Economic Bailout Vote Reveals Republicans Irrelevant In Government

Three Republican Senators made the Republican Party irrelevant until at least 2010.  Their names are Susan Collins and Olympia Snow (both from Maine), Arlen Specter (of Pennsylvania).

After being nearly entirely excluded from the process of drafting the legislation for the Obama American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (or Generational Theft Act, or European Socialist Act, or whatever you want to call it – just don’t call it “stimulus”), House Republicans finally showed their backbone by unanimously opposing the bloated fiasco.  And all but three Senate Republicans joined their House colleagues by standing firmly against a bad Democrat plan.

Only 37% of Americans actually supported the terribly flawed plan, and support was declining daily.

I took part in a US News & World Report survey.  Here are the results as of today:

Do you think the stimulus bill should focus more on tax cuts or more on spending?

1. 23.69% I think it should focus more on spending
2. 23.47% I think it should focus equally on spending and tax cuts
3. 52.84% I think it should focus more on tax cuts

In other words, an overwhelming majority of Americans favored the Republican approach.

Democrats are thanking their various deities or lack thereof for the three invertebrate Republican Senators.  I don’t doubt that Democrats will trumpet this as a “bipartisan compromise.”  What else should you call it when 3 out of about 218 Republicans votes for a hard-core partisan Democrat bill?

It is sad enough that this plan – which WILL hurt the economy badly over the long run – will pass.

But this betrayal – or display of spinelessness – from Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, and Arlen Specter, has long-term consequences that mean that this tragic socialistic undermining of the capitalist system that made this nation an economic superpower is only the beginning.

In the House, 178 Republicans stood up and said, “HELL NO!”  And they were joined by something like (who even KNOWS how many Republican Senators there are?) 36 Republican Senators.  A solid front, to be sure.

But three Republican Senators are all it takes to tear the throat out of any Republican opposition to any bill.

Today’s vote is a demonstration of the fact that Republicans have no influence whatsoever in our government.  Come what may, Republicans are totally irrelevant until at least the 2010 election.

The American people voted for complete Democratic domination.  They are going to receive complete Democratic domination.  And they are going to pay the bitter consequences for complete Democratic domination.

Democrats own everything now.  And the only thing Republicans can do is keep reminding the American people of that fact until they turn on the Democratic Party the way they turned on the Republicans in November.

16 Responses to “Economic Bailout Vote Reveals Republicans Irrelevant In Government”

  1. Tom Awtry Says:

    In the early 80’s I read an article claiming “if California broke away from the United States, it would be the 6th richest country in the world.” Times have sure changed, now the “Golden State” is on the ropes and could be counted out in regards to a $42 billion dollar deficit.

    If you wanted to renew your Driver’s License or either change or receive your Registration last Friday, at the Department of Motor Vehicles, you were out of luck – state wide. Many other California governmental offices were also closed, which in turn, forced the closure of many businesses across the state too.

    Governor Schwarzenegger ordered furloughs for some 200,000 state government workers to help save money as he and lawmakers try to find a way to close California’s $42 billion budget deficit.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    As a fellow Californian (I’m presuming), I’m wit ya!

    Governor Arnold described California’s impending state as “financial Armageddon.” And that’s just what it is. The state either is, or soon will be, bankrupt. They can’t pay their unemployment benefits, which is an obligation. That is the definition of bankruptcy.

    Here’s one article. And the issue is crippling debt that is growing by $1.7 million every hour.

    California still IS one of the largest economies all by itself. I’ve heard the figure of 1/6th many times as well; the article says “one of the top 10 largest”).

    And the state is screwed because of massive (and profoundly stupid) debt. Just like what we’re doing to ourselves now in the federal government.

  3. hl Says:

    “Do you think the stimulus bill should focus more on tax cuts or more on spending?

    1. 23.69% I think it should focus more on spending
    2. 23.47% I think it should focus equally on spending and tax cuts
    3. 52.84% I think it should focus more on tax cuts

    In other words, an overwhelming majority of Americans favored the Republican approach”

    I thought 53 million voted Obama into office and 46 million voted for Mc Cain. These results show almost 53% are now in favor of the Republicans tax cut approach.
    Did that many people who voted for Obama not comprehend that he would govern with a far-left liberal fiscal policy?
    Are they now just waking up and now they agree with the proven fiscally Conservative approach?
    This is absolutely crazy making. Are we in the Twilight Zone? I mean seriously, how can this be?

  4. stophate Says:

    The Republican Party has made itself irrelevant for a couple of reasons. The previous Republican administration failed miserably and will be saddled with the blame for the current financial crisis. Bush lost the ability to lead that nation because he lost his moral authority. He cared little about leading ethically. He overstepped his constitutional authority on many occasions. Few conservative “leaders” had the backbone to stand up to Bush and simply relished being in power. In short, people have seem what happens when you put a conservative in power and don’t trust them anymore. The American people have chosen a different direction all together because of a lack of alternatives. Personally I support President Obama because he has put government spending priorities on the American people instead of corporations and the rich. 8 years of tax breaks for the wealthy and greedy corporations that sent our jobs overseas didn’t work so I look forward to a different approach.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    The falsely-named “stimulus” package was at 37% favorable on Friday – and it had been dropping like a brick all week. People don’t want this socialism turkey. But that just makes Democrats all the more determined to ram their agenda home in the name of “the people.”

