Deceitful Canned Music As Apt Metaphor For Obama Presidency

Obama got the big pretentious names like Yo Yo Ma, Anthony McGill, Gabriela Montero, and Itzhak Perlman to perform for him.  But the performance was for his ears only; everyone else got the “canned music” piped to them in a show of deception that makes one reminisce to Communist China’s false presentations during the Olympics.

Live’ Inauguration Performance Used Canned Music
Written by Sunrise on KGMB9 –

Remember that amazing quartet that played that beautiful “live” performance at the inauguration? Turns out it wasn’t live at all.

The frigid temperatures apparently made it impossible for the four renowned musicians to keep instruments in tune. So a cleaner version of John Williams’ “Air and Simple Gifts” was fed over the loud speakers.

The excuse was that the weather was too cold for the instruments to hold their tune.  Two responses: 1) GLOBAL WARMING!!! and 2) Who would ever have figured it it would be cold in Washington DC in January?

So use canned music in an open, honest manner, or have a brass band play, or whatever.  But don’t give us one thing while claiming to give us another.

Stop The ACLU was there first, saying:

Unfortunately it was a recording. The classical gas was a mere Milli Vanilli-a-rama…

[I]t remains to be seen if this mild subterfuge will be a metaphor for the Obama administration; a facade thrown up while canned music plays to fool the public.

But I would argue that we’ve already SEEN one facade being thrown up after another from Obama.

Let me give two particularly galling examples.

Juan Williams had this to say January 22nd:

During the Democrats’ primaries and caucuses, candidate Obama often got affectionate if not fawning treatment from the American media. Editors, news anchors, columnists and commentators, both white and black but especially those on the political left, too often acted as if they were in a hurry to claim their role in history as supporters of the first black president.

For example, Mr. Obama was forced to give a speech on race as a result of revelations that he’d long attended a church led by a demagogue. It was an ordinary speech. At best it was successful at minimizing a political problem. Yet some in the media equated it to the Gettysburg Address.

Obama was “forced to give a speech on race” because it was revealed that the man had spent 23 years in a racist, anti-American church spewing “No, no, no.  Not God Bless America.  God damn America!”  And routinely demonizing white people and white society as completely racist, immoral, and greedy.

Of course, all that bile Wright spewed was “Just words.”  Move on, folks.  Nothin’ to see here.

Barack Obama was inspired by one of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist tidbits:

“It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks’ greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere…That’s the world! On which hope sits!” (Pg. 293, Dreams of My Father).

Barack Obama reacted to the revelations of statement after statement dripping venemously from the lips of Jeremiah Wright as his fellow congregants stood and cheered by the thousands by first saying nothing; then by defending Wright; then by giving his “Gettysburg-like” speech in which he said, I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community”; and “I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother“; and ultimately by TOTALLY disowning him a couple weeks later after it became obvious that he needed to do so for political expediency.

He had called Jeremiah Wright his spiritual mentor, a father figure, a role model, and the inspiration for his book Audacity of Hope.

“I spent 23 years smoking Wright’s whacko-weed.  But I never once inhaled.”

So – even as the fact that Obama spent 23 years in Wright’s church, had Wright marry him, had Wright baptize his children, appeared in Wright’s Trumpet Magazine, etc. – Obama piped a different tune to replace the one that didn’t sound so good.  And the media – as Juan Williams noted – fell all over themselves buying the “Milli Vanilli” version.

The second glaring example of Obama replacing reality with canned music was when he elected to abandon his promise to accept public funding.  He went on to raise FOUR times as much as the McCain campaign while patting himself on the back for what turned out to be his “Milli Vanilli” integrity.

When Barack Obama announced he was breaking his promise to accept public funding, the reason he cited was that he was raising all his money from small donors and therefore his system was even more open and honest than the public financining system.  But that was never true.  It turned out that Obama’s money DIDN’T significantly come from small donors, after all, in spite of Obama’s “Milli Vanilli” version to the contrary.  The whole version of the truth that allowed Obama to outspend John McCain 3-1 (and 4-1 in battleground states) was a myth.

