Eating Popcorn, Watching Democrats Make Fools Of Themselves

I’m sure a lot of Republican politicians are asking themselves this question: “How on earth can these chumps have beaten us in November?”

Look at the last couple of months since the election.  The very worst, most hilarious, most ridiculous, most asinine behavior of Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges – combined – looks downright competent compared to the Democrats.

First we had the pee-in-your-pants-funny meltdown over corrupt Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s appointment of  pompous blowhard Rolland Burris to fill Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat.  Democrats – who initially called for a special election until it occurred to them that they might lose in the environment of anger over the exposure of Democrat corruption – could have called for that election and avoided any problems or crises.  But they were too hyper-partisan, dishonest, and incompetent to do that, so Blagojevich rubbed their noses in their own feces.

By the way, Barack Obama TWICE endorsed corrupt slimeball Blagojevich.

Anyway, the drama just kept getting better and better.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recognized just how “tainted” (his words, not mine) Blagojevich’s appointment of Burris was.  But then he joined in the Keystone Cops liberal lunacy by reducing himself to the childish prank of trying to lock Rolland Burris out of the building.

Meanwhile, former Black Panther-turned racist Representative Bobby Rush was out clogging the airwaves at every turn with the charge that not seating Burris was tantamount to putting every black in America back into the chains of slavery.  He compared the Democrat-controlled Senate to the last plantation and pleaded with the white Master Majority Leader not to “hang and lynch” the poor black appointee.

Not to mention that for all of Rush’s hysterical vitriole, the blatant hypocrite (a characteristic malady of liberalism) had said BEFORE Blagojevich appointed an African-American, “He has no moral basis for appointing the next senator from the state of Illinois. … That person would be as tainted as they could be.”

It was nice to watch Democrats suffer the fallout from their own lunatic racist rantings for a change.

The one thing that we can apparently all agree upon is that Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich “obviously is a corrupt individual” (again, Harry Reid’s words, not mine), and that Democrat Illinois Senator Roland Burris is “tainted.”

What anyone with the IQ over a chicken would agree upon is that Democrats revealed themselves to be utter fools throughout the process.

And Barack Obama – who couldn’t have displayed less courage throughout the controversy if he’d knocked down women and children to run out of a burning building – kept his distance and his silence.

Thank God these guys are leading the country.  We need professional and courageous non-partisan leadership to get through this crisis.

Then we had the case of almost-Commerce Secretary-and-soon-to-be-felon Democrat New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdrawing his name from Obama’s cabinent.  We can now bookened the two most important economic positions in the government – Commerce Secretary and Treasury Secretary – to find “pay to play” and “tax cheat.”

I hope your confidence in the integrity of your government is as strong as mine.

Barack Obama – who most certainly couldn’t have passed his own security check – turned out to have a pretty pathetic vetting system, in spite of all his hoopla about it.  Maybe if he’d actually had a decent system, he wouldn’t have ended up with gaffe-a-matic Joe Biden as his Vice President.

Dick Cheney was portrayed by the media as machevellian; Biden is portrayed as moronic.  I personally portray him as “Ruprecht, the Monkey-Boy.”

But I digress.

Just when you think, I can’t take anymore of this idiotic nonesense over cabinent picks and appointments and Senate seat vacancies, we got to watch yet another Democrat Governor making a complete circus side-show mockery of yet another Democrt Senate seat.

It is best to find out from fellow Democrats just how much of a mockery of rationality Governor David Patterson made of the appointment process:

A Democratic operative familiar with the selection process summed it up like this: “The governor’s handling – or rather, mishandling – of the selection process has been a circus from start to finish. With his dithering, leaks and abrupt 180s, he’s managed to demean the candidates, the office and himself in the process.”

All Paterson had to do was vet candidates and make a call. Instead, he talked up candidates and talked them down, sometimes on the same day.

He made up his mind and changed it, and then made it up again within the span of a single press conference. He got offended when candidates openly campaigned for the job and then demanded that they be more assertive.

“Paterson was jerking them around in ways that were shocking. It’s not the way to operate. His actions were erratic,” one well-known Democratic Albany insider told me.

“There’s a growing feeling that Paterson will say whatever he feels is convenient at the moment. There’s no consistency.”


Yet in two months politics in New York devolved from dysfunctional to chaotic, tarnishing every major player involved. And sometimes it seemed that David Paterson wanted it exactly that way. His style of governance, a dizzy mix of ingratiation and trickeration, has turned what could have been a moment of triumph—a powerful new ally in the Senate, a relationship with President Obama—into a slapstick fiasco, a fitting sequel to the way Paterson got the job in the first place. Politics is often a contest of half-truths, where the winner is the best bullshitter. But thanks to Paterson and a cast of dozens, the fight to become the next senator became instead a world-class festival of lies.


For his part, Mr. Paterson has conducted the selection process much like a business owner placing a want ad. He has encouraged people to reach out to him, invited them in for interviews and asked candidates to fill out a lengthy questionnaire that asked things like whether they had ever been fired from a job or had employed illegal immigrants as household help.

It defies my imagination how the Democrats could have screwed up more.  And the fact that they are now in total control of the country leaves me shaking my head in wonder and thanking God that the American voter wasn’t also presented the opportunity to vote for a team of monkeys to run the country.  Then again, how much worse could the monkeys have done?

I have popped my popcorn.  Now it is time to sit back and watch Democrats completely ruin the country while the media come up with ever more and more fanciful ways to blame Republicans for all the disasters.

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