Do Unto Obama As Liberals Did Unto Bush

I wrote an article that pretty much summed up my feelings with the Obama-Democrat victory on Tuesday: Obama Wins!  God Damn America! Two comments represent two very different points of view:

You people are rediculous [sic]. Take a minute and think about what you’re saying. You cannot continue to spew lies and deciet [sic] and expect us to come together peacfully [sic] as a country.


Let’s give Obama the same chance his followers gave Bush in 2000. None.

I have to laugh at the first comment.  Did liberal individual expressing this opinion feel a similar righteous indignation for the over-the-top visceral hatred for President Bush that just seemed to go on and on and on?  I very much doubt it.  He may well be one of the many liberals with “Bush lied, people died” bumper stickers on his car.

He might be one of the “Hamas Liberals” like this [please see the update at the bottom of this article]:

I Hate Bush!
FOUND by Fred Ames in Raleigh, North Carolina
I found this by a middle school / high school bus stop while walking my dog. I know – EVERYONE hates that a*****e Bush – but I haven’t seen it expressed quite so well by a kid before!

All I can say is, “That poor dog.”

I say “Hamas Liberals” because you clearly have a school indoctrination system pumping out the same hatred for Bush that Palestinian schools are teaching their little darlings to have for Jews.  But that stuff was fine.

When I was a middle schooler, I wasn’t doodling about my hatred for President Carter, even though the man was running the country right into the ground on every front imaginable.  There has been an unhinged – and frankly demonic – hatred for President Bush that has been like nothing I have ever seen.

As a Wall Street Journal article put it, “The treatment of Bush has been a disgrace.”  It begins:

“Earlier this year, 12,000 people in San Francisco signed a petition in support of a proposition on a local ballot to rename an Oceanside sewage plant after George W. Bush. The proposition is only one example of the classless disrespect many Americans have shown the president.”

Bush hatred didn’t take very long to manifest itself.  People went nuts screaming that Bush stole the election in an assult against democracy.  It didn’t matter that the Palm Beach, Florida debacle occurred in a Democratic County under Democratic leadership, or that the same flawed ballot design had cost Republican Bob Dole 14,000 votes only four years earlier.  No, it was because Bush was the devil.  The outgoing Clinton administration trashed the White House to set the official Democratic tone regarding the incoming Bush administration.

Now, I’m not saying that Republican parents should indoctrinate their children at home to despise and hate Barack Obama (presumably, the public schools will continue to teach children to hate Republicans).  Nor am I suggesting that the Bush administration demonstrate its loathing of the incoming Obama adminstration like the Clinton adminstration did.

But I AM saying that Republicans should realize that Democrats have set the bar for political discourse, and we would have to be world class limbo dancers in order to set the bar any lower than Democrats did in demonizing President Bush.

Democrats have been utterly vicious rabid political monsters for years.  They destroyed Robert Bork in a campaign of unwarranted personal demonization to begin the war of the politics of personal destruction.  And when Clarence Thomas’s appointment came up, they said, We’re going to bork him. We’re going to kill him politically. . . . This little creep, where did he come from?”  The Republican response to this shocking viciousness on the part of Democrats and liberals was to confirm the incredibly liberal (the General Counsel of the ACLU!) Clinton appointee Ruth bader Ginsburg, citing that, whatever her perspective, she was qualified.  Trusting a Democrat to return professional courtesy is like trusting a frothing-at-the-mouth rabid dog not to bite you.  It just won’t happen.  Quit hoping it will, and get with the program.

Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic lackeys get to wear the bullseyes on their foreheads for the duration of the next election cycle.  It is ALL on them now, and every single failure – and every single event that can be spun into the appearance of a failure – are ALL on them now.  Does Obama lead us into a war for ANY reason?  He’s a murdering warmonger.   Doctor pictures of him with the blood of his victims and fangs like the ugly and evil monster he is! Does Obama NOT lead us into war for any reason?  He’s an appeasing weakling who doesn’t have the will to protect us from tyrants.  Will we see any kind of terrible national disaster?  Then it’s “Obama drinks blood from human skulls!” Does the economy do anything other than spiral ever upward and upward?  It’s a failed Obama presidency” and “failed Democratic policies.” And – given the fact that yesterday marked the “biggest loss ever on the day after a presidential election,” well, Obama is already “a failed President” faster than anyone’s ever been a failed President.

