Obama Supporter Nadler Argues Obama Lacks Political Courage

This has always been my issue with Barack Obama, and it’s never even so much as been asked of the man by the mainstream media: how on earth could you have stayed in that church under that horrible Jeremiah Wright for 23 years?  How can you argue that you have the judgment and courage to be the President of the United States when you didn’t even have the judgment or courage to leave that church?

I don’t understand the ins and outs of running for President of the necessary dark sides of being a politician, but I DO know that there is no way in hell I would have remained in that Godforsaken church.

It’s time this line of thought finally came out of the mouth of a Democrat and Obama supporter.  As found on the Weekly Standard, Congressman Jerrod Nadler had this to say about Obama’s long time attendance at Jeremiah Wright’s racist, Afrocentric, anti-American church:

Nadler Questions Obama’s Courage

In another YouTube video captured by Pamela Geller, Democratic congressman Jerrold Nadler says that Barack Obama lacked the “political courage” to walk out of Jeremiah Wright’s church.

We have this via ABC’s Jake Tapper:

Says Nadler: “I have no personal knowledge of what I’m about to say. What I’m about to say is my guess…”

Hoo boy.

“My guess,” Nadler said, “knowing how politics works, what I’m about to say is not particularly…”

He searches for the word. Rejects a couple suggestions.

“…not particularly complimentary towards Sen. Obama,” he says.

“Think of the history here,” says the six-term New York congressman. “You have a guy who’s half-white, half-black. He goes to an Ivy League school, comes to Chicago … to start a political career. Doesn’t know anybody.

“Gets involved with community organizing — why? Because that’s how your form a base. OK. Joins the largest church in the neighborhood. About 8,000 members. … Why did he join the church? … Because that’s how you get to know people.

“Now maybe it takes a couple years,” Nadler says, suggesting that soon Obama starts to think of Wright, “’Jesus, the guy’s a nut, the guy’s a lunatic.’ But you don’t walk out of a church with 8,000 members in your district.”

Suggests a woman: “You don’t walk in though.”

“He didn’t know it when he walked in, presumably,” said Nadler.

And then, the line that may haunt Nadler for four years or longer: “He didn’t have the political courage to make the statement of walking out.

“Now, what does it tell me?” Nadler asked. “It tells me that he wasn’t terribly political courageous. Does it tell me that he agreed with the reverend in any way? No. It tells me he didn’t want to walk out of a church in his district.”

Contrary to Nadler’s assertion that Obama “didn’t know” about Wright’s racist anti-American ideology “when he walked in” to Trinity, Obama listened to Wright rant about “white folks’ greed” during the very first sermon he attended.

The claim that Obama lacks political courage has quite a bit of other evidence apart from Jeremiah Wright.  We can go back to his relationship with the Chicago political machinery to examine a man who – although surrounded by corruption – never once bucked the system.  Chicago Tribune writer John Kass explains the media’s utter refusal to look into Obama’s political dealings in Chicago thusly:

The national media have never wanted to understand, much less expose, political corruption here, or examine how Obama prospered under the Daley machine’s guidance. A trip down the Chicago Way would force them to re-examine their ridiculous narrative that sets Obama as a political reformer riding a white horse, or is that a winged unicorn?

Kass discusses Obama’s relationships with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, Tony Rezko, and Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Barack Obama never displayed political courage in the US Senate either.  A man who votes with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 97% of the time isn’t exactly proving how brave he is.  And along the enlightened path along brown nosing his leadership in such a stellar manner, Obama managed to win the coveted title of “most liberal Senator” in the process.  And he most certainly didn’t earn that title by bucking the system, but by following it.

Just as he followed Jeremiah Wright for 23 years.

It occurs to me that an examination into Barack Obama’s life would likely reveal that John McCain displayed more courage in one typical day during his 5 1/2 years of hell in the Hanoi Hilton than Barack Obama displayed over his entire life.

Too bad if Obama wins tomorrow; given these difficult times the country is facing, our next President will likely need a great deal of courage to succeed, political and otherwise.

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