Why Read The Porkulus Disaster? Congress Didn’t Bother To

At over 1,071 pages and 8 inches thick, one would have been a speed reader ON some pretty major methamphetamines to have read it between it’s midnight release and today’s vote.

You’d have to read for 12 straight hours (no potty breaks) at 640 words a minute to get through the bill.  So it is pretty safe to say that there is no way in hell that a single politician voting for this bill actually bothered to read the largest spending bill in the history of the republic.

Erick Ericksen has this amazing example of Democratic bipartisanship:

Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., complained this morning on the House floor that lawmakers were being asked to vote, sight unseen, on “the largest single bill in the history of Congress.” Some Democratic lawmakers fired back that Republicans didn’t need to see the bill anyway, since none of them voted for the stimulus when it moved through the House the first time and would probably stand in opposition.

And Slate (which also linked to the above quote) has this:

Have You Seen Porkulus?Nancy Pelosi let K-Street lobbyists look at the final language, but would not let members of Congress look. Democrats told Republicans they couldn’t see Porkulus because they were going to vote against it. And the Democrats told everyone there’s be a 48 hour viewing period, but they’ve decided to ignore their promise.

We’re receiving E-mails from Capitol Hill staffers expressing frustration that they can’t get a copy of the stimulus bill agreed to last night at a price of $789 billion. What’s more, staffers are complaining about who does have a copy: K Street lobbyists.

E-mails one key Democratic staffer: “K Street has the bill, or chunks of it, already, and the congressional offices don’t. So, the Hill is getting calls from the press (because it’s leaking out) asking us to confirm or talk about what we know—but we can’t do that because we haven’t seen the bill. Anyway, peeps up here are sort of a combo of confused and like, ‘Is this really happening?’”

Reporters pressing for details, meanwhile, are getting different numbers from different offices, especially when seeking the details of specific programs.

Amazing.  Just (an incredibly long string of expletives deleted) amazing.

It turns out that the unstoppable killer zombie in that hockey mask was actually Nancy Pelosi all along.

Readthestimulus.org – which actually has the monstrosity available to download – had this to say:

The final language has been posted; you can find links to the various docs at the Speaker’s website. Update: The speaker’s website is apparently down. Imagine that. Docs are also available here.

The total size of the four major files is over 100MB, and consists of 1419 pages. Three of the four files are huge “scanned” PDFs, meaning they were created by printing the original document and then scanning it in again — and therefore contain no real “text” that can be easily searched. This will make our parsing process difficult and more time consuming, so we most likely won’t have our versions ready until midday tomorrow. But we’ll see…

If I planned to screw the American people with a massive pork package, this is exactly how I’d do it.

Republicans were completely shut out of the process. Without any input whatsoever.  But they are “obstructionists” for voting against having their noses rubbed in the pig filth that is this Porkulus bill.

The bill cleared the house – again thank God without a single Republican vote, and joined by 7 Democrats – and will now move to the Senate.

This is an outrage on every level imaginable.

We are devaluing our dollar.  Who’s going to keep floating our increasingly massive debts?  And at what interest rates?

Not China.  At least not for very much longer.  They hold $682 billion in US debt, and are concerned about the “reckless policies of our spending.”  They see a socialist spending addicted United States not only destroying the American currency, but other currencies around the world.

The Chinese government contacted new tax-cheating Treasury Secretary Geithner and said:

“We want some kind of a guarantee that your money is going to be worth something if you keep spending so much over there and devalue not only your currency but the currencies throughout the world…  We hate you guys.  Once you start issuing $1 trillion, $2 trillion, or more dollars, we know the dollar is going to depreciate.”

What on earth do you even say when you discover that not only has the United States become socialist, but that it has become SO socialist that a even a communist country is shocked at our massive socialist spending?

Joe the Plumber – Mr. “That sounds a lot like socialism” – where ARE you?  If only you were some kind of super hero, armed with a magic pipe wrench that could keep our economy from gushing into the sewer.

Someone responding to another article I wrote said:

“America pulls out own teeth, counts on Tooth Fairy for retirement payoff.”

And only a few Americans now realize it, but THERE AINT NO TOOTH FAIRY!!!

Our credit rating could very well end up being reduced.  And the price of gold is skyrocketing as the “stimulus” plan passes and confidence in the US government plummets.

We are so doomed.

And that’s change you can believe in!!!

4 Responses to “Why Read The Porkulus Disaster? Congress Didn’t Bother To”

  1. hl Says:

    Is there anything we can do to get those in power who are over throwing our government based on our Constitution out???

    What can we do???

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ve got nothin’.

    I worked so hard to get McCain elected so our country wouldn’t go down the drain. But 52% of Americans preferred suicide by Kool-Aid. I saw the horror coming when I heard the Jeremiah Wright tapes. And now we’re going to pay terribly for voting for “God damn America.”

    I know this: If it takes a Great Depression to throw out Democrats and their evil policies, I want a Great Depression. I hope that there is as little pain as necessary, but these people need to fail – and to be seen by the American people as having failed.

    I’m saying a prayer for you and your family, HL. Please say a prayer for me and mine. God is our refuge and our tower, and frankly He’s the only One who’s going to stand right about now.

  3. hl Says:

    Thank you, Michael for speaking the truth and for your prayers. I have several precious little grandchildren and I cry thinking what the future may be like for them.
    You and your precious family are in my prayers. You are doing the Lords work with your writing.
    Yes , He is our only safety. God Bless.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s tough enough to face a hard future. It’s unbearable with kids and grandkids. If it weren’t for my own loved ones, I would say, “This country deserves the worst depression the world has ever seen.” And even hope for it.

    As it is, I think of my parents, my niece and nephew, and there’s a part of me that just refuses to want anything that would cause them to suffer.

    I’m angry. Beyond angry. But my love for my family keeps that anger in check. Thank God for family.

    I think that times will get real tough for a lot of people. Fortunately, my immediate family are in better positions than most. We’ll all be able to weather quite a bit before any of us are standing in the food lines that I think are coming.

    My ultimate comfort comes from God, and from the belief that God will rapture His people before the worst hits.

    I hope that the message of economic calamity literally scares people into thinking about the future, about God, and about salvation and the freedom from fear faith in the Lord brings.

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