    Civilizations have often seemed to implode all of a sudden. And we’re on that “dodo bird” route now.

    A lot of ignorant and fearful people – who were flat out lied to via media propaganda – are going to see their country circle the drain. And of course the same propaganda machine that urged them to vote for Obama will continue to lie to them every step of the way down the hill to mediocrity.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Starthate supports Obama? I was so shocked I’m glad I was sitting down. I never would have guessed that one.

    Let’s see. Moral authority. We’ve got a tax cheat running the Treasury and the IRS, and we’ve got an even bigger tax cheat in Charles Rangle writing our nation’s tax laws from the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. We had a Democrat named Jefferson sitting in the Senate for YEARS who was caught with $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer. We had Jack Murtha calling innocent Marines war criminals and murderers. And we had Democrats – who before and shortly after 9/11 supported taking out Saddam Hussein for having WMD –
    – turn on it and against the President in time of war for sheer political propaganda and posturing.

    But there were and will always be people like you to defend them. The worse they are, the more you will defend them.

    With the whole Cardcheck and union resurgence (they dwindled from over 35% of the workforce being union to something like 5 or 6% because people rejected them; now they will be imposed on the country by force of judicial and legislative fiat), you will see more jobs going overseas than ever before. Only a gibbering idiot can genuinely believe imposing higher and higher costs, burdensome regulations, and restrictions on businesses will lead to more productivity. But that’s exactly what people like you believe.

    You probably don’t have a job, starthate. But if you DID, it wasn’t a poor person who gave it to you. It was a rich person. The rich work harder and longer than others, they invest in their education, they create wealth with their energy, their ambition, their creativity, their leadership, their risk, and their investment. And then people just like you come in and demand that you should get a piece of their hard work because of “fairness.” I wish you would define “stealing” and tell me how the government seizing the product of people’s hard work doesn’t qualify.

  7. hl Says:

    Bush did not govern as a fiscal conservative stophate.

    Do you really think it is right to steal from hard working, self-reliant, responsible adults and spead their wealth around?

    Do you really think it is right and good to fundamentally dis-mantle the foundations of our financial system and put the control and power in the hands of a few politicians?

    In two weeks Obama has shown his lack of judgment and experience in those he has chosen and a failure to lead.

    He conitnues to campaign and lie about those who disagree with him. He is authoritative, controlling and a bully.

    Stophate, do you really want to be taken care of by a Nanny state government? Do you really THINK making people depended on government hand-outs helps them become strong, responsible citizens?

    THINK, stophate, THINK, it is freedom that is at stake here! We have history and other Socialist countries to see what Obama is doing HAS NEVER WORKED!

    What don’t you understand about that?

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    And Barack Obama – who spent 23 years in a racist, anti-American church whose message was, “Not God bless America! No, no, no. God damn America!” – was a profound and cowardly and cynical liar for claiming that he had never heard anything outrageous in that church. Obama’s congregation stood and cheered when Rev. Wright – whom Obama had called his “spiritual adviser” and said he was like a member of his own family – said one hateful thing after another.

    “Moral authority” my hind end.

    Btw, HL, I’m going to be writing an article on “the Obama economy.”

  9. stophate Says:

    Eden, you can’t seem to address the valid criticism of the conservatives that he supports. He can only point blame at somebody else. Problem is the conservatives were in power for 8 years. At one point the conservatives had total control of the Presidency, the House and the Senate. What did they do with that power ? Did they stop abortion ? NO Did they restore prayer in schools ? NO Did they capture Osama Bin Laden after spending close to a trillion dollars ? NO Instead they chose to wage war and kill over 4100 of our troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s looking for WMD’s that never existed. The Christians that supported conservatism were duped. They won’t get tricked again.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    I wish that one day you would learn to read, stophate. Then you could understand that there’s this outfit called “the Supreme Court” that has usurped all that power to dictate law unto themselves.

    Thomas Jefferson understood the issue:

    Click to access Thomas%20Jefferson%27s%20Reaction%20to%20Marbury%20v.%20Madison%20(1803).pdf

    “This member of the Government was at first considered as the most harmless and helpless of all its organs. But it has proved that the power of declaring what the law is, ad libitum, by sapping and mining slyly and without alarm the foundations of the Constitution, can do what open force would not dare to attempt.”
    —Thomas Jefferson to Edward Livingston, 1825. ME 16:114

    “The Constitution . . . meant that its coordinate branches should be checks on each other. But the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.”
    —Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Adams, 1804. ME 11:51

    “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men and not more so. They have with others the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Their maxim is boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem [good justice is broad jurisdiction], and their power the more dangerous as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves.”
    —Thomas Jefferson to William C. Jarvis, 1820. ME 15:277

    Thus, people who know how to read, and who understand the way the system works now, understand what a bogus and frankly stupid point you are trying to raise. Politicians cannot stop abortion. They cannot impose prayer in schools. The Supreme Court has abrogated that power unto itself. Because it is far better that 9 black robed masters impose their views of social conscience rather than the people or their elected representatives.