Don’t let a bunch of appallingly blatant hypocrites try to tell you that you owe Obama one more iota of respect than they gave to Bush.  After what they’ve done, they don’t deserve to talk about graciousness, respect, what’s best for the country, or any of their other smarmy self-serving rhetoric.

It’s time to start burning down their houses and salting their fields.  The Democrats demonstrated the pathway to political success; let us follow the ashes to learn the example of the trail the Democrats blazed.

Update, December 21, 2o11: I had cause to cite this article again, and discovered that the liberal who posted the “I hate Bush!” note had deleted it (like the lying coward that he is). But no fear; I was able to find an archive of that image here. And this time I saved it to my hard drive as well:

For the record, I’ve never purged a single thing after posting more than 1,900 articles. Because unlike liberals, I actually have the courage that comes from the nobility of my ideas to stand up for what I said, and either defend it or at least have the decency to admit I was wrong to say it.

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4 Responses to “Do Unto Obama As Liberals Did Unto Bush”

  1. Old Georgia Says:

    It does my heart a lot of good to find America positive and able to handle the setback of Obama’s ‘’victory’’ and to see folks ready to resist and fight him from day one. We will see a huge effort by Obama and his Sheeples [and all the big money that support him] to make it a Godless Country and we must prepare to take the Country back it in 2012. For one thing, he won’t be able to blame all ills, real of imaginary, on President Bush any longer.

    He will get as much and the same respect from me that he gave President Bush and no more; my life and all my energy will be devoted to defeat him in 2012, starting this very day.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s a surprise even to me, but Obama is actually trying to raise money for his “Pre-President” Transition fund.


    I seriously don’t know how much of a country will be left in 4 years. I believe it’s a matter of whether Obama will bankrupt us during his term, or plant time bombs (like the Community Reinvestment Act) that will blow up after he’s gone.

    Bush’s problem was that he refused to enter the muddy waters to defend himself from the constant lies and redefinition of history. That was his failure. Obama’s failure is he is a pandering liar.

    I suspect many Americans will come to miss George Bush greatly in the coming years.

  3. Brent Says:

    Great post! However, I am left terribly unsatisfied. Revolution anyone? Who’s with me?

    I can’t stand to hear so-called conservatives say that they hope Obama’s presidency is successful. Does his success not mean that America becomes a socialist nation (or worse; I call it Marxist Fascism)? Why would any true conservative want that?

    I hope that Obama’s presidency is an absolute utter failure for the sake of the survival of this country, not only four ourselves, but the next generations to come.

    Don’t expect the mainstream media to say a single negative thing about Obama, just like they never said a single positive thing about Bush.

    Screw it, they’re all globalists. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!

    They are supposed to SERVE US, and ANSWER TO US! Not the other way around!

    Welcome to the New World Oder my friends. I’m sorry to inform you that Bush is not a true conservative, but he is a globalist. Given that, I’d take Bush over Obama any day, because at least his lies are more shallow. Obama actually believes his lies, much like Bubba Clinton, and has the propaganda machine known as the driveby media, as coined by Brent Bozell (another awesome Brent).

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    You get my rage, I see.

    I totally agree with you: if Obama succeeds, socialism, godless liberalism, secular humanism, and everything our founding fathers would have despised wins. The country has to lose terribly in the short term in order to save itself in the long term. That said, I think we have probably reached a tipping point in this election.

    The mainstream media is nothing more than leftist-socialist propaganda now. People are not allowed to know the truth in any true context. We are becoming an increasingly bad people who are being fed lies. Democracy becomes impossible in this environment.

    I got into blogging following the revelations of Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s “church.” I saw a terrible disaster befalling this country if this man – who is now our President – was elected. I genuinely believe that we have voted for our own destruction as a nation. The next several years will see the dissolution of everything that made this country great. It’s all downhill toward 3rd-world-status from here.

    The damage done with these trillions in dollars of bailout money, loans, and loan guarantees will weaken us terribly within a few years – WHOEVER is running the country. Unfortunately, the more deeply into socialism we fall, the more desperately many Americans will cling to socialism to save us.

    For a more visceral take on how I felt about the election you might read my “Obama Wins! God Damn America!” article.

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