limped across the finish line against Hillary Clinton, and he’s starting to limp now.

Two issues have fallen into John McCain’s lap like golden nuggets from heaven in the form of two Joe’s: Joe the plumber and Joe the Biden.

Barack Obama revealed in his impromptu discussion outside of Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher’s house that, yes, all rhetoric aside, he IS a socialist who wants to “spread the wealth around.”  People are more interested in the details of Obama’s tax plan.  And, like a cheap auto paint job, it doesn’t look so good on a close inspection.

And Joe Biden revealed in his speech at a fund raiser that, yes, all rhetoric aside, Barack Obama IS young and untested and the world is most definitely growing to throw an international crisis at him to see what he’s made of.  People are going to think about Obama as a Commander-in-Chief ready to step in and deal with a real crisis.

And if that isn’t enough; the William Ayers issue just got fed a whole bunch of fresh raw meat:

And the issue of Barack Obama writing a positive “blurb” for William Ayers’ book is getting some fresh legs as well.

We’ve got more reasons to talk about Barack Obama’s Marxist/anarchist/terrorist buddy who helped him get his start in politics than ever.

We’ve got the momentum, Republicans.  It all depends on you getting out the message, and even more importantly, getting out and voting.

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2 Responses to “A Tale Of Two Joe’s: Battleground Poll Shows 1-Point Race”

  1. Ole Geogi Says:

    I have added so much to the general gloom around it is time to be lighthearted and compliment Michael for marvelous wordplay.

    Joe the Plumber and Joe the Biden. That’s excellent!

    At least Joe the Former wants to create his own wealth [perhaps he is not stupid and has long realized the road to wealth comes by working at it] while Joe the Latter and his Great Master believe in the old fairytale that you can create wealth by redistributing it from some secret bag somewhere, much like growing greenhouse mushrooms; keep everyone in the dark and spread a bit of bull poop around every now and then.

    Joe the Former may make it because he is on course. Joe the Latter’s followers will remain poor BECAUSE YOU CANNOT REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH! FOR YOUR OWN SAKE WAKE UP! I hope Michael can print this in bold large!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ve got the title wrong here: Actually it was “A tale of two Joe’s (and a Bill)…”
    Oh, well.

    Joe the Plumber has actually been pretty darn well spoken in several interviews, from what I have seen. Ayers, of course, is well spoken, but has the problem of being a moral idiot and a depraved human being. He sounds good, but his ideas are as poisonous as are a serpent’s fangs.

    Wealth redistribution neither redistributes wealth (it always promises, but it never delivers) nor expands an economy. It has a 100% track record of failure. But if people want failure, let them have it.

    Now I understand why the founding fathers limited the right to vote to landowners. Stupid people vote stupidly and get stupidity as a result. And Benjamin Franklin once said that one day the people would realize that they could vote themselves money, and that that would be the end of the Republic.

    The lessons of history repeat, even if we are too stupid to learn them.

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