    Your last sentences display how ignorant you are, as an article shows:
    DES MOINES, Iowa — Want to know how Americans will vote next Election Day? Watch what they do the weekend before.

    If they attend religious services regularly, they probably will vote Republican by a 2-1 margin. If they never go, they likely will vote Democratic by a 2-1 margin.

    This relatively new fault line in American life is a major reason the country is politically polarized. And the division is likely to continue or even grow in 2004.

    A new poll by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center For The People & The Press this fall confirmed that the gap remains; voters who frequently attend religious services tilt 63-37 percent to Bush, and those who never attend lean 62-38 percent toward Democrats.

    “We now have the widest gap we have ever had between Republicans and Democrats,” said Andy Kohut, the director of the Pew survey.

    “It’s THE most powerful predictor of party ID and partisan voting intention,” said Thomas Mann, a political scholar at the Brookings Institution, a center-left Washington research center. “And in a society that values religion as much as (this one), when there are high levels of religious belief and commitment and practice, that’s significant.”

    This has been true in survey after survey, year after year.

  11. stophate Says:

    I understand, perhaps you can come up with a new strategy. Perhaps cooperation with people that have different ideas for the same problem instead of an “us against them” mentality.

    The Incredible Shrinking Republican Base
    By Alan Abramowitz

    “Discussions of the current political situation and comparisons between the 2008 election and earlier contests frequently overlook a crucial fact. As a result of changes in American society, today’s electorate is very different from the electorate of twenty, thirty, or forty years ago. Three long-term trends have been especially significant in this regard: increasing racial diversity, declining rates of marriage, and changes in religious beliefs. As a result of these trends, today’s voters are less likely to be white, less likely to be married, and less likely to consider themselves Christians than voters of just a few decades ago.”

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    Your first paragraph might actually make sense if it weren’t coming from you. Given your frequently demonstrated hard core opposition to conservatives and all things conservative, it just comes across as terribly pathetic and terribly hypocritical. Just more of the same passive-aggressive liberal pseudo-tolerance tripe.

    Much of your rhetoric actually jives with this Alan Abramowitz fellow. And it also jives with Hitler and Marx.

    I’ve heard these versions of “historical destiny” too many times. The “glorious 1000 year Reich.” The destiny of the proletariat to shake off the oppression of the bourgeoisie. And of course Nazi Germany lasted, what, about 10 years? And Soviet Communism made it the long, long time of about 70 years before it imploded.

    So I hear people like you rant on about how conservatism is done for, and how liberalism has entered a golden age, and I think of all the other grandiose leftist rhetoric. And I yawn, because it’s so boring and so trivial.

    One terrorist attack. ONE. And you will be shocked about how far right this country will go. Your golden age of liberalism forever and ever will stop dead. On a damn dime. And with Obama having gutted all the successful Bush anti-terror tactics that kept us safe for 7 years, there will be no one else to blame. One attack, and Obama’s done. And Democrats will go right out the door to disgrace with him.

    Or if the economy hasn’t picked up in two years. Do you really think that voters will say, “Let’s keep voting for Democrats even though they aren’t producing squat for us”?

    Or when Iran gets the bomb and Obama looks as pathetic and weak as Jimmy Carter. And they WILL get the bomb, because Obama IS as pathetic and weak as Jimmy Carter.

    WHEN conservatives come back to power, they will remember the hard-core tactics of liberals. They’ll remember Nancy Pelosi overturning rules that lasted a century. They’ll remember how absolutely livid such behavior made them. And they’ll give it back in spades, and with interest.

  13. stophate Says:

    Eden said
    “When conservatives come back to power”

    Eden, Now don’t deal with the reason conservatives are out of power. Definitely don’t change. Just live in the fantasy world of the future.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    I didn’t just say, “When conservatives come back to power.”

    I said, “When conservatives come back to power.”

    There actually are structural reasons that Democrats are gaining in power. Lou Dobbs at CNN showed some of it:

    But – given the fact that we have had the GOP sitting in the White House for all but two administrations over the last 40 years – I’m quite so terrified. And the very idiocy in believing that liberals are going to be in power forever is going to be the thing that makes you go too far, and which will drive the anger that will drive you out again.

    We’re different than you, starthate. We have principles. We take moral stands. We don’t simply abandon our principles – proven over centuries – because we cling to a will to power. That will always make us different than you. And you will probably never understand it.

  15. stophate Says:

    Michael Eden Says:
    “We’re different than you, starthate. We have principles. We take moral stands. We don’t simply abandon our principles – proven over centuries – because we cling to a will to power. That will always make us different than you. And you will probably never understand it.”

    President Bush was proof of that….ROFL

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    As I’ve said to you before:
    “Whatever. Keep smoking your crack pipe.”

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