Obama Promises Girls A Puppy, Brings Home Rabid Dog Rahm Emanuel

Barack Obama promised his girls – with all the warmth and sincerity of that glitzy media fanfare could produce – to get his girls a puppy.

And then he went and brought home a vicious, rabid dog named Rahm Emanuel.

I hope Obama’s girls have all their shots.

A Time article on Emanuel summed it up rather well:

When Barack Obama asked Sen. Rahm Emanuel to be his White House chief-of-staff, few political insiders were surprised. The Chicago congressman and chairman of the House Democratic Caucus has been described in the past as a profane, hyperactive attack dog — and it is just this sort of steamrolling personality that makes him such a valuable asset. There are few people in Washington D.C. who could make for such a formidable gatekeeper to the Oval Office.

He’s even got a “hyperactive attack dog’s” nickname:

Emanuel’s nickname is “Rahmbo,” and he is known for mowing down his opponents. Coming out of Chicago, both he and Obama know the value of muscle.

Now, me, I wish that Obama had picked up some snarling, frothing-at-the-mouth Rottweiler chained up in some crack dealer’s front yard for the girls’ “puppy,” and picked a reasonably decent and human chief-of-staff instead.

Obama promises a whole new, wonderful world where everybody loves each other.  And then he goes and gets himself the most rabid, vicious, frothing at the mouth attack dog he can find:

And Emanuel’s partisanship—after winning back the House in 2006, he recommended that Republicans “go f*** themselves“—could undercut Obama’s promises to reach across the aisle.

COULD? Did they say ‘Could’?

Yeah. The way dressing his entire cabinet in Nazi SS uniforms COULD undercut Obama’s promises of an “unshakable commitment” to Israel.

Barack Obama will say whatever he has to say to get elected.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a little white lie, or a great big gigantic lie.  He knows the media won’t hold him responsible for anything he says.

I’m sure that Barack Obama will keep his promise to his girls and get them some really nice puppy.  As for his promise to be a “new politician” epitomizing “hope” and “change” that he made to the other 300 million Americans – well, we can quote Emanuel’s famous line to them.

Sooner or later, the public will come to realize they bought a bunch of bogus promises.

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6 Responses to “Obama Promises Girls A Puppy, Brings Home Rabid Dog Rahm Emanuel”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sooner or later, the public will come to realize they bought a bunch of bogus promises.

    I’m praying BIG TIME it is ASAP! May the whole wide world see who this guy and his thugs truly are!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I think that may be the best prayer to pray, from a position of faith and hope in the country.

    My view is that it is going to take a “going over the cliff” episode to shake us out of whatever led us to elect such a radical liberal and increase the liberal majority. Hopefully we’ll be able to stop the bus before we actually GO over the cliff.

    I went thru my processing. I am drawing closer to my faith, putting God over country and turning to the one and – as long as it is godless and its values are incompatible – away from the other. We may be in the last days, and it will surely be Obama-Pelosi-Reid values and ideas that lead us to the undermining of culture that will lead to the last days.

  3. Why be surprised? Says:

    Obama has always stood for Obama; that’s all. Why does anyone expect he will change?

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I totally agree. He’ll sell out anyone he needs to (his grandmother, Jeremiah Wrigh), and he’ll do whatever is best for himself.

  5. African Student Says:

    What strikes me most of Rahm Emanuel’s immediate elevation to Chief of Staff is his own experience in wealth redistribution the Communist way: in the upwards direction; he has proved that he is a Master in redistribution the Communist and African way.

    See: ‘’Rahm Emanuel; Not Quite the ‘Change’ Obama Promised’’

    I added the sums and it is pretty obvious that he successfully redistributed in excess of three hundred and twenty thousand rand to himself in the first year after Slick Willie had put him in charge of redistribution at Freddie and Fannie.

    Rhambo is therefore, the right choice now that Time Magazine has got their Man of the Year 2008 as President-Elect. There are film deals and book deals coming from all this. The Time Rag will make billions [and Rhambo will get his cut; take care of his Boss too] and I say Washington as usual.

    Pity the poor will get poorer, but that’s how it works with the redistribution of wealth.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Several years ago I came to hear a term that Francis Schaeffer used to describe the rapid, continual degeneration of a society’s moral intelligence: he used the term “morally velocitized.” What was unthinkable before becomes thinkable, then tolerated, then legalized, then embraced. More and more, coming faster and faster.

    But I never dreamed that I would live to see the day when this country would elect a man like Barack Obama for President.

    If Obama fails – and he has the radical agenda, the complete lack of experience, and the long-demonstrated tendency to surround himself with radicals (think of his appointments!) to FAIL SPECTACULARLY – the timing could not come at a worse time for the country.

    And it will be the poor – the very poor that voted for Obama in the first place – who will surely suffer a collapse the most.

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