Talk About The End Of Civilization: Christmas Gift Certificates For Abortions

Just in case you thought that our culture had dumbed  and depraved itself down to the lowest possible level, think again: Planned Parenthood just started offering Christmas gift certificates for your dear ones’ holiday abortion needs.

What better way to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the human race than by giving someone the gift of killing her baby.

Maybe the advertisement could feature a picture of a very pregnant Virgin Mary holding up a Planned Parenthood Christmas gift certificate saying, “If only I had one of these!”

So bring in those bellies pregnant with non-Aryan babies and your gift certificates, girls, and we’ll fix you right up.  Our beloved founder Margaret Sanger’s vision of purging the fatherland of defectives will continue its glorious march!

So visit Planned Parenthood, and buy a little death for your loved one!

By the way, Planned Parenthood gets a lot of its funding from the government via you the taxpayer, so I guess you already DID buy Planned Parenthood Christmas gift certificates.


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