Hypocrite-in-Chief Obama Admits: “I’m not a trained economist”

Tonight Barack Obama ended his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper with these words:

Right now I’m learning an awful lot about the economy. I’m not a trained economist, but I’m spending a lot of time thinking about that so that I can make the very best decisions possible for the American people.”

Really, you gigantic, colossal hypocrite?  “Learning an awful lot about the economy”?  “Not a trained economist”?  Pardon my language, but just where the hell was all that modesty and honesty when you were tearing out John McCain’s throat for his similar admission offered at a time when people were making up their minds and when that little bit of honesty was most important?:

So far, Obama appears to have an edge in the economic argument, bolstered in part by McCain’s candor on the issue when he said during the Republican primary, “I am not an expert on Wall Street. I am not an expert on this stuff.”

Oh, yeah, President O-bum-a, you and your propagandist media lackeys were all over that little outbreak of personal honesty and modesty:

“Mr. McCain … has been shadowed by his statements earlier in the campaign that he is not expert in the subject of the economy” bleated MSNBC.

The mainstream media was all over McCain to help their messiah win:

Sen. John McCain’s comment from last year that he doesn’t understand economics “as well as he should” has dogged him all the way to South America today during a foreign trip meant to burnish his standing as a presidential candidate ready to be a world leader.

Damn right, the media dogged him.  Dogged him all the way out of the country, and right out of contention.  And somehow none of them ever bothered to ask, “Just when the hell did Barack Obama ever become an expert in economics or Wall Street?

But that didn’t stop Obama and his worshipful media acolytes from throwing it in John McCain’s face the way Muslims throw battery acid into the faces of their women, did it?

Obama had the “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should” quote memorized to attack John McCain at virtually every  single rally.  The Obama campaign had an ad that ridiculed McCain entitled, “Don’t know much” [about the economy].

Too damn bad we have to find out only now that you don’t understand it yourself, Barry.  At least John McCain was honest and open about his strengths and weaknesses.  You weren’t.  And in attacking him for his admission, you merely revealed that you don’t know much about the virtues of honesty and of avoiding hypocrisy.

Right now, Obama’s woeful MIS-understanding of the economy is beginning to seriously hurt us.  While John McCain stressed the critical importance of free trade during the campaign, Barack Obama is now beginning to seriously undermine the vital US relationship with trade partners over his socialist union agenda to insert “Buy American” into the so-called stimulus package.

And now, an array of international economic experts (you know, the kind of people who ARE “trained economists”) are predicting that Obama’s “Buy American” agenda in his stimulus package could actually “stimulate” the next Great Depression.

Meanwhile, this same hypocrite who so dishonestly attacked John McCain for his acknowledgment that he wasn’t an economic expert – only to now acknowledge the SAME THING himself after it’s too late to do anything about it – has hypocritically appointed tax cheat after tax cheat to his cabinet in spite of all his lofty rhetoric about “changing Washington.”  He’s changed it all right.  Thanks to Obama, we now have our first tax cheat serving as Treasury Secretary and head of the IRS.  And two of his cabinet appointments (Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer) had to withdraw the same day due to their tax status.

Mark Steyn quipped that this was Obama’s version of “pay for play,” given that Obama’s cabinet picks had to decide how much of their unpaid taxes they would be willing to pay to serve as cabinet members in Obama’s administration.

Barack Obama is most certainly not a “trained economist.”  Hypocrisy, on the other hand, is a subject in which he is clearly most expert, indeed.

8 Responses to “Hypocrite-in-Chief Obama Admits: “I’m not a trained economist””

  1. hl Says:

    What is happening is crazy making. I’m tired of feeling so much anger.
    Our government has become like “terrorists” to those of us who are sane, love America and the ideals that made her great.
    O is such a deceiving liar, who in one sentence sounds like Reagan and the next sounds like the radical he truly is.
    My friend read me a quote from Forbes magazine where Timothy Geithner was being interviewed. He stated he didn’t LIKE MATH!!! THAT explains a lot.
    The O doesn’t know much about economics???
    Geithner doesn’t like math???
    Nancy Pelosi states 500 million people will lose their jobs???
    We are in serious doo-doo.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Great comeback. I’ll have to track down Geithner’s “doesn’t like math” and add it to Pelosi’s “500 million.” Sounds like an half an article right there.

    I think we’re together in sharing a profound sense of anger over the betrayal that has occurred to everything this country was and is supposed to be. It’s what I’ve been feeling since the Jeremiah Wright revelations: how can people support this?

    Thank God that I have a better place to be a citizen of – the Kingdom of Heaven – where Marxists aren’t allowed.

  3. hl Says:

    I think the Geithner interview was in the Oct. or Nov. issue of Forbes.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll look it up.

    I already found Nancy Pelosi’s lunatic remark

  5. Ike Jakson Says:

    Now why would this idiot suddenly say that he is not a trained economist, almost as if he is a very knowledgeable economist but just not trained in it? All this while every kid in the whole Nation knows that Obama is not an economist Period. To even suggest, “that he is now learning an awful lot about the economy” is …. I mean, who is he trying to fool this time? A few hundred or probably a few thousand trained economists and financial marauders got the country in the present mess and most of them are now on the staff of the Big Ego. What are they going to train or teach him? To tell the country more lies about how he is going to spend the economy on borrowings from a recession into a boom time? Gimme a break please?

    I complement you on another good choice for a name for this article. You are very good at it.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Something that emerged in my mind as I read your comments was the arrogance of Obama. I mean, “I’m learning an awful lot about the economy.” Really, Obama? In your two weeks on the job? But note that he flat out demonized George Bush on the economy, in spite of his 8 YEARS on the job. Presumably, Bush learned a lot more about the economy. And he had run businesses prior to his being governor. And in both cases Bush had a lot of experiential knowledge over Obama.

    I think I’ll make that little addition in the article, now that I’m thinking about it.

    Thanks for the last. Titling an article is the most difficult part of the process.

  7. tess aghee Says:

    OBAMA states that he is not an ECONOMIST!
    He had the gall to hand the “..STIMULUS BILL..” To none
    other than Nancy Pelosi…is she an ECONOMIST?
    We are surprised that she has not included her personal
    “..BOTOX TREATMENTS..” in the bill.

    OBAMA doesn’t know how to reach across the aisle and ask
    the Republicans to look at the matter with the Democrats.

    We read last week where they did not allow the Repubs to
    look at anything they were working on….SO MUCH FOR
    A GOOD PRESIDENT! I wish I had not voted for OBAMA

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Obama’s speeches are right now blaming Republican policies for all the problems, and essentially claiming that Republicans need to do whatever the heck he says because we can’t go back to Republican failed policies. That ought to convince them to go with Obama.

    The reality is that the housing finance collapse that destroyed our economy is more due to Democrats than anyone.
    I’ve got 3 articles that should blow your mind as an Obama voter:



    The truth is, President Bush tried twice to regulate Fannie and Freddie – the “government supported entities” that created and bundled and sold the subprime loans that destroyed our economy. And Democrats opposed it and prevented it.

    I hope more and more Obama voters such as yourself turn on this weasel. He is truly dangerous, and the quicker this country turns on him, the less bad it will be for us.

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