Gay Rights Groups Using Vile Intimidation Tactics To Attack Prop 8 Backers

Here’s one example from before the election via the Daily Kos:

But when the church and its members invest millions of dollars in an attempt to write discrimination into my state’s constitution and divorce my friend Brian against his will, there will be hell to pay.

So what am I asking you to do?

Some distributed research.

There is a list of a bunch of Mormon donors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign (in case that one goes down, here’s a mirror with slightly worse formatting.

Here’s what I’m asking for:

This list contains information about those who are big donors to the Yes on 8 campaign–donors to the tune of at least $1,000 dollars.  And, as you can see, there are a lot of them.  It also indicates if they’re Mormon or not.

If you’re interested in defeating the religious right and preserving marriage equality, here’s how you can help:

Find us some ammo.

Use any LEGAL tool at your disposal.  Use OpenSecrets to see if these donors have contributed to…shall we say…less than honorable causes, or if any one of these big donors has done something otherwise egregious.  If so, we have a legitimate case to make the Yes on 8 campaign return their contributions, or face a bunch of negative publicity.

There are a crapload of donors on this list–so please focus on the larger ones first.  $5,000 or more is a good threshold to start with.

Feel free to use Lexis-Nexis searches as well for anything useful, especially given that these people are using “morality” as their primary motivation to support Prop 8…if you find anything that belies that in any way…well, you know what to do.

If you find anything good, please email it to:

equalityresearch at gmail dot com.

Here’s the bottom line for me: if someone is willing to contribute thousands of dollars to a campaign to take away legal rights from some very dear friends of mine, they had damn well make sure their lives are beyond scrutiny–because I, for one, won’t take it lying down.

This one is for Brian and the millions like him all across the nation.

The list of donors whose names and towns have been published is THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of names long.  And we have a call to harass and investigate them (does the fishing expedition targeting “Joe the Plumber” ring any bells?) to hurt people and punish them for exercising their free speech rights.  How DARE Joe the Plumber ask a single honest question?  And how DARE you support something you believe in if homosexuals don’t like it?

CBS had this story about the subsequent attempt to attack, harass, and intimidate supporters of Prop 8 even after the people spoke:

(CBS) For supporters of same-sex marriage, the Election Day loss in California seems to be energizing their campaign rather than ending it.

Demonstrations against Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage, have been growing, CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports.

Now the anger is moving to the Internet, where supporters of same-sex marriage are posting blacklists – the names and businesses of those who gave money to help Proposition 8 pass.

Chris Lee, an engineer who is an immigrant from China, was shocked to see his name on the Web site after he gave $1,000 to the campaign to end same-sex marriage.

“I was completely disgusted,” Li said. “This sort of blacklist should only appear in communist countries, should not be found in the United States.”

In Los Angeles, demonstrators called for a boycott of a restaurant whose manager made a personal donation of $100 to the “Yes on 8” campaign.

“She didn’t think it would be public record,” said Jeff Yarbrough.

Anger over the blacklists brought out demonstrators in Sacramento, where Scott Eckern resigned as musical director of a local theater when he was identified as a donor.

In other words, you’d better bow down to their “rights,” or they will destroy you.  Your rights don’t matter.  Your values don’t matter.  Your religious beliefs don’t matter.  Only they matter.  And they will come after you and destroy you if they can.  All they need is the power; they already have all the hate they need.

Another story serves to frame the ugliness and hypocrisy of the “tolerant” pro-gay community:

“Since Proposition 8’s victory, a series of protests against churches, small businesses and individual supporters of traditional marriage have taken place in cities across the state,” Ron Prentice, chairman of, wrote in a statement. “Tragically, some opponents of Prop. 8 who claim to cherish tolerance and civil rights are unabashedly trampling on the rights of others. Protests and boycotts have taken place against a Hispanic restaurant owner in Los Angeles, African American religious leaders in the Bay Area, and a musical theater director in Sacramento, among many others.”

Robert Hoehn, vice president of Hoehn Motors in San Diego County, gave $25,000 of his own money to the Yes-on-8 campaign in February. And he called what followed “a really really ugly experience.”

Before the vote, Hoehn said, he he received “dozens and dozens and dozens of really vitriolic messages” and his Honda dealership was picketed.  Since the proposition won, he said, he has received a few messages and phone calls denouncing his support for the measure.

Another story shows the blatant racial intolerance of the gay community.  70% of blacks voted for Prop 8, along with an overwhelming majority of Hispanics:

Geoffrey, a student at UCLA and regular Rod 2.0 reader, joined the massive protest outside the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Westwood. Geoffrey was called the n-word at least twice.

It was like being at a klan rally except the klansmen were wearing Abercrombie polos and Birkenstocks. YOU NIGGER, one man shouted at men. If your people want to call me a FAGGOT, I will call you a nigger. Someone else said same thing to me on the next block near the temple…me and my friend were walking, he is also gay but Korean, and a young WeHo clone said after last night the niggers better not come to West Hollywood if they knew what was BEST for them.

Los Angeles resident and Rod 2.0 reader A. Ronald says he and his boyfriend, who are both black, were carrying NO ON PROP 8 signs and still subjected to racial abuse.

Three older men accosted my friend and shouted, “Black people did this, I hope you people are happy!” A young lesbian couple with mohawks and Obama buttons joined the shouting and said there were “very disappointed with black people” and “how could we” after the Obama victory. This was stupid for them to single us out because we were carrying those blue NO ON PROP 8 signs! I pointed that out and the one of the older men said it didn’t matter because “most black people hated gays” and he was “wrong” to think we had compassion. That was the most insulting thing I had ever heard. I guess he never thought we were gay.

