How Can Average Americans Support Israel?

Israel is taking a great deal of condemnation for responding to the 3,000-plus rockets Hamas has launched into the New Jersey-sized country this past year.  But Israel always gets condemnation.  No sin, apparently, can be greater than Israel responding to terrorist murder attempts against its citizens.

The U.N. is what it seemingly always HAS been regarding Israel: blatantly biased, dishonest, and corrupt.   Condemnations and demands for cease-fire don’t even mention Hamas or any of its violent terrorist actions.  At best, this is because the U.N. values the dozens of Islamic nations and the oil they produce over the one tiny nation of Israel; at worst, it is a symptom of blatant U.N. anti-Semitism.  Meanwhile, the U.N. allows terrorists to launch rockets from U.N. schools.

So what should America forced to stand ns do to support this friend, ally, and partner, which is so routinely against the world if they want to survive in a world where placards claiming, “Hitler was right” abound?

Up until recent times, American citizens haven’t had to do a great deal: the United States has been a stalwart supporter of Israel since President Harry Truman was the first leader to recognize the nation in 1948.  Stalwart support for Israel has been “built-in” to American foreign policy for the more than sixty years since.

But as Bob Dylan famously sang – The times they are a changin’. We now have a new President, who – due to contradictory public statements on Jerusalem and other crucial foreign policy issues and radical Islamic associations – whom we can no longer trust to respect and adhere to the historic strategic bond the U.S. shares with Israel.  Frankly, I doubt if anyone knows for sure what Obama will do if Israel is genuinely threatened.

So what can the average American do?

I remember the “Rough Riders” – the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry – that famously stormed San Juan Hill during the war with Spain in 1898.  Maybe such an expeditionary force should consider dropping the horses, but would a similar volunteer outfit ready to drop whatever they’re doing to come to the literal defense of Israel be out of line?

My military training is a bit dated, I no longer fit into my old uniforms, and I left the Army physically disabled, but I’d go, if Israel thought I could help.  I could at least drive trucks to supply the troops, I imagine.

And we got an awful lot of very fit, very experienced, and very deadly warriors coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan who would be a very welcome sight to Israelis if their country were threatened as it has already been repeatedly in the past.  Imagine THESE volunteer “rough riders” streaming into Israel!

I can already see the “all-terrorist-all-the-time” network Al Jazeera and our own mainstream liberal press headline: “New Crusade Launched On Holy Land.”  Twisted minds think alike.

What neither blatantly dishonest media would ever tell us is that modern terrorists – while demonizing America as “Crusaders” – are themselves the very worst “Crusaders” of all.  They conquer, murder, forcibly convert, and punish people in the name of religion while using the most vicious tactics imaginable to do it.  Islamic extremists are not one iota better than the worst of the Crusaders that they routinely condemn.

That, and the fact that there’s a difference between doing something bad 900 years ago and doing something bad five minutes ago.

Whatever you call them (I would call them magnificent), there would be a lot of tears of joy on both sides of the Atlantic as American citizens poured in to Israel to defend her in her hour of greatest need.

Can we send Israel money?  America was mighty generous when that tsunami hit Indonesia.  Since that terrible tsunami of water that struck Indonesia, Israel has been facing a tsunami of explosive-rocket attacks on a daily basis.

As a brief digression, the United States has repeatedly and routinely shown that it cares far more for Muslims in times of distress than do other Muslims.  American aid dwarfs Islamic countries – including the very richest ones – by so much that it is a joke.  This becomes relevant because – as we speak – Israel is showing that it cares more for Arab civilians than Hamas which uses every school and every hospital as a place to store and launch rocket attacks.  Hamas is literally standing behind their own women and children and daring Israeli soldiers to shoot them even as they shoot at the Israeli soldiers.

Here’s one organization: Friends of the Israel Defense Force.  I’m sure there are others.

One thing I KNOW we can do: make sure your Senators and your Representatives UNDERSTAND YOUR SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL.  It’s not that hard.  Go to and find your elected representatives’ contact information.  Let them know in no uncertain terms that they had better support Israel against those who would threaten it if they value their jobs.

Come on.  Don’t put it off.  There’s no time like the present.  Do it NOW!

Ordinary citizens can’t do what the full military, intelligence, and diplomatic power of the United States can do.

As a Christian, I believe the most powerful weapon of all is prayer.  PRAY FOR ISRAEL.  Pray for this democratic nation surrounded by undying hatred and ruthless terrorism; pray for the wisdom, character, and courage of her leaders; pray for the safety of her warriors, and of the citizens they fight to protect and defend.

And pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

2 Responses to “How Can Average Americans Support Israel?”

  1. Lori Says:

    AMEN! I openly support Israel. Despite what our president might say or do, we love, support, and pray for this blessed nation of chosen people!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Israel has been called “God’s canary.” How a people/nation treat the Jews is God’s barometer for judging those nations.

    I stand with Israel. I would vote to stand with Israel to my country’s own hurt, as we stand in the path of genocidal maniacs who want to destroy her.

    One day, Israel will be saved (Zech 12:10). When Christians stand with Jews, they stand not only against the forces of demonic evil that want to “drive them into the sea,” but with future brothers and sisters in the world to come.

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