Why PBS’ Bill Moyers Et Al Moral Idiots For Condemning Israel – Pt 1

Bill Moyers stands out as a moral idiot par excellence in a journalistic field that has itself become characterized by appalling moral idiocy.  And as a man who has access into virtually every home in the country – subsidized by government through taxes – Moyers is able to powerfully advance his moral idiocy and create others like himself as few others are able to do.

In clip that lasts a little over 8 minutes, Bill Moyers pontificates that – although Israel admittedly has the theoretical right to defend itself – it is the brutally oppressive monster in this fight against Hamas.  He spends 1% of his time acknowledging Israel’s right of self-defense, and 99% of his time siding with Hamas terrorists and helping them broadcast their propaganda.

Bill Moyers to Joespeh Goebbels: “Are you having problems getting your message out?  Please, let me help you.”

Bill Moyers on PBS

Moyers says, “Brute force can turn defense into state terrorism,” and adds that, “By killing indiscriminately, Israel did what terrorists do and what Hamas wanted.”

There’s the rub.  But Moyers glides by it like the propagandist he truly is.  The tragic reality is that Hamas WANTS Israel to kill Palestinian women and children, and forces them to do so.  By locating amongst hospitals, and schools, and heavily populated neighborhoods, and by using such sites as weapons depots, and tactical command centers, and launching sites for their constant rocket attacks, Hamas forces Israel to either kill Palestinian civilians or stand idly by and do nothing while the lives of its own innocent civilians are put at risk.  And the latter is simply not an option for ANY nation.

Moyers is depicted by liberals as a courageous man, bravely standing up against Israel and the powerful Jewish lobby.  But he is a coward of amazing proportions.  For all the condemnation he heaps upon Israel, he never once presents Israel’s side in this Hamas-created dilemma, or offers an alternative to what Israel ought to do besides doing nothing while thousands of more rockets are launched into Israel.  He is cowardly, not courageous.  And yet he is rewarded with praise at elitist pinky-in-the-air cocktail parties for his contemptible pseudo-courage.

Hamas is routinely depicted as “the underdog” by cowards and appeasers like Moyers.  And every Palestinian civilian casualty is magnified as a crime against humanity.  Every “journalist” who condemns Israel in this manner becomes an apologist for terrorists who cynically and hatefully use the moral restraint – in fact the moral superiority – of their enemies against them.

Hamas is an “underdog” that uses Palestinian women and children as human shields while it doggedly pursues its mission of murdering Jews.   It is an “underdog” that deliberately locates their fighting and tactical sites in hospitals, schools, and homes.  It is an “underdog” whose very reason for existence is genocidal murder of Jews and the extinction of the state of Israel.  It is an “underdog” that refuses to exercise any moral restraint or show any respect for civilized behavior.  And it is an “underdog” that was elected by the majority vote of the “civilians” who are nevertheless still routinely depicted as hapless victims of brutal and indifferent Israeli aggression.

And what is Israel supposed to do when it suffers 3,000 rocket attacks in a single year by Hamas fighters?  How would Bill Moyers have Israel respond to this intolerable threat?  He lacks the courage to address such questions.

Only the most despicable and most depraved kind of human being would defend such “underdogs” and condemn the race of people who are their victims in attack after attack after attack.  There is no “balance” in Moyer’s analysis: there is only a refusal to face Israel’s dilemma, and to focus on the Palestinian as victim but never as aggressor.

Moyers clearly views deaths caused by Israel  as morally equivalent to the killing of Jews by internationally condemned terrorist organization Hamas.   Moyers appears to agree with the view of Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahar, who says:

“The Zionists have legitimized the killing of their children by killing our children.”

This is utterly insane.  Israel doesn’t want to kill Palestinian children.  In fact, Israel has attempted to do everything it could to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties.  It has repeatedly pre-warned Palestinian civilians of impending attacks – giving up the important strategic element of surprise in the process – in order to limit the civilian death toll as much as they possibly could as they went after Hamas fighters.  But Hamas, by contrast, has done everything it could to maximize Palestinian deaths in order to use their deaths for political gain.  And useful idiots such as Bill Moyers – again, using his  tax-funded PBS program as his pulpit – has willingly served as this terrorist organization’s “useful idiot.”

Bill Moyers and those like him speak in terms of “the disproportionate use of force by Israel,” as though it would even be possible for a civilized nation like Israel to choose to send 3000 rockets indiscriminately into Gaza the way Hamas has done to Israel this past year.

How – after all – is a nation to “proportionately” respond to act after act after act of mindless and insane violence?  Should the United States have sent only 19 men after al Qaeda given the fact that al Qaeda had only sent 19 men on 9/11?  Would a nation that would not use every resource to protect its people from terrorist attack not be an evil nation?

And – having said that – I argue that Bill Moyers is an evil man.

We don’t generally think of someone like Moyers as “evil.”  He hasn’t murdered anyone, or raped anyone, has he?  And he’s an “intellectual,” not a criminal!

Realize something: ideas have consequences.  And some of the most shocking, brutal, hateful, murderous crimes in human history were the product of intellectuals as their “intellectual theories” gave rise to genocides.

Nazism, World War II, and the Holocaust did not begin in the mind of Adolf Hitler.  Rather, it was the fruition of decades of intellectuals advancing their ideas.  Profoundly anti-Semitic theological liberals undermined the validity of the  Old Testament in order to depict Jews as frauds and purge “Jewishness” from Aryan Christianity.  Doctors began presenting their views – based on Darwinism and the best “science” – of the superiority of the Aryan race and the corresponding need – in the name of Darwinian “survival of the fittest” – to eliminate inferior people in order to forge the master race.  Other doctors – affirming the aforementioned theories – delved into eugenics and other measures to create and shape that master race.  And all the while philosophers and other German intellectuals were developing the concept of Lebensunwertes Leben (“life unworthy to be lived”).

Adolf Hitler – who was shaped and influenced by these intellectuals’ ideas – was merely one of the architects who put them all together.  The view that the Jews were a subhuman race whose very existence posed a threat to the German people, and to the German Weltanschauung (for a more in depth understanding, click here).

Nazi Germany was the most educated, the most scientifically advanced, and the most intellectual nation on the face of the earth.  Do not think that “idea men” who have never actually had real blood on their hands cannot be incredibly evil human beings.  Most of the monsters who orchestrated the Holocaust and the death camps never actually killed anyone.

And Bill Moyers – in his morally blind denunciation of Israel for doing the best it could to defend itself in the midst of a moral dilemma orchestrated by its enemies – is very much like these other “idea men.”  Like these other depraved “idea men” before him, if Moyer’s ideas would be pursued, millions of Jews would ultimately pay with their lives.

Why PBS’ Bill Moyers Et Al Moral Idiots For Condemning Israel – Pt 2

2 Responses to “Why PBS’ Bill Moyers Et Al Moral Idiots For Condemning Israel – Pt 1”

  1. Richard Says:

    Bill Moyers is a left-wing extremist who uses public money to push his point of view. I have stopped donating money to PBS and made it clear it is because of Moyers. There are shows I watch on PBS but they are the minority. I find Fox satisfies most of my needs and watch it most of the time.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    The day we get a 20+ year commitment to put an uber conservative on PBS, I’ll say they had a right to put on Moyers.

    There are some good programs on PBS, but there is no question that it is an enterprise that has long since been hijacked by the ideological left as a propaganda device.

    And Bill Moyers is a national disgrace.

    Thanks for the comment, Richard.

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