Blacks who have allowed homosexuals to depict their “struggle for civil rights” in the same terms as blacks should wake up and realize something: if being gay is like being black, then it truly IS immoral to be black.  If you don’t believe me, just look at what homosexuals are saying about you.

What if we did this stuff to them?  What if we published the names and information of opponents of Prop 8, and began individually targeting them for harassment, intimidation, and worse?  What would they say about it?

Bottom line: they are counting on the complete moral superiority of the supporters of Prop 8 not to retaliate.  They single us out and target us, even as they count on us to be better than they are and not retaliate by targeting them.  But what if we did?  What if we went to these peoples’ homes and business with the same vindictive spirit of hate these people are bringing to their cause, and to our doorsteps?

These people are hateful, vile, despicable, loathsome, vindictive, wicked, depraved hypocrites who will use any means necessary to get their way.  They are already hard at work trying to get the will of the people set aside, so that a four judges can impose their agenda on 30 million people.

In other words, the Bible is completely right about them and about their “lifestyle.”  Moses was right in calling their conduct “an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22).  Paul was right in describing homosexuality as the ultimate level of depravity (Romans 1:26-32).  If nothing else, they prove it to anyone willing to look by their very own conduct.

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3 Responses to “Gay Rights Groups Using Vile Intimidation Tactics To Attack Prop 8 Backers”

  1. phill Says:

    You leave out the part where long before any of this, during the campaign, the leaders of Yes on 8 did threaten and start blacklisting and harassing No on 8 supporters…long before any of this.
    There is no proof that many of the incidents were not caused by folks on the religious fringe in order to get public sympathy. There is simply no historical precedent and there is no current proof.
    But most of all your attempt to make some kind of equivalency between the gays pursuit of happiness that in no way impinges on your right to pursue religious faith with the judgmental crazed religious frenzy around religious people telling others what they can and can’t do.
    We’re all about freedom in America. And we want all to be as free as they can to pursue their happiness until it gets inthe way of someone elses pursuit. In this case, preventing adults from marrying is certainly getting in the way of anothers pusuit of happiness. While that marriage has no impact whatsoever on religious persons observances. none. No one is calling for requring churches to perform gay marriages (and who would want one in a church that was hostile anyway).
    The bottom line is that with a seriously losing hand lately this is an issue trumped up by the religious fanatical right. (i don’t call them conservative because true conservatives are for getting out of others business and for liberty.) And if they get this , you better believe they will be coming for more and more control of outhers lives .
    waste of money. feed the poor.
    Remember the persecution your folks have had inthe past.
    Mind your own business. live and let live.
    Enhance and grow freedom.
    And by the way, gays can get married any time they want . this does not prevent gay men and lesbian wonmen from makign a loving commitment and spending their lives together. This is solely about sharinginthe full benefits of our society, sharing in the cash and allocations made from the tax dollars that we all chip in — well all except the churches who are therefor supposed to stay out of secular matters and don’t pay a penny.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “What if we did this stuff to them? What if we published the names and information of opponents of Prop 8, and began individually targeting them for harassment, intimidation, and worse? What would they say about it?”

    They would have the MSM to broadcast their cries of how un-Christlike and abusive we are. You are correct, one only has to observe their despicable and hypocritical behavior to see who they really are in their hearts.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    I notice a few things. You don’t condemn the behavior of gay marriage supporters at all. Everything they’ve done appears fine with you. Sorry to be so blunt, but I find that attitude contemptible.

    The question, “What if we did this stuff to you had WE lost” shows how hypocritical you people are. You’d be screaming bloody murder. Yet you feel entirely entitled to lash out at Yes on 8 voters with no restraint. Pathetic.

    And to defend that what they’ve done is valid, you allude to pro-prop 8 conduct as being just as bad. But you don’t seem to think you have to do any more than accuse. I, on the other hand, cite article after article PROVING that gays are doing dreadful things. And you’re “there’s no proof that the victims didn’t do it to themselves is both contemptible AND pathetic. There is ALL kinds of documentation. That 70 yr old woman who got her cross ripped from her hands while gays surrounded her and screamed hate at her? You’re claiming that that was some kind of heterosexual plot? You seem to think that waving your hand at people and saying, “They’re terrible and they’ve done bad things” is somehow a valid accusation. It isn’t.

    It’s also rather amazing that you can force your morality on me, and then call me “intolerant” and “hateful” for trying to hold to my own morality. How does your head not explode from holding contradictions like that? I think that the articles I cite show just who is intolerant. You remind me of past persecution of religious people; the funny thing is that right now gays are out all over the country to lash out in persecution. I’ve seen the video of gays forcing their way into religious services to disrupt and intimidate. I’ve published some of the evidence of gays targeting people for boycotts and threatening phone calls.

    Your last paragraph has several flaws. First of all, gays can already form domestic partnerships that already provide all of those things in California. So you are clearly being very disingenuous. But second of all, a gay man has the same right that I or any other citizen has: the right to marry any adult person of the opposite sex who will have him. The fact that you don’t want to exercise your right doesn’t mean that society should be forced to redefine a millenia-old institution to suit you.

    You might want to follow your own advice: mind your own business. Quit trying to force me to recognize the validity of your lifestyle.

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