Given that Obama in all likelihood won this election due to his 3-1 fund raising advantage, it would have been only FAIR to investigate his fund raising.  But the media was far too occupied with digging through Sarah Palin’s and Joe the Plumber’s trash.  The McCain campaign vigorously attempted to prevent fraud, while Obama cared only about maximizing his contributions by any means available.  The result was ALL SORTS of documented fraud that proved Obama’s fundraising was a disgrace to fairness, or public access, or accountability, or anything else.  We find out that Obama took millions from overseas donors.  We find out that there were all sorts of fraudulent shenanigans going on in campaign financing that Obama never even bothered to try to correct.

I could also go into detail about the guy who Obama picked to run the IRS being a tax cheat, but what’s the use?

I expect one case of blatant dishonesty followed by a media-swallowed case of “canned music” after another from this President and from this administration.  And we won’t know about most of it, because the media is dishonest and corrupt due to its partisan liberal ideology.

8 Responses to “Deceitful Canned Music As Apt Metaphor For Obama Presidency”

  1. Melanie Says:

    At least it was really them playing, though…they have one up on Milli Vinilli there. Oh, and much better hair. :)

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    On my understanding, the canned music wasn’t even the same songs/music as what they were actually playing.

    In any event, the canned music was just a metaphor for the “bait-and-switch” nature that Obama has already demonstrated and will continue to display to our downfall.

  3. Old Grandpaw Says:

    Well, we have a canned President; we have Photostat money, General Motor shares worth even less than Photostat money, so I would say canned music goes with what we have since January 20 in the year we live right now. It is 2009, or is it six centuries back in the past already?

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I was amazed how many liberals didn’t even bother to read this article but felt compelled to comment on it anyway over at There were people saying, “The music thing is nothing. Why are you making such a big deal about it?” The fact that the word “metaphor” was in the title didn’t mean a thing. It didn’t mean a thing that I was referring to the symbolism of the canned music as being representative of the bait-and-switch nature of Obama, not to the dang music.

    Several musical liberals were galled that I would in any way slight Yo Yo and his ilk.

    But, Old Grandpaw gets it. We pretty much have a fake president and a fake country. Fake music is right in accord with the Zeitgeist (i.e. the spirit of the times).

  5. Life should be real! Says:

    This canned music story reminds me of the guy who was teaching his budgie not to eat.

    A friend visited and noticed the little bird was loosing condition fast, looking forlorn and dejected, feathers tattered, in real bad shape.

    “That bird is dying. You must feed him,” he said to his friend.

    “No,” said the budgie owner, “he is almost there, he has virtually made it. One more week and he won’t need food ever again.”

    The friend visited again over the next weekend and noticed the budgie cage is empty.

    “The budgie has left, so I assume he made it.”

    “No,” said the owner, “he virtually made it, almost there but he died this morning.”

    So much for canned music, a canned Presidency, canned Freedom of the Press with the Virtual Fairness Doctrine. Plant more Soya beans and grow more corn to give us virtual oil, for virtual independence of fossil oil, close Gitmo and have virtual law enforcement. Pretty soon we will be left with dead budgies, virtual life, and the reality of Obama as President.

    I must ask Joe the Jackhammer for his views.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    That’s a good example of what we’re going to get, only our version will be, “Just a little more billions in government spending will fix our economy. We’re ALMOST there…!”

  7. D-wah Says:

    Found you googling “canned presidency”–you think it was bad back then?!–How about his teleprompter stuck in his mouth!-and pre-selected press questions!-canned, prepackaged soma IS the perfect metaphor–this is surreal–and watching the fawning sycophantic media (and swooning cool-aid followers, I mean swallowers) is even more mind-boggling. What will it take to wake people up? Tea Parties are just the start, but they’re asking for a massive Washington march and civil disobedience to get their attention…if he doesn’t get his green shirt goons in place first. God help us.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    I remember watching a PBS documentary on WWI. The program quoted a few German intellectuals who watched the mobs below cheer the war machine, and said, “the fools!”

    I think of WWII, and contemplate the adulation that went to Adolf Hitler. He was a “messiah” too.

    Rush Limbaugh had a moment on the radio today: he said that if it wasn’t for the teleprompter, the Obama administration wouldn’t have anything to offer at all. And he said if it wasn’t for the teleprompter, Obama would be left wandering aimlessly through the English language punctuated by dozens of “uhs” and “ums.”

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