Obama and Socialism: “Say hello to my little friend”

One of the best-remembered “famous movie lines”: Al Pacino as Scarface, shouting defiance as he introduces a vicious grenade-launcher-equipped assault rifle to the police.  Going out in a blaze of glory – or at least a blaze of something.

Well, President-elect Barack Obama had his own “little friend” to introduce us to: Carol Browner and the hard-core socialist policies that will certainly come out of her, every bit as much as firepower came out of Scarface’s weapon.

Fox News Special Report revealed this:

Incoming Global Warming Czar Carol Browner was — until last week — listed as one of 14 leaders of a socialist group that advocates what’s called “global governance” and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change. The Washington Times reports Browner’s name and biography were listed on the Web page for Socialist International .

Mr. Obama’s transition team says Browner’s membership in the organization is not a problem and that it brings experience in policymaking to her new role. But House Minority Leader John Boehner’s spokeswoman Antonia Ferrier asks, “Does she agree with the group’s positions on global governance- that the United States should abdicate its international leadership to international organizations? Does she support its position that the international community should be the ultimate arbiter of climate change policy?”

Mr. Obama has said action on climate change will be a priority in his administration.

Well, to answer the two questions raised in the short article: of course it’s a problem that someone who will hold such power is a committed socialist who wants to take autonomy, power, and wealth away from the United States and give it to “the world”; and of course she agrees with the positions the group that she leads advocates.

“Say hello to my little friend”: a hard-core leftist socialist agenda in the name of saving the planet and “global justice” that will do every bit as much damage to the U.S. economy as Scarface’s weapon could do to human flesh.

The cost of caps and trades on businesses; the cost of developing expensive new technologies that will ultimately produce much less actual energy at a much higher cost; the massive government involvement with all the pork, earmarks, corruption, waste, and out-of-control budgets that government involvement inevitably entails; and the fact that even if we actually get the new technology, key competitors like China and India – using cheap oil and coal – will have yet another major competitive advantage over us.

Oil and coal are so much cheaper than any “alternative” energy that it is simply unreal.  The idiotic push for “alternative energy” is the common-sense equivalent to building some obscenely complicated and expensive Rube Goldberg machine to brush our teeth rather than just applying tooth paste to a tooth brush.

Government-mandated taxpayer-funded oral hygiene device

Government-mandated taxpayer-funded oral hygiene device

The boondoggles are already mounting: as one example, Seattle wants federal money to finance measures such as installing solar panels on three public bathrooms at a cost of over a million dollars – in a city that averages 58 clear days a year.

Studies show that global warming legislation will cost the economy trillions of dollars.  And what is so ironic as to be laughable is that Europe is backing away from their economy-killing global warming measures even as we prepare to embrace the knife.

We’re going to suffer terribly as Obama unveils his “little friend